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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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The birthday of the Commander of the faithful (AS)  His pure mother AS
She is Fatima the daughter of Asad the son of Hashim the son of Munaf the son of Qusai. She is the first woman amongst the Hashimi tribe to give birth to a Hashimi. Abi abdillah (Alsadiq)AS said: ‘ Fatima the daughter of Asad, is the mother of commander of the faithful (AS) was the first woman to emigrate to the prophet of Allah (SAWA) from Mecca to Medina on her bare feet’(1).
When she died the prophet of Allah shrouded her with his shirt and carried her coffin on his shoulders. He remained under her coffin until he placed her inside the grave, he then entered her grave and wallowed himself in her sepulcher. When he was questioned about what he did he replied:’ my father died when I was child, then she ( Fatima) and her husband (Abu Talib) adopted me. They were looking after me and favored me upon their own children. Thus I loved for god to expand her grave’(2).

 The entrance of Fatima inside the Kaaba, to give birth to commander of the faithful (AS). 
Alshich al Saduq Narrated in (Al Amali) from Saaeid Bin Jubair said:’ Yazed Bin Quanub said’:’ I was sitting by the holy house of Allah, suddenly Fatima Bint Asad the mother of the commander of the faithful arrived, and she was pregnant with him for 9 months and she started to give birth. Then she said:’ Oh god I believe in you and what has come from you the prophets and books, and I belive in what my grandfather Ibrahim alKhalil (the Hebron) has said, and he (Ibrahim) has built the old house. Thus for the sake of the one who built this house and for the sake for this child inside me will you put me at my ease in this labor.’ Yazid Bin Quanab: then we saw the house opening on it's back and Fatima entered inside it and she disappeared then the wall was sealed. We tried to open the door lock but it didn’t. We then knew it was something from Allah almighty. Then she came out later while holding the commander of the faithful AS on her arms and said:’ I was preferred upon other women before me, for Asia Bint Muzahim worshiped Allah the almighty secretly in a place which Allah doesn’t like to be worshiped at only at necessity, and Mariam (Mary) the daughter of Umran shook the dry palm tree with her hands until she ate fresh dates. But I entered the holy house of Allah and I ate from the fruits of heaven and livelihoods. And when I tried to get out someone called me:’ Oh Fatima call him Ali (the higher) because he is Ali (high). And the Almighty Allah says:’ I extracted his name from my name and I brought him up on my way. And showed him my secret knowledge and he will break the idols which are inside my house and he will call for prayers from above my house and he church and glorifies me. Peace be up on the one who love him and obeyed him. And woe to the one who hate him and disobeyed him’(3).

 Confirming the narrations of the birthplace of Imam Ali AS inside the Kaaba. 
Alhakim Alnisabori:..and the news was confirmed that Fatima Bint Asad gave delivered the commander of the faithful Ali Bin Abi Talib (may Allah lionize his face) inside the Ka'aba (4).
Sayid Ahmed bin Abdulrahem Alduhlawi who's famously nicknamed Shah Wali Allah the father of Abdulazez Aldahlawi the writer of (Altuhfa al Ethnai Ashareia:the twelver's masterpiece to reply the Shia) in his book (Ezalat Alkhafaa: removing the hidden): it was narrated that Fatima Bint Asad delivered Ali AS inside the Ka'aba. أe was born on Friday 13th of Rajab after 30 years since the year of the elephant inside the Ka'aba and nobody else was born there before or after him)(5).
Al Alusi also said: …and the fact that the commander of the faithful was born in the house (Ka'ba) is famous in the world and was mentioned in the books of the two groups the Sunni and Shia once-until he said-:and no others situation was famous as his God lionized his face but the words did not agreed about him. But doesn’t he the Imam of Imams deserve to have the Qiblah (Mecca) of believers to be his birthplace? Glorified the one who put the things in their right places and he is the wisest one’(6).

 The happiness of the prophet (SAWA) in the year of his birthday AS.
Ibn Abilhadid narrated in ( Sharh Nahj Al Blagh):’ that the year when Ali As was born is the same year the prophet SAWA started to spread his message. Then he started to hear calls from stones and trees and his sight was uncovered. Thus he saw the lights and people. He didn’t mention them at all. And this year is the year when he started his celibacy and separation and solitary in the mountain of Heraa. He remained there until he was told his message and the revelation was sent to him. The prophet SAWA used to get happy in that year and in the birthday of Ali AS and he SAWA called it ( the year of goodness and blessings) and he told his family in the night of his birthday….:’tonight we were delivered a child Allah will open many doors of grace and mercy by him. And he was as the prophet SAW said about him. He AS was his supporter and protector and he one who remove sadness from his face. And by his sword Islam stood hard and its bases are pave’(7).

 Adoption and guaranty of The Holy Prophet to Ali AS 
The day Fatima bint Asad gave birth to Ali the prophet SAWA was 30 years old. The prophet loved him so much and said to Fatima:’ let his cradle to be next to my bed’. And the prophet caring about upbringing him personally and he was cleaning Ali when he needed to be washed. And he he was give him milk when he needed to drink and moved his cradle when he sleeps and talk to him when he wakes up and holds him over his chest ‘(8).
Alhussain Bin Zaid Bin Ali Bin Alhussain narrated:’ I heard Zaid (my father) says: the prophet SAW was chewing the meat and fruit until it softens then he places it inside the mouth of Ali AS when he was a child in his lap’(9).
Also zaid bin Ali narrated:’ the prophet SAWA has took Ali from his father when he was a baby in a drought year passed by Quraish. Hamza took Jafar,and Alabbas took Talib to ensure their hoard and lighten their responsibilities and he took Aqil because he was close to him. Then the prophet SAWA said: I have chosen who Allah has chosen for me among you, Ali!(10).’
Imam Ali in his speeches (Alqase'aa) explained this meaning said:’ and you knew my position to the prophet of Allah SAWA in close relativity and special position. He placed me in his lap when I was a newborn hugging me to his chest, and sleep over his bed and let me touch his body and let me smell him and he was chewing the food then he fed it to me, and he didn’t find any lie in my speech and no mistake in my action, and Allah has compared him SAWA since he was baby to one of his greatest angels. He was guiding him through the way of the lionized, and the beauties of the world’s morals and mannerisms in his day and night. And I was following him like a little camel following the traces of his mother. Every day he would raise a flag of his ethics and orders me to follow, and he was neighboring Hiraa every year and I saw him when no one else did. And no house during that time of Islam has gathered the messenger of Allah SAWA and Khadija and me third to them. I see the light of revelation and the message and smell the perfume of prophecy’(11).

 Some prayers of the greatest prophet SAWA to him AS 
 1.  The prophet SAWA said: Oh god! I say as my brother Muses said: give to me an aider from my family; Haroun, my brother, strengthen my back by him, and associate him (with me) in my affair So that we should glorify Thee much, And remember Thee oft. Surely, Thou art seeing us (12).

 2.  Imam Ali said: I used to enter on the prophet SAWA every night and day, and he always answered whenever I questioned him, and whenever I was quiet he starts talk to me. And whenever a verse comes down to him I read it and learned it's meaning and interpretation. Then he prays for me to not forget anything he taught me. And I never forgot anything weather its permissible, forbidden, orders, prohepititions, obedience, and disobediences. And he putted his hand on my chest and said: Oh God, fill his heart with knowledge, understanding, wisdom and light. Then he said to me: My god told me that he answered me by you (13).

 3.  Also imam Ali narrated: I was sent by the prophet SAWA to Yemen then I said; you send me while I am still young to judge between them and I don’t know what judgment it is!. Then he placed his upon on my chest and prayed: Oh god guide his heart and strengthen his tongue. After, I never got suspicious at any judgments between any two’ (14).

 4.  The messenger of Allah SAWA said: ‘May God send his mercy upon Ali, O God, turn righteousness , to wherever he turns (15).’

 5.  Also the messenger of Allah SAWA said:’ Oh Allah be loyal to whoever is loyal to Ali and be enemy with whoever is an enemy of Ali. victory to those who support him, and leave whoever leaves him and let down his enemies and stand with him and his kid and look after them when their guardian is away and bless them with whatever you give them and support them with Ruh Alquds (Holy Spirit) and protect them wherever they go on earth and let the Imamah (Islamic leadership) be in them and thank whoever obeys them and destroy whoever disobey them. Thee oft. Surely, Thou art hears us and answers us’(16).

 6.  Narrated Jafar Bin Ibrahim Alja'fari from his father from Jafar said:’ I heard Abu-Thar while he was leaning on the ka'aba saying: O' people stand so that I tell you from what I heard from the messenger of Allah SAWA saying to Imam Ali Bin Abi Talib, they are words if one of them was to me is more beloved than life and what it contains. I heard the prophet while he was saying: Oh Allah help him and depend on him, Oh Allah support him and bring victory to him for he is your slave and the brother of your messenger’(17).

 Some virtues of the commander of the faithful AS
Abu hurriara said: I saw Mu'ath bin Jabal starring for long time at Ali bin Abi-Taleb, and I said: why are you starring at Ali as if you didn’t see him before? He said: I heard the messenger of Allah SAWA saying: looking at the face of Ali is a kind of worship (18).

Alzamakhshari narrated from ibn Ale'rabi said: whenever he (Ali AS) shows up people say: There is no god but Allah, What a delightful boy! What a wise! What a generous! What a patient (meek), what a brave! Watching him used to make people to worship Allah, what a happiness it was!(19).

 Pearls of his wisdom AS
Imam Ali AS said:
 1.  Look after people, so you will be secured from their hidden feelings, and safe from their intrigues. (20)

 2.  Imam Ali (AS) said, ‘Beware of the world, for verily with regards to its lawful things there is accountability and with regards to its unlawful things there is punishment, its beginning is hardship and its end is annihilation. (21)

 3.  When a scourge happen then look after yourself before your money, and when a disaster happen then look after your faith before yourself. You should know the deceased is the one whose faith if deceased, and the mortal is the one who left his religion to death.(22)

 4.  If you overpower your enemy, then pardon him by way of thankfulness to Allah, for being able to subdue him.(23)

 5.  When he was asked about the major sins he said: feeling safe from Allah's action, despairing from the kindness of Allah, Hopelessness from the mercy of Allah.(24)

 6.  Allah has hidden His anger in disobedience Him (sins), so do not disparage any of the disobediences, because it may hold his anger while you do not know. (25)

 7.  Weakest person is the one who could not make brothers, and weaker than him who lost the once he got. (26)

 8.  When you see the first graces started to come to you then do not let the other once get away from you by being thankless.(27)

 9.  Remove the troubles of people of morals (generosity) , because no one of them get in trouble unless Allah gives him a hand (28).

 10.  O son of Adam, when you see that your Lord, the Glorified, bestows His Favors on you while you disobey Him, you should fear Him (take warning that His Wrath may not turn those very blessings into misfortunes) (29).

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