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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Articles \ The revolution of Imam Hussain AS - Its Age. Reasons. Results 
By Abd-Alrazaq Mohamed Ali

Praise be to Allah and peace be upon his divine worshippers.
To research about any revolution, the researcher should abandon his emotional sides to study the revolution in objective form of studies about its circumstances, the results, the reasons and then decide whether to be with it or against it.
Now we want to talk about the revolution of Imam Hussain AS so we should study the following:

 First: the Age of the revolution: 
Any revolution can not start unless there are manufactures giving it the heat (the flammable spirit) to conquer the government of the country. We cannot know that but by the age of revolution in all its fields. Let's review it briefly and shortly:

 1. With the governors:  history books competed each other's when they presented Umayyad governors in general to uncover the facts which are hidden under the dust and they reflected in the injustice of the governors during the time of the revolution and their financial corruption of the budget of the nation. History stated: when Muslim Bin Uqba conquered Almadina he called after the citizens of Almadina to give the pledge of allegiance to Yazid bin Moaweia as (They are slave he can governing their life, money, and families so who ever refuse it –his government- will be killed).

Some documents of the revolution of Imam Hussain AS stated that himself Imam Hussain AS said: "We are the householders of the prophecy, and the origin of Allah message and angels come down on our grandfather and with us Allah started(started his message) and will end it. Yazid is a punk, killer, drinker, declared debauchery and like me do not submit to him"

 2. With the followers:  their failure to resist these deviations , or trying to fix them and returning Islam to leadership of this country and society. We also find the books full of ethical scandals which dominated that society which returned back to Aljahelia (the ignorance age pre-Islam) as a result of the corruption that has spread between the leaders and to see this clearly in some documents similar to the book of Imam Hussain to the leaders of Alakhmas in Basra where he stated the following: " I did send my messenger to you, along with this letter; I do call upon you to abide by Allah’s Book and the rules of his Prophet. Because such regulations were killed, while heresy is revived." And also read for him also " Verily, those stayed obeying Satan and left obeying the Merciful , they showed corruption, conquered handouts, halalized what Allah forbidden and denied his Almighty Halal) he meant Umayyad.

Enlightened with the previously mentioned information we could know the nature of that age when the revolution and the circumstances which allowed it happened.

 Second: The reasons 
It will appear to the researcher at fist while when reviewing the history of the revolution that it was exploded because of the conflict between Hashemite and Umayyad, but after going deeper with details the truth will be the opposite. The revolution was based on two main bases which were the reasons behind it:

1. The revolution of Hussain AS started for a religious reasons for the following reasons:
 A.  the main important cause to start the revolutionary war is the occurrence of Islam being a victim by the hand of Umayyad. In a will of the Imam AS to his brother Mohamed bin Alhanafeia stated the following "And surely the aim of my stand is not inspired by vain exultation and it is also not for the quest of kingdom, Neither it is to cause dissension and corruption nor it is to wrong anybody unjustly. The purpose of my stand is the reformation of my grandfather's nation. I intend to enjoin goodness and forbid evil. I want to emulate my grandfather, the Holy Prophet AS and my father Ali bin Abu-Talib AS"

 B.  the fact that the succession is announced to the householders AS after the prophet PBUH especially Hussain AS in a will of the prophet AS announced him and his brother Hassan AS: "Hassan and Hussain are Imams, whether they sit (agree to a peace treaty) or stand (go to war)." And to this tradition imam Hussain AS stated in is saying " we are the householders has the priority to take the responsibility than those who pretended what doesn’t belong to them"

2. the second base which the revolution founded upon it is Moaweiah did not meet the conditions of the peace treaty between him and Imam Al-Hassan AS, which stated to return the government leadership to Al-Hassan after Moaweiah death if nothing happened to Al-Hassan AS, otherwise it is to Al-Hussain AS after him (means after Moaweiah) and if something happened to him then it is to Al-Hussain. Moaweiah has no right to entrust him to anyone. But Moaweiah after he finished the treaty, he sealed it with his stamp, gave his promises, swore to work on it, witnessed all the heads of people of Sham (Syria), but he didn’t fulfill any condition even he passed his crown to his son Yazid, and this was the second reason for raising the revolution of Imam Hussain AS.

 Third: The results
Even though the revolution did not win on its time in general customary view, but it winnings were incorporeal or introductory as it sparked furor in the middle of that society during the age of the revolution. Hussain AS stance and his persistence on the day of Taf (Ashora) is what pulled the trigger in that crowded councils which allowed to intellectual awareness, plus the stances of his partner of Jihad , his sister Alhawra Zainab AS the strong pillar which the revolution based on its extension, and the reason for their proliferation. She uncovered with that stances all the falsified curtains made by Umayyad to hide the truth of the revolution which resulted the following:

 A.  using the blood of Imam Hussain AS as an excuse to do the internal revolution especially to Alawis (the progeny of Ali) for example the revolution of Zaid bin Ali AS.
 B.  exposed the oppressed rulers and the exposure of the reality of Umayyad sick mentality which being used for evil which turned people against them.
 C.  the remains of the remembrances of the revolution leader is the ideal of the great sacrifice for the sake of justice

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