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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Articles \ The greater Muslim knows about Imams AS the greater his rewards, and heaven positions gain 
By Sheikh Wesam Albaldawi

 1. Knowing them AS will double the wage and rewards 
Hussain bin Ali AS said: "We are people whom don’t give kindness except mount of knowledge " (Nahj Alsa'adah by Sheikh Almahmaodi, V8, Page 286)

Thus if we know that they AS the law of Allah the mighty on earth, and they are his Beautiful name thus their law of giving kindness is divine law and approach which Allah the Almighty using it with His creatures as his custodians using it with His creatures.
So the faithful with superior knowledge of Allah, the Householders, their characters, virtues, status, are more worthy than others with extra kindness. One of the kindness is the reward which the knowledgeable faithful being rewarded and vice versa.

The variations levels of the divine tenders, rewards, and penalties from a faithful to another is a Quran truth which was stated by the Holy book e.g. (Those who keep up prayer and spend (benevolently) out of what We have given them. These are the believers in truth; they shall have from their Lord exalted grades and forgiveness and an honorable sustenance.) (Quran 8:3-4)
One of the most reasons behind Preferences and raising grades are faith and science, as the Almighty said (Allah will exalt those of you who believe, and those who are given knowledge, in high degrees; and Allah is Aware of what you do.) (Quran 58: 11)

The levels variation in the divine tender and the reward and penalty is Quran reality which was stated by the texts of the Holy book (Those who keep up prayer and spend (benevolently) out of what We have given them. These are the believers in truth; they shall have from their Lord exalted grades and forgiveness and an honorable sustenance.) (Quran 8:3-4)

The main important reason behind the preference and raise grades are faith and knowledge, AS stated by the Almighty (Allah will exalt those of you who believe, and those who are given knowledge, in high degrees; and Allah is Aware of what you do.) (Quran 58:11)

The highest knowledge is Elm Altawheid –theology- and knowing the Mighty Creator. We explained that in another article in this blessed website that this knowledge doesn’t comes out with great high results without AhlulBayt-The Householders- AS.
One of the main preliminaries to reach AhlulBayt AS is by knowing them, their virtue, statues, and positions, which Allah has created for them to allow people to separate them AS from Exaggeration and negligence.

Based on what been stated earlier, knowledge of statues and virtues of AhlulBayt AS is an introduction to every good, an opening to every virtue, upgrading to every perfection, and by it Allah will exalt those of you who believe, and those who are given knowledge, each of them depends on the mount of their knowledge, strength of his faith and believing in that statues and characters.

Traditions confirmed all of this and we will choose some othem which are matching the topic. One of them: Al-Mofadal Bin Amr reported:” One day, I met Imam Al-Sadiq AS who said to me:” O Mofadal! Have you acknowledged the true reality of Mohammad, Ali, Fatima, Hasan and Hossein?” I said:” What is their true reality? O Master! He AS said:” whoever acknowledged their true reality is a believer in the Higher Realm (Alsanam Al-A'la).”

I said:” Tell me how. O Master!” He said:” O Mofadal, it is to acknowledge that they know all what Allah Almighty has created, brought to life, and called into existence; to acknowledge that they are the Word of Virtue and the treasurers of Heavens, Earth, mountains, lands and seas. It is to acknowledge that they know how many stars and angels are in the skies, how much the mountains weigh and how much water are in the seas, rivers, and springs and that they know every leaf that falls. (No leaf falls but with His knowledge; every grain in the darkness of the earth, everything fresh and withered is inscribed in a clear book.). All of this is in their knowledge and they know all of it.” I said:” O Master! I have acknowledged, admitted, and believed in it.” He said:” Indeed, O Mofadal, O dignified, O knowledgeable, O kind-hearted. You are so kind. Shall Heaven be yours and for every believer in it. " (Mustadrak Safinat Albehar by Sheikh Alnmazai ALshahrodi, V7, page 180-182)

Albezanti narrated: "I read the book of Abu Alhasan by his hand writing: Tell my Shiite that visiting me equals a thousand Hajj and a thousand Umra, all of the accepted to Allah. Albezanti said: I said to Abu Ja'far "A thousand haj?" he AS said: Yes by Allah, and a million haj to those who knows him." (Aldoros by Alshahid Alawal: V2, page 14, ketab Almazar, thawab Zeiarat Alnabi wa Alaimea AS)

this tradition holds a hard evidence on the knowledge doubles the rewards, makes one hajj to a thousand hajj, an raises the statues to a thousand statues. The more the faithful increases his knowledge about his Imams, the more he increases his perfection, and the levels of heaven will be higher and vice versa; the more one get away from Ahlulbayt, ignoring their virtues, and standing against them , the more he gets away from Allah and lower his statues in the hell and its button being his home.

 2. To enter heaven depends on the knowledge, and increasing it leads to higher heavenly levels 
Many traditions stated that to know the imams AS will lead to heaven, and to know all of them in a suitable way will allow many goods to get to him. One of these goods and graces is changing the sins and calamities to forgiveness and happiness.
Ja'far bin Mohamed bin Qulaweih, said Abdullah bin maimon Alqaddah said: that I asked Imam Ja'farAl-Sadiq AS that, "The one who goes for the pilgrimage to the grave of Imam Husain AS, while being cognizant of his rights, and is neither an arrogant nor a denier, what has he earned?" Imam AS replied, "One thousand accepted Hajj will be written down in his record, as also one thousand pious Umrah. And if he is a damned one, he shall be noted down as a felicitous one, and shall remain saturated eternally in the blessings of Allah" (Kamel Alzeiarat by Ja'far bin Mohamed bin Qulaweih, page 307, Section 67)
Abu Basir said, narrated that Abu Abdullah Al-Sadiq (AS) said:" When asked him about His saying (and on the most elevated places there shall be men who know all by their marks) He AS said: We are those men of A'raf. He who will be recognized by us and was one of us in heaven, and he who we deny will be in the hell. " (Basaer Aldarajat by Mohamed bin Alhassan Alsaffar, Page 519)

Abu Hamza Althumali narrates: Ali bin Al-Hussain AS said: " Messenger of Allah SAWA said: there are three levels in heaven, and in the hell three stages. The highest level of heaven for he who loved us by his heart and supported us with his tongue (speech) and hand. In the second level he who loved us by his heart and supported us with his tongue, and in the third level he who loved us by his heart. In the lowest stage of hell he who hated us with his heart and supported against us with his tongue and hand. In the second stage in the hell he who hate us and supported against us with his tongue and in the third stage in the hell who hated us with his heart". (Almahasen by Ahmed bin Mohamed bin Khalid Albarqi, V1, Page 153)

Sheikh Alsadoq counted knowledge as a condition to enter heaven, is one of the Imami beliefs, he said in the section of believing in Al- A'raf (the most elevated places): (Our belief concerning Prugatory (Al-A’raf) is that it is a wall between Paradise and Hell, and upon it there will be « men who will recognize all (persons) by their peculiar marks » [7:46]. These men will be the Prophet and his guardians’.
No one will be able to enter the Garden except he who recognizes them and him whom they recognize. And no one will enter the Fire except he who denies them (their rights), and him whom they (the Imams) deny (as not belonging to their party). And in the Purgatory there will be others who will await the command of Allah, whether He punish or forgive them. (Ale'teqadat fe den Alemameia by Sheikh ALsadoq, Page 70)
As a result, it Has been proved that entering heaven cannot happen except by knowing them peace be upon them all. Also to know their real position will lead to double the reward. So it is normal –after this explanation- that the levels of the faithful in heaven are uneven, depends on their knowledge of AhlulBayt AS, and varied depends on the mount of that knowledge and the firmness in heart and brain. This is logically because the levels of knowledge is different from one faithful to another. That why the divine laws and justice orders to be varied depends on the levels of their knowledge, and their positions in heaven will be different depends on their knowledge of the secrets of the virtues and statues of AhlulBayt AS.
Thus those who knows he names and nicknames aren’t as same as those who knows their positions, levels, virtues and secrets. Also the knowledge of general people of this nation is not as the knowledge of Salman Al-Farsi and others among the great companions of Imams AS. It is fair then when the levels are being varied depends on the levels of knowledge , and it is fair that the reward being greater depends on the brains and realization abilities which leads to more knowledge.
It is unfair to equalize between the acknowledge and the ignorant, and it is unfair to put Salman the one who knows AhlulBayt perfectly together with someone who doesn’t know anything of AhlylBayt Except their names, does not admit their statues , full knowledge of their virtues, getting higher levels in heaven by the bless of their acceptance to our deeds, and Allah the mighty acceptance, the most Beneficent, the Merciful.

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