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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Articles \ Are'nt we right? 
By Saheb

Indeed Karbala is a unique day in history. It has special, clear, and pure stances that Karbala witnessed and we could watch them and keep them in our eyes, fresh and strong inorder make us to deep thinking , learn from it , it give us high spirit and revolutionary feelings pushing us to higher positions of manhood.

This young Hashemite Ali bin Alhussain Alakbar, he by himself is a huge book of the immortal books which we can read it page by page of every area of humanity and we could never know which one to admire or to bow before it.

This majestic, fresh, youthful boy who was in his twenties, his chest was full of painful memories represented to him in the killing of his mighty grandfather, his disappointment of his nation which he wanted to lead it to its happiness but it refused but to deteriorate in misery. Also represented to him his generous father whose characteristics allowed him to stand above the highest position of the nation but unfortunately there were ugly and lowly monsters tampering with the legacy of Mohamed PBUH, tearing apart his message, and severely tortured his supporters and protectors. Even represented with this mysterious future which appeared to look ugly and gloomy.

This young Hashemite in his twenties if he looks to the past it appeared sanguineous and if he looks towards future its wounds are being clear!

Imam Hussain convoy was moving in the desert of Iraq appearing between the sand , going towards its decisive hour. The commander of the convoy walking in the forefront, his head is up and proud as if he was going towards the conquest which is nothing like it.
He was looking towards his little army which hardly exceeded one hundred in number and he couldn’t do anything but to smile with boast for his companions whose abandoned life to not let him go and also the smile held mockery of this life which made him a commander of a hundred , made Yazid the commander of the faithful (Islamic nation) and made Ibn Zeiad commander of millions!...

He AS was looking at his young sons (Ali) and watching him with his armor, hat, sword, spear and his bow. He watching this youth with proud and he wishing if he could give him the chance to live and fight in order to appear to the world with the best example of knighthood, highest virility stances, and to work on building up the edifice of Islam and spreading the prophet message PBUH.

This young was close to his father and knows his father excellencies, and feared to see such person not leading the nation to the best.

Both of them were looking with sympathy towards each other's situation, and the situation of the nation. Each of them wanted to sacrifice his life to the other one, and protecting him with his life. They were walking silently and quietly keeping what they feel inside their chests and each of them were looking at the details of their faces to know what his self and emotions saying. However the silence didn’t stay for long, Imam Hussain announced by Takbeir (Allahu Akbar: God is the greatest). His son came to him , his emotions were triggered because his father was doing Takbier and shouting sadly. He asked him" my father why did you do Takbier?" Hussain AS: I tumbled my head then a caller shouted: "the people are approaching and the death is coming to them" so I knew it is our selves being obituary". The father of this young at his twenties surprised him not with what pleasing youth but he surprised him with that death is waiting them I the way. Imam Hussain AS waited to hear the answer of his son and didn’t wait for long; Ali AS said:”Aren't we right?”. Imam AS replied: "Yes, I swear by whom we shall return to" Ali Akbar said: “then, it doesn’t matter to die while we are right.”

O men! O Muslim youth! if the hardships of life attacked you and time turned against you then look with your hearts to that far history and listen to the voice of this young hero shouting to you through generations " aren't we on the right? then, it doesn’t matter to die while we are right ".

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