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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Articles \ Spotlights on the raising of Master of Martyrs Alhussain AS 
By Mohammed Ali Da'e-Alhaq

It's possible to someone to review his mind and conscience to conclude the right answer for the secret of this Mighty Renaissance carried out by Alhussain AS. This may not need to any suffer or fatigue to recognize it, but in the other hand I am not exaggerating to say it is impossible to discover the significance of this blessed renaissance, and to find out the whole hidden secret of the revolution.

Some people may think that Imam Hussain AS carried out this revolution against the tyrant Yazid and his followers who are still devouring inheritance - all with greed... breaking humanitarian rights, enslave people, spreading all types of corruption everywhere they go. He AS raised up to fight a group of people, or convergent gang in the licentious Umayyad, Yazid army as the current circumstances of his time during the time of his raising AS.

Some appears to limit the concept of the renaissance of Imam Hussain inside this narrow frame exclusively and nothing else... With-no-doubt to limit the concept to this or to explain with the earlier meaning is nothing wouldn’t reach to the noble purpose and the far sight which gave a fruitful results which became real in front of the Imam when he revolted and took out his sword against the tyrants criminals... then Imam Hussain did not do this huge movement just for a simple reason, but he AS did a great revolution to destroy the polytheism hard regimes, and smashes those whose conquered leadership of Muslims, enslave Muslims , vandalize the Islamic ideology and awareness, also they massacred human beings and spirits. It doesn’t matter to him if he was Yazid in person or any one samiliar during any age or era.

 More precisely and clearly explanation:  the revolutionary reformation raising which Imam Hussain AS did was not directed towards a specific exclusive destination and leave others to conspiring to eliminate the religion, and the active principles which his father and grandfather PBUH fought for publishing and spread them. But the revolution was to eradicate the roots of atheism and infidelity, and to subdue the violators and to force them to follow this international message, which he carried out its responsibilities by himself AS. This indicates the revolution of Alhussain is a universal revolution which ousted the abominations and tyrants, who are gathered to spread the ideologies of atheism in every age and era and with any method doesn’t matter what does it take.

 The cause of the revolution 
Once of the main reason which made the Imam AS to do this revival are:
 A.  Outbreaks of every type of crimes, indecent assault the main Islamic rituals which the drunkard, the unabashed Yazid who took over the leadership, supported by his henchmen and agents.
 B.  The presence of pretentious men whom accused Islam of its principles and doctrines. Yazid is an infidel who denies everything about Islam, not praying, not paying Zakaah, not fasting, not believing in Islam or Mohamed the prophet of Islam, nor Allah the Almighty Creator. It may not be a problem if he kept his mistaken falsified belief for himself, but he was working on spreading atheism in all Islamic social classes which were representing the Islamic nation around the country.

The history highlighted some parts and stated about Yazid, Moaweiah, Marwan and their similar…. And this is something Imam Hussain couldn’t stand. So is it possible to someone like Imam Hussain AS to stay-still watching this reckless getting further, until Yazid wanted him to be one of the cheated members or the no-principles atheists? Is it possible after Yazid sent to Hussain AS to give promisses of pledges to Yazid while he is watching humiliation and ignominy happen to Muslims? Is it possible to he AS to see Yazid as a governor of the Islamic nation, leading it, and directing it to wherever he want and to what he desire? And at that time nobody opposes him or stand in his face...
Would Imam Hussain AS allow this da'ee (Adoptee bastard) to governing in the name of Islam, to ordain, and to initiate atheist laws in the name of Islam while he is a tyrant evil, drinks wine, commits a homosexual acts with gays and sluts, and he lives his days and nights in red nights busy with winks and kisses and whispers….? While the nation not getting any aliment to save it from the painful hell situation and the endless misery, O God! Can Imam Hussain AS see all of this and remain silent? It is impossible to Imam Hussain to let the drunkard Yazid doing whatever he want with no punishment and outlaw.

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