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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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Spotlights on the life of Imam Mohammed Albaqer AS  Who is Imam Abaqer AS? 
He is the fifth Imam among Ahlulbayt AS. He is Mohammed bin Ali Bin Husain bin Ali bin Abi-talib, and the son of the chief of the all worlds women Fatima, the daughter of the greatest prophet, Mohammed bin Abdullah SAWA.

 His pure mother AS 
She is Fatima, daughter of Imam Hassan Alsebt (the grandson), Almujtaba (the chosen) AS. She was nicknamed with Um-Abdullah, and she was a noble lady among the Hashemite women. Imam Alsadiq AS mentioned her one day and said "She was a truthful, no one was like her among the family of Al-Hassan AS" (1).
Abi Ja'far AlBaqer AS narrated " My mother was sitting near a wall. Then the wall started to cracking , we heard a strong demolish and she said: NO! I swear by status of Al-Mustafa SAWA that Allah did not allow you to fall down! Then it remained on the air until she passed it. Later my father gave alms, a hundred Dinar on her (for her safety) (2)."
Imam Albaqer AS was the first one who came from the both sides of Hassan and Hussain AS.

 His birthday and the location of his birth
His blessed birthday was on Monday, the beginning of Rajab, 75H, in the bright Medina. The majority of scientists, Historians of both sides (Suni and Shia) were concurred on.
Imam Albaqer AS lived with his grandfather Imam Hussain AS for 4 years. Some narrations stated that Imam Albaqer AS said " My grandfather Hussain was killed when I was four years old, and I remember his killing and what happened to us in that time" (3).
He lived with his father Alsajad (Ali bin Alhussain) AS for 35 years mines 2 months. After his father passed away he took the responsibilities of Imamate for 19 years.

 His epithets AS 
He AS was titled with many nicknames matches with his great personality, his known qualities and ethics e.g Baqer-elm, Alshaker (the thankful), Alhadi (the guide). The most famous nickname is Albaqer; it’s a name given to him from his grandfather Almustafa Mohammed SAWA as will be stated later.

 The prophet SAWA announcing the birthday of Albaqer AS 
Sheikh Alsadoq said: Amro bin Shemr Said: I asked Jabir bin Yazied Alju'fei and said to him why Albaqer was called Albaqer? He said: because he Baqara Al'em Baqra ( he opened and revealed the knowledge- slit and showed it clearly, and I was told by Jabir ibn-e-Abdullah Ansari RH that he heard the messenger of Allah SAWA saying "you will stay alive until you meet my son Mohammad bin Ali bin Hussain bin Ali ibn-e-Abi Talib(AS) who is mentioned in the Torah as Baqir. Give him my salutation (salam) when you meet him". One day when Jabir visited Imam Zain-ul-Abideen AS, he saw the young boy sitting next to the Imam AS. He addressed the young boy and asked him to come closer and show his back. Then he proclaimed that by God, that young boy had the features and traits of the Prophet Mohammad SAWA. Then he asked Imam Sajjad AS who the young boy was and Imam AS replied that he was his son and the successor to the Imamate and his name was Mohammad Baqir AS. Hearing this, Jabir RH rose up and kissed the young Imam and said "Son of the messenger of Allah AS, may I be taken ransom for you, accept the salutation (salam) of the messenger Allah SAWA. He asked me to convey it to you". Imam Jafer Sadiq AS states that his father burst into tears on hearing this and said "Jabir my salutation to my grandfather until this sky and earth survives. You conveyed the salam of my grandfather to me so I convey my salam to you as well. Then Jabir said: O Baqir, you are the real Baqir, the Revealer of Knowledge …."(4).

 His brothers AS 
1. The martyred Zaid bin Ali, he was the best son of Imam Zain-ul-abdein after Abi-Ja'far Albaqer AS and famous. He peace be up on him was born in 78H, he was 21 years younger than his brother Imam Albaqer AS. Asem bin Ubaid Al Umari said " I saw him when he was young in Medina worships Allah until he faint, until people says he won't return back to life). And he was known as Halif Alquran (the Quran ally) (5).
2. Alhussain Alasgar (the younger Hussain) son of Imam Zain-ul-abdein. He was a man of devout and pious, severely fears Allah The Almighty that someone said about him "I haven’t seen someone fears Allah more than him, as if he was taken to the hell then he was taken out for his fear." (6)
3. Abdullah Albaher (the brilliant) son of Imam Zain-ul-abdein, he was a full brother of Imam Albaqer AS, he was on charge on behalf of his brothers, he managed the Alms of their grandfather The prophet SAWA and the commander of the faithful AS.
4. Omar Alashraf (the virtuous) ) son of Imam Zain-ul-abdein, his mother was a slave whose Almukhtar bought her for 100,000 Dirham. Then he sent her to Imam Zain-ul-abdein and she gave a birth of Omar, Zaid and Ali.
5. Ali son of Imam Zain-ul-abdein, he was born and buried in Yenbo' when he was 30.

 Sons of Imam Albaqer AS 
They were the noblest among the prophet family, and the honoraries of Muslim families for their guidance and pious. They are:
1. Imam Alsadiq AS, he is the chief of his sons, and his guardian, the raising Imam after him. He was one of honoraries of this world, his mother is Um-Farwa, some said she was Fatima, others said Um-Farwa is her nickname, she was the daughter of Alqasim bin Mohamed bin Abi-Baker, one of the companions of Imam Ali the commander of the faithful AS.
2. Ibrahim the son of Imam Albaqer AS, his mother is Um-Hakim the daughter of Asiad bin Almoghira bin Alakhnas Althaqafi.
3. Abdullah the son of Imam Albaqer AS, his mother is Um-Farwa the daughter of Alqasim bin Mohamed bin Abi-Baker.
4. Ali the son of Imam Albaqer AS, he was titled with Altaher (the pure) for his-self purification and his high position, he died near Baghdad, in one of the villages of Alkhalis.

 Some of the misguided groups which raised during the time of Imam Albaqer AS  
1. Albatreia (the amputates): In a tradition narrated by Alkeshi in his book (Rejal Alkeshi) stated: Sadeir Alsairafi said: I entered to see Abu Ja'far Albaqer AS with Salmah bin Kohail, Abu-Almeqdam Thabet Alhadad, salem bin Abi Hafsa, Katheir-Alnawaa and others. Next to the Imam, his brother Zaid Bin Ali AS the martyred... They said: We give our pledge Ali, Hassan and Hussain, and disavow their enemies? The Imam said: yes. Then they said: we our pledges to –that person and that person- and disavow their enemies?. He (Sadier) said: then Zaid bin Ali looked at them and said: Do you disavow Fatima? You have amputated our thing (Imamate) May Allah amputate you! And since that time they were called Albatreia.
2. Alfatt-heia: there is a group believe in the Imamate of Abdullah the son of Ja'far Alsadeq AS, for this reason they were called (Alfatt-heia) because he got a wide head, some said he got wide legs, and others said they were called after a leader from Kufa called Abdullah bin Fatteih.
3. Alqadareia and Almurjeah: Alqadareiah is a group do not believe in destiny and saying that everyone of Allah's slaves is a creator for his action and able to do it or leave it with his will only.
Almurjeah: is a group request forgiveness and rewards to rebellious, and delays judging the sinners to hereafter; they do not judge them with infidelity or bawdiness.

 Other Islamic groups said about Imam Albaqer AS 
1. Ibn katheir said: "he is a great tabi'i, who got a so great position, one of the standard banners of this nation for his science, deeds, leadership and nobility…. "
Sufian bin Oiainah said Ja'far Alsadiq AS said: My father told me, and he was the best Mohammadi (Mohammad's family) on earth (7).
2. Alshablanji in Nor Alabsar stated: " The author of Alershadat said: None of the sons of Hassan and Hussain revealed such religious science, tradition, Quran science and biography, and literature arts, as what revealed from Abi-Ja'far Albaqer. He narrated about the religion features, the remaining Sahaba (companions) and the heads of Tabi'is and biographies. News spreaded mentioning his knowledge, poems were written about him e.g. what Malik bin A'ion Aljuhaini said about him:

When people want Quran science, Quraish couldn’t give it to them
And when the son of the daughter of the prophet speak, you gain big, everlasting knowledge (8)

 Some maxims of Imam Albaqer AS  
1. Imam Albaqer AS: "Whomever is given ethics and kindness is given good and rest. Besides His state is good here and the hereafter. Whomever is deprived of them, that will be a way to evil and tribulations, except him whom Allah protects. (9)
2. Imam Albaqer AS: "Know the love in the heart of your brother through what he has in your heart." (10)
3. Alhajaj bin Artaah said: Abu Ja'far Albaqer AS: O ibn Artaah how is your sympathy towards each-others? I said: very well Abu Ja'far, then He, peace be on him, said to his companions: "Do you enter your hands in the bags of your companions and take what you want?""No," I replied. " If you did then would not be in need ". (11)
4. He AS said: there is no worship better than protecting you tummy and vulva (private area). Nothing is adorable to Allah than being asked. Nothing pushes the fate except Duaa (prayers). The fastest good deed with correction is philanthropy. The fastest bad deed with punishment is prostitution. Sham enough to a person to make people see what he blinding himself than seeing it, and to order people to do what he cannot do, and prevent people from doing what he can't avoid, and to hurt his companion with something doesn’t concern him.

Peace be upon him the day he was born,
the day he was martyred,
and the day he returns alive.

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