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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Articles \ Our role in the time of occultation and the great reward of whom waiting
By Sheikh Ali Alfatlawi

At lots of time, loyal faithful person ask him self about his roles and duties during the age of occupation of the 12th infallible Imam Almahdi May Allah hasten his holy re-appearance. Also what is the preference of the loyal during the time of occultation over other people? The answer to this question even though it's absent from many people minds and thoughts but the Householders AS didn’t leave this question with out an answer. Their noble traditions and pure stories mentioned with details a group of a detailed set of functions and roles every Mukalaf (Muslim adult) must be adhered to and act upon them. Later we will present a group of this functions and roles limited with the important once taking into account to make them brief and simple to make them easier to the reader to understand and work according to them.

1: The holy narrations of the infallibles AS confirmed the importance of waiting for relief by the loyalists, and not despair. Waiting for the Imam is counted in some traditions as one of the best of worships also other traditions considered those waiting to the relief of their Imam as the best people of every age even better than those who lived with the greatest prophet PBUH and his companions.

2: to be loyal to the Imams and disavow their enemies.

3: to be one of the people of piety and diligence in good deeds. Also should reform him self before others.

4: to be assured of his deeds being exposure to the Messenger of Allah PBUH and the Imam AS so he should only do what pleases and satisfy them.

5: should fight his-self and do Jihad against his desires and being patient to do what pleasure Allah the Almighty.

6: Must comply with the orders of Allah the Almighty, His Messenger PBUH, and Imams AS especially the Imam of the age who commands us to obey his agents (Marja'a) and follow their steps.

7: to the follow the example of messenger of Allah and seeking to acquire his manners (Seek to acquire Allah's manners: a tradition)

(Indeed you have already had a fair example, in the Messenger of Allah, for whoever hopes for Allah and the Last Day and remembers Allah much.) Quran 33:21

8: to be characterized by all the qualities of the supporter of Imam AS to be able to say he is one of his supporters.

 The preferences of the waiting once and the great reward of waiting  
The holy traditions mentioned in details about the dignitary of the once whom waiting, their high positions, and their rewards comparing to others among the faithful even those who lived during the days and life of the greatest Messenger PBUH. Here are a group of holy traditions:

1. Waiting is one of the greatest deeds and acts of worships  
In Yanabe'a Almwada narrated from Manaqeb Alkhwarezmi said Abu-Ja'far said his father AS said grandfather The Commander of the Faithful AS said: The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his family) has said: “Awaiting the relief with patience is (a form of) worship.”

In Alkhesal Alarba'a: The Commander of the Faithful, ‘Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon both of them) has said: “Await the relief and do not despair from the mercy of Allah, because indeed the most beloved of actions with Allah, the Noble and Grand, is awaiting the relief.”

2. Waiting once are the best of people of every age eve those who were with the prophet PBUH:  
In Alehtejaj narrated from Abi Hamza Althumali said Abi Khalid Alkabli said Imam Ali bin Alhussain AS said: the occultation will extend of the custodian of Allah, the 12th of the Guardians of Messenger of Allah PBUH and Imams after him. "O Aba Khalid! The people of the time of his occultation, the believers in his imamate, and the once waiting for his reappearance are the best of people of every age; because Allah the almighty gave them minds, thoughts and knowledge which occultation to them similar to seeing (him). Also HE during that time, made them on the status of Mujahedeen with messenger of Allah with words, those are the real sinceres, our shi'a truthfully, and preachers to the religion of Allah in secret and in public." He AS also said: waiting for relief is one of the best relieves.

Also there is a narration states that the reward of the once who waiting is 50 times more than Sahaba (companions) as in Ketab Alghiba by Sheikh Altusi RH said Abi Abdillah Alsadiq AS said: the messenger of Allah of Allah PBUH said: people will come after you. The reward of one of them is like the reward of fifty of you. They said: O messenger of Allah! We were with you in Badr, Ohud, and Hunain. Also Quraan (Quran verses) came down about us! He PBUH said: If you stand what they stand you wouldn’t be more patient than they.

 Anticipated people even better than who live in the country of Alqaiem (the one who rises)  
There are narrations explains that worshipping and work with fear from the injustice government is better than what in the justice country because it is safe. Ekmal-Aldine Alsabati said: I said to Abi Abdillah Alsadiq AS which is better, to worship with the hidden Imam of you in secret in State of falsehood is better or to worship on the time of justice and it's state with the apparent Imam among you?
He said: O Ammar! Sadaqah (Alms) in secret I swear to Allah is better than in public. Also your worships in secrets with your hidden Imam in the state of falsehood is better because your fear of your enemy in the state of falsehood and truce situation is better than who worship Allah in the appearance of justice as to worship with safety in the justice state. Know ye! He who pray an obligatory prayer alone and hidden from his enemy in it's time and completed it, Allah the Almighty will write (record it) for him as a 25 obligatory single (not behind an Imam) prayers. And he who pray a Nafila (Mustahab) prayer in it's time and completed it Allah will write it for him as 10 Nafila prayers. And he who did a hasana (good deed) Allah will write it for him as 20 hasanah. Also Allah the Almighty will redouble hasanat if he did better deeds, worked with Taqiah (preservation) for his religion, his Imam and himself and if he holds his tongue (watching out what he says). Exponentially many times, Allah the Almighty is generous!
He said: then I said: May I become your sacrifice you gave the willies to me to work and encouraged me on it but I want to know how did we become better working than the companions of the Imam the apparent Imam in the justice state while we and them following the same religion which is the religion of Allah the Almighty?
He AS said: you preceded them to enter the religion of Allah, to prayers, fasting, AlHaj, to every jurisprudence and good and to worship Allah secretly from your enemy with the hidden Imam. Obeying him, patient with him, waiting for the state of justice, worried about your Imam, your selves from the kings watching your Imam right and the your rights on the hand of oppressors who prevented it (the rights) and pushed you to life needs and seeking life requests with patient with your religion, worships, obeying your god, and fearing your enemy. So Allah redoubled your deeds congratulations for all of you!
He said and I said: May I becomes your sacrifice! Then we do not wish to be among the companions of Alqaeim AS in the appearance of justice while today during your Imamate and obedience better working than working in the state of justice?
He AS said: Subhan Allah (Hallelujah)! Don’t you like to Allah the Almighty to appears the truth and justice in the countries (the world), improves the situation of all people, to Allah to unite Alkalemah (Muslims) and bring together their different hearts, not to disobey Allah in his land, the bounds of Allah rises up between his creatures, the right return to its owner and they show it until no right is hidden for the fear of one of the creatures. I swear to Allah O Ammar no one die among you following what you on is better to Allah the Almighty than lots of people who witnessed Badr and Ohod Good cheer!

 Is to wait only enough to gain all this rewards?  
To wait by it self is not enough to gain all that specialties mentioned earlier, but there must be work, pious and piety and this was stated in Ghabiat Alno'amani said Abi basir said Abi Abdelah Alsadiq AS said: he who likes to be among the companions of Alqaeim then should wait and work with piety and good attitudes while waiting. If he died and Alqaeim rose up after him he will be rewarded same as the reward of who catch up with him so be earnest and wait. Congratulations to you people.

According to this holy hadith (tradition) the faithful should be characterized with the qualities of faithful people in words and deeds. Also this was stated in many traditions for example:

1: A man told Imam Hussain: O' the son of the Prophet! I am your Shi’a (follower)! Imam replied: "Fear God and don't claim this, otherwise God will tell you: You are a liar in what you claimed. Surely our Shi’as (followers) are those whose hearts are pure and free from insincerity and treason , you had better say you are an admirer and friend".

2: Mohamed bin Sinan said Almofathal bin Umar said Imam Jafar AlSadiq AS said: Verily the Shia of Jafar (peace be upon him) is the one who is purified of (influence of) stomach and sexual desires, and intense is his struggle and his action is for his creator, and his hope is for divine reward and he is afraid of his end so if you see someone like that, then that is the Shia of Jafar (Imam Jafar AlSadiq).

3: Abdolah bin Alwalid said: Abu Jafar Mohamed bin Ali Albaqer AS told us: Can one of you put his hand in the bucket of his companion and take what he want? We said: NO. He AS said: then you aren’t brothers as you said.

Based on the above, the duty of every loyal faithful is to think of his qualifications which he has now, and ask him self is he qualified to be among prospective once or among the supporters of the Imam AS?
If he was not like that and did not meet the conditions stated above then,
He should to purify the self from the ordure of life.
He should toil and work to reach the closeness of the divine.
He should have high morality in his action and speech.
He should make the apparent and the inner one (same; not to be hypocrite): except in Taqieh.
He should have piety and avoid suspicions
He should fully comply with orders of Imam (May Allah hasten his reappearance) And so and so…
Otherwise the words will be empty and meaningless and the person will stay away from the Imam (May Allah hasten his reappearance) whatever he make to him self of titles and positions.

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