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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Articles \ How to distinguish between the banners of delusion among the banners of guidance 
By Sheikh Wesam Albaldawi

According to the honorable narratives of Ahl-ul-bait the Householders AS, theere will be an emergence of 12 banners of delusion before the rising of Imam Mahdi PBUH. Some of them narrated what Almofathal bin Omar said I heard Aba abdelah Alsadeq AS saying: beware of specification (to tell when the Imam reappears)! I swear by Allah your Imam will be hidden for long year of your era and you will be tested until being said (until they assume): killed, perished, which way did he take (lost)? The eyes of the faithful will be full of tears for him. And you will be fluctuated as the ships by the sea waves and none survive except who is Allah took his covenant and written the faith in his heart and support him with HIS (the almighty) spirit. There will be 12 confused banners no one knows how to distinguish between them. He said then I cried and asked: what shall we do? He AS looked at the sun which was within the status (status of midday prayers time) and he told me: O Abu-Abdelah can you see the sun? I said yes: he AS said: I swear by Allah our thing (Imam of the age) clearer than this sun. (1)

 Imams AS worried about their followers of holders of such banners 
Imams AS knows by knowledge from Allah the Almighty and his Messenger PBUH that many charlatans and liars will claim the position of ambassador and special prosecutor on behalf of Imam Mahdi AS or even claim being Almahdi and play the part of holders of the rightful banners of the truthful Momahdein (who pave the way). So they AS have had to protect the Uma (the nation) from being lost following the malicious, fallacies, and deviant calls by putting a safety valve clears a condition or conditions not applicable except with the truthful call of Mahdism.

 The Householders AS putting conditions not applicable except with the guidance banners. 
The honorable narrations stated a number of conditions which allows the loyal person to distinguish where is the rightful one among others if he hesitated about any banner during the time of the greatest occultation. Some of these conditions are:

The first condition: Clarity in the figures, goals and beliefs
The banners of guidance always, characterized by clarity, evident, and transparency weather by people in leadership or in the intellectual and the ideological goals and statistics. In the saying of Imam Alsadiq AS which was mentioned earlier (O Abu-Abdelah can you see the sun? I said yes: he AS said: I swear by Allah our thing (Imam of the age) clearer than this sun.) a clear indication to this truth. Otherwise they are the banners of misguidance and deviant because they are shrouded in ambiguity and uncertainty and lack of clarity of leadership personalities, goals and the adoptive intellectual and ideology.
It is obvious this condition does not include the misguided banners of our age because it does not involve only the uncertainty in both its goals and beliefs or the personalities who are managing these communities. That is why we see them full of doubt and confusion.

The second condition: The banners of guidance calls for Imam Mahdi AS while the banners of misguidance calls for its self!
The banners of guidance their call is exclusive to Imam Mahdi AS only. For example the banner of Alyemani (the Yemeni) which is truthful banner its leader (he calls for your companion -Imam Mahdi AS-.. and he is calling for right and to the straight path. (2)Unlike the banners of misguidance, their call is for themselves and for their personal interests. In the saying of Imam Alsadiq AS: (Jafar al-Sadiq) said: "The one who will arise (al-qa'im) will not come forth until twelve of the Banu Hashim come forth before him, all of them summoning men to themselves." (3)

The specialties and the differences between the call for the right and the call for falsehood are: the holder of the truthful banner is calling for the Imam AS; the meaning of calling for the Imam AS is- the holder of the truthful banner is ignoring himself and feels dwindle in front of Imam Mahdi AS -. His main concern is Imam Mahdi AS, his call and his cause. Also there is no presence for himself and personality infront of the greatness of the Imam, his character and his holy self. In other words the holder of the rightful banner ignoring himself, personality, feels of demolish and disappears of his personality in the personality of Imam Mahdi AS (May I sacrifice my self for him) and melting his cause in the cause of Imam Mahdi AS. So he doesn’t have any personal suffering but the suffering of the Imam and doesn’t matter to call for him self to be recognized by others in person but the important is to knowledge people of Imam Mahdi AS and heading towards him.

From these points and this pure generous mentality and the result of this absolute melting, the banner of Alyemani and other guidance banners it became obligatory to follow them. The holders of banners of guidance don’t see any virtue and dignity of themselves but the virtues and dignities is for the Imam by himself nobody else. They are only soldiers of the Imam whom have a specific appointed goal which is Imam Almahdi AS only no one else with him. There is no existence of egoism in their intellectual and ideological theses.
On the contrary, the holders of the misguidance and deviation banners in the end of time they calls for themselves meaning those errant all they interest about is their selves, egoism, to make fabricated virtues and dignities of their selves also creating fictitious dignities and miracles for them too to attract weak and simple people and who got no education among general people. And even if they demanded and written about Imam Mahdi AS and his call and called for him sometimes, their goal is not the Imam AS but the goal of their for using his name is to use it as a bridge to ease their way to self-esteem, egoism and self worshiping!.

 Paranoia of the holders of misguidance banner in our era 
With out any doubt every banner of misguidance which is existing in our age today is a vagary banners doesn’t only calls for themselves but also the holders worship and idolize themselves. The evidence is they created legendary characters for them like no other even in fantasy. Some of them their paranoia made them to say and playing the part of Alyemani and Alkhorasani too and he is infallible! And he is the guardian and Alsafeir (ambassador) of Imam Mahdi AS who was mentioned in narrations. Some of them claimed titles not given except to the prophet PBUH and his guardians after him, the infallible Imams. Some of them claimed infallibility of him self and that he is supported by Gabriel, guided by Michael, victorious by Esrafeil and he is from the progeny of the prophet Rather! He is the son of the Imam AS and the governor after him.

Can you sense anything of all of these titles other than paranoia, passion of overpowering, and the far deviation from the Imam and the rightfulness?
Hence this, honorable hadiths (traditions) narrated to consider every banner of misguidance being raised before the raising of Alqaeim PBUH, the holder of it, is a tyrant. And the followers of the misguidance banners worship their ruler instead of Allah the almighty. Abi Baser narrated Alsadiq AS said: “any banner which is raised before the uprising of Alqaeim, its owner is a tyrant who is worshipped besides Allah, the Glorious, the Exalted.”(4)
Those tyrants even if they raised slogans which appears to be rightful but its interior is falsehood and its owner is being worshiped instead of Allah the Glorious and the Exalted because he Orders without the approval of Almighty Allah, and whose obeying him doesn’t belong with anything to the Almighty Allah.

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