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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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Alghadeer feast  Ahlulbayt AS concern about this important event 
Some of the events pass by as the time goes, and they are being forgotten as the personalities of the events die. Then time make us forget it as if it was never existed but some of them history keep them alive in details, historians keeps narrating it from one to one, until it become famous and widely spread as the day light, and it remain wither we like it or not.
The Farewell Hajj, and the included important events, especially what happened in the spring of Khum -Ghadeer khum- was one of the type tow. This historic event has survived through the intellectual terrorism successfully. It has passed through all the borders of secrecy and oppression which the tyrannical governments used it against it.
This important event wouldn’t reach us without the private Divine Providence, which Allah SWT protected it with. One of these providence is that Allah SWT sent clear Quranic verses talking about the details which is being read day and night. Allah the Almighty ordered his Generous prophet SAWA to intimate the principality of the commander of the faithful AS:
(O Messenger! deliver what has been revealed to you from your Lord; and if you do it not, then you have not delivered His message, and Allah will protect you from the people;) (Quran, 5:67)

After the prophet SAWA was informed with the orders of Allah to intimate the nation, Allah sent him,” This day have I perfected for you your religion and completed My favor on you and chosen for you Islam as a religion;” (Quran, 5:3)
All this concerns of Allah were only to remain this event as immortal as the Quran, and to be protected against tampering and counterfeiting. The Almighty SWT said,” Surely We have revealed the Reminder and We will most surely be its guardian.” (Quran, 15:9)
This concern did not include Quran only, but the prophet SAWA also gathered thousands of Muslims from all the borders of the Islamic nations intentionally. Then he walked them to Mecca to witness what happens in that Hajj. As you could recognize that Ali and progeny AS reviving the details of that blessed hajj with every various means and strategies to keep it alive like a glowing torch which will never turn off.
This concern from Allah the Almighty SWT, from the prophet SAWA, and AhlulBayt AS about this event, was because it included lots of events, important agreements, which uncovered lots of facts, and revealed the falsity of lots of the personalities which were hidden under the name of Islam.

 With the prophet SAWA in the Farewell Hajj 
In the beginning of the month Thu Alhujja, 10H, the prophet SAWA announced his intention to do the obligatory Hajj to the sacred house of Allah SWT. He SAWA invited people to go with him to Mecca. People hurried from the inside and out-side Medina to join the prophet SAWA in this ceremony. People were into two groups, a group were rejoiced with the idea of attending this ceremony with the prophet SAWA who will add a spiritual and incorporeal means to them. and another group who were painful sad because they know those were the last days of the existence of the prophet SAWA among them.
For sure this procession also included those who got greed, and whims amongst hypocrites, who knew very well that this travel was not only a devotional work but also it will include lots of surprises concerning the future of the Islamic call.
The prophet SAWA left Medina towards the sacred house of Allah, and Muslims left with him who were about 90 to 120 thousands. The prophet SWA also traveled with his nine wives and his daughter Fatima AS.

 The prophet SAWA arrival to Mecca  
The prophet SAWA arrived Mecca and camped in Alabtah. Then he entered the mosque and swag around the house four times. Then he prayed behind the place of Ibrahim AS. Then he did Sa’ee- pursuit- between the Safa and the Marwa. When he SAWA got close to Saffa he read Allah’s words, “ Surely the Safa and the Marwa are among the signs appointed by Allah;”(Quran, 2:158)
When he ended by the top of the safa he stopped and saw the house, and stood towards Qiblah and then he said altawheed and Allahu Akbar then he said, “there is no God except Allah, Alone with no partner). He is Lord of everything. All good is bestowed by Him and He empowers all things. There is no God except Allah He has kept His promise, aided His servant, empowered his troops and defeated the allies Alone.”

 The prophet SAWA sermon in Mina 
The prophet SAWA knew the main purpose behind organizing this Hajj. It is normally then that he talk about passing the responsibilities to his rightful guardian after him once he get the chance. He SAWA gathered people in the Mosque of Mina, he preached them, lectured them, then he managed people and made them to hear the news of succession his guardian, and the inheritor of his position after him. But once hypocrites and conspirators knew about the intention of him SAWA to announce the guardianship to Ali and his progeny AS, the council collapsed, people were crying, shouting, speaking loudly, making noise, standing and sitting while the Holy Prophet SAWA was addressing his sermon: … People began to shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ and make noise to avoid letting people to hear him SAWA.
Ahmad, in al-Musnad, records that the narrator himself could not perceive the statement; therefore, he asked about it: As I could not perceive the next statement, I asked my father. “He said: all will be from Quraysh,” asserted my father. (1)

Jabir b. Summrah while he was describing the reaction of people, and the audacity of their actions front of the prophet. He said,” People were standing and sitting (2)”
In other narration he said,” People started to scream that I could not hear what he said (3)”. In another he said,” People shouted (Allahu Akbar) and made noise then he SAWA said a hidden word (4)”
The prophet SAWA noticed that only hinting the inauguration of Ali AS made people to declare insurgency, and rebellion against the prophet SAWA. They did not fear or respect where they were nor the specialty of time, or the holiness of the speaker. Then what would they do if he declared the name of Ali and twelve imams after him. It is not inconceivable to do worse or even more dangerous to Islam, and to the safety of the prophet himself SAWA.

 The prophet SAWA sermon in Arafat  
The prophet SAWA went to Arafat, he stood in the middle of the gathered crowds and declaimed people. He magnified and gratitude Allah then said,” O people! Listen to what I am elucidating to you. I cannot guarantee whether I shall meet you the next year in this situation…” Then he SAWA arrived the important chapter of his SAWA sermon, the chapter of announcing the guardianship to Ali AS and his householders-Ahlulbayt- AS, and introducing to it. Therefore, crying, shouting, disorder atmospheres, again. Jabir b. Summrah said,” The prophet preached us in Arafat and said, “this affair will remain protected, powerful, and clear, until twelve successor take charge , all of them ….- he said I could not perceive what was after (all of them)”
In a second tradition: the prophet SAWA said a word I could not understand, and people started to shout. In a third tradition he said ,” People shouted (Allahu Akbar) and made noise then he SAWA said a hidden word”.
A confusing question comes to the mind: why history did not transfer the perfect clear truth? Why was all of that concealment, and hiding to the names of those people who were crying, shouting, standing, and sitting, and their details, once they felt that the prophet SAWA will bequeath to Ali and AhlulBayt AS after him? Do they have any connection with those who debar the prophet than writing his will before his death to protect people from being misguided?

 The Prophet SAWA return to Medina and arriving Ghadeer-khum 
The prophet SAWA departed from Mecca towards Medina. The procession of the prophet SAA continued on the way until they arrived Ghadeer khum (the spring of Khum) 18th Thu Alhujja. Gabriel revealed to him and ordered him to inform the nation about imamate of Ali AS after him, he was sent with Allah words,” O Messenger! deliver what has been revealed to you from your Lord”. He SAWA said: O my Lord! I am on my own, what will I do if this people gathered against me?” Allah sent him,” and if you do it not, then you have not delivered His message”.
The prophet SAWA knew the order of Allah was obligatory and there is no way to delay it. The prophet SAWA said to Allah,” my people have just left Jahelia- still have Jahili traditions- and they have competition and pride between them. and they got no man (knight) unless their guardian killed him –means Ali AS- and I am afraid” Then Allah sent him,” Allah will protect you from the people;”
After Allah sent his protection to the prophet SAWA, he SAWA ordered to return back those who went front of him and he waited for those who were late. He requested for lofty trees which were in that area, and created a foothill of them. then he made a pulpit made from camels saddles. He waited for people gathering but some clans and groups tried their best to avoid the call of the prophet SAWA to get back to Ghadeer Khum. They did not return back until the prophet SAWA ordered Ali AS to return and gather them.

When people knew the intention of the prophet SAWA to inform people and witness them, and this call Allah has guaranteed to complete it, they became in certain that facing the prophet SAWA will lead to a war between them and the Messenger SAWA. This would lead them into a defeat because Allah has guaranteed victory and protection to the prophet SAWA. Therefore they retuned back to Ghadeer Khum obliged.
Jabir b. Abdullah Alansari said,” Messenger of Allah SAWA, stopped at Khum, then people gave him some space. The prophet got tired because people were late to get to him, therefore he ordered Ali AS and he brought them.

when they were gathered, he SAWA stood while holding the hand of Ali b. Abu Taleb AS. Then he SAWA thanked Allah and showed his gratitude to Him, then said,” O people, I hated your backwardness to me, until I felt like if you hate the tree next to me like no other tree” in other tradition he SAWA said to them,” For what reason, the side of the tree which is next to the prophet, you hate more than the other side?!”

 The eternal will 
After people were gathered, a caller called to congregational prayer. It was midday time, it was the hottest! After prayers the prophet raised up under a tree which was there, and they made a shadow for him with a cloth, because of the sun heat. Messenger of Allah SAWA ascended the pulpit and declaimed the sermon which were deployed all around the Islamic nation, he said,”….. O people Allah is my Lord, and I am the lord of the faithful, I am more voluble to them than their souls. Whoever I am his lord then Ali is his lord. O Allah befriend those who are loyal to him, and become enemy of those who antagonize him… I will ask you when you get back –hereafter- about two precious and weighty trusts, and how you looked after them. The heaviest weight is the Book of Allah which its side in the hand of Allah and other side in your hands Hold it hard an you will not be lost or being changed. And the other my Progeny AhlulBayt. The All-Aware and the Kind Allah has informed me that these two will not separate till they reach me at the Hawd (Cistern of Kauthar).

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