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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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Imam Alkathim AS Martyrdom His birthday AS: 
When the season of Hajj got closer, the wife of Imam Alsadiq AS (Hamida) was pregnant , and Imam Alsadiq AS brought her with him to Hajj. On the way back to Almadina she started to have travail pain, and she gave the birth of The proof of Allah in His earth, in the village of Alabwaa which is one of the villages of Almandina. Imam Alsadiq AS received his blessed baby with great happiness, he called for prayers on his right ear, and did Eqama in his left ear. After that the Imam returned back to his companions with cheerful smile. His companions started saying: May Allah gladden you and make us your sacrifices, O our master! How was it with Hamida? And he presaged them with his blessed baby saying to them: "Allah has given me a boy, and he is the best of Allah's creatures."
Indeed, he is one of the Imams of the infallible Householders AS. He is the best of Allah's' creatures, with knowledge, piety, and rightfulness in religion. This is what Imam Alsadiq AS told his companions, to let them know that he is the Imam whose Allah obligated his creatures to obey him, he said: "Follow him, By Allah he is the one" (1).
His birthday in Alabwaa in 128H, some said 129H (2), during the time of the Abd Almalek bin Marwan government.
Altubrosi RH said: Abu Alhasan Musa bin Ja'far was born in Alabwaa; a place between Mecca and Almadina, in the 7th of Safar, 128H. (3)

 His descriptions 
Narrators described the features of the picture of imam Musa bin Ja'far, they said: He was tan (4), and they said: he was An average tallness, beautiful face, slim body (5).
His characteristics; he is the son of the custodians, his prestige and dignity were similar to the prophets once. No one could see him unless he respected and venerated him for his mighty statues, his noble dignity, and his great history.
One time, the poet of the Abbasid royal palace, Abu Nowas met him, and he was impressed by his lights, and the characteristics of his AS dignity and pious. The poet started to picture his dignity and pious with verses of poetry, he said:

If the eyes saw without suspicion, and if the doubts oppressed, The heart confirms you!(6)
And if a convoy putted you as their leader..your perfume would lead them to make and caravan follows you
I putted as the reason for everything I have.. he wouldn’t be disappointed who you became his reason

It is obvious these verses was an awakening of the conscience, and an 'Alawi spiritual breeze. He is Abu Nowas who lived for the Abbasids entertainments, and who spent most of his life in leisure and immorality. He did this beautiful panegyric on the time whoever praising AhlulBayt, would receives a major penalty which might lead him to death! But the perfection of the imam and his realism which was nothing like it in his era, controlled the spirit of this Abbasid poet, and made him to forget the circumstances.

 His nickname and epithets  
He was called with many nicknames , the most famous one is Abu Alhasan. Sheikh Almufeid said: He was nicknames Abu ibrahim, Aba Alhasan, and Abu Ali. He was known as the The Noble Servant. (7) Ibn Alsabagh Almaleki said: his nickname is Abu Alhasan, and his epithets are so many, the famous once are: Alkathem, Alsabir, Alsalih, Alamein (8). His epithets referred to all the sides of his personality and evidences of his greatness, and they were so many for example: Alzaher: (the bloomer) because he bloomed with his noble morals, and his inherited generosity from his grandfather the Gracious Messenger SAWA.
When Ibn Shahr-Ashob mentioned his nicknames said: … Alzaher, he was called with that because he bloomed with his noble morals and his delightful, perfect generosity.(9)
Alkathem: (One who swallows his anger) he was called with that for what his hidden feelings for what the unjust did to him of harassment and hardship. Ibn Kathir said: He was known with that nickname for his patience and amiable, also because he faced the evil with kindness. (10)
Alsabir: (the patient) because he was patient on the hardships and pains which he received from the governors of injustice, and the tyrants who faced him with all types of evil and abomination. (11)
Alsayed: (the master): because he was one of the Muslim masters, and one of their imams.
Alwaffi: (the faithful) because he was the most faithful man in his era. He so faithful and dutiful towards his brothers and Shiite, also he was kind to his enemies and the malicious against him.
Tho Alnafs Alzakeia: he was titled with this nickname for the clarity of his self, and the purity of his inner, which is away from materialism, and the sins of life. A disdain personality, virtuous , pure, and generous personality which is so high and superior that nothing like it.
Bab Alhwaij: (The Door to Fulfilling Peoples' Needs) this title was one of the famous nicknames and more common. It was separated between people the general once and the private (the Shiite), that no one got harmed and mentions Imam Alkathem unless Allah dispels his harm, no one seeks protection from his grave unless his needs being fulfilled, and retuned back happy and relaxed of what happened to him because of the life matters.
The majority of Muslims believed in that, doesn’t matter what is their doctrine.
Abu Ali Alkhalal; Sheikh of Hanbalis, and their spiritual leader said: Whenever I get a problem and I go to the grave of Musa bin Ja'far, unless Allah ease to me whatever I like. (12)
Imam Alshafe' said: The grave of Musa Alkathem is the proven panacea. (13)
Imam Musa Alkathem during his life was the shelter for all Muslims, and he was the same after his death, the impregnable fortress to who seek refuge to him among all Muslims, because Allah has given him the needs of Muslims , who appeal for help by his holy shrine in Baghdad.
Alkhatib Albaghdadi narrated a story which he was a witness on it (14) when he saw a shocked women, terrified and lost her brain for what happened to her of pains. She was told that her son committed a crime, and the government arrested ,and putted him in prison; waiting for the harsh and the unjust sentence.
She run towards the shrine of the imam and calling for his help, and some scoundrel saw her- there is no era without them-. He told her: Where to? She said: To Musa bin Ja'far, my son is being jailed!. He said mockingly: he is dead in the jail. She rushed saying from the depth of her heart after he hurt her with his words " Oh our god for the sake of the martyred in the jail I want you to show me the power" Then Allah responded to her du'a, her son was released, and the son of the one mocked her was sentenced in the darkness of the prison, for the crime of that person (her son).

 The Texts on his Imamate 
Mohamed bin Alwalid said: Ali bin Ja'far, the brother of Imam Musa AlKathem (AS), a trustworthy narrator, is reported to have said, "I heard Abu-Ja'far bin Muhammad (AS) saying to some people from his entourage and close friends, 'Take good care of this son of mine, Musa. He is the best of my sons, and the best among whom I leave after me. He shall be my successor and the proof of Allah, the Exalted, over all his servants after me."(15)
Mansor bin Hazim narrated, saying: May I ransom you with my father and mother. There is a great coming and going among men about (the succession). Since that is so, who is it?"
"This is your leader," replied Abu 'Abdullah. He pointed to Abu al-Hasan Musa; then he tapped the right shoulder of Abu Al-Hasan (Musa). He was at that time, as far as I know, about five years old and Abdullah bin Ja'far was sitting with us. (16)

Sulayman Bin Khalid has narrated, saying: "I and a group of my companions were sitting with Imam Abu 'Abdullah (Alsadiq), peace be on him. He called for his son Musa. When he stopped in front of him, he turned to his companions, saying: 'It is your duty (to follow) this man after me. By Allah, he is your leader after me.'(17)

 His AS letter about reason 
The letter of Imam Alkathem AS, explaining reason is a perfect intellectual revolution. He sent it to Hisham bin Alhakam, who was one of his loyal Shiites. In a part of it he AS said:
"O Hisham, Allah has sent His prophets and apostles to His servants for nothing but to reflect on Him. Therefore the best of them in answer is the best of them in knowledge (of Him). The most knowledgeable of them in the affair of Allah is the best of them in reason; and the most perfect of them in reason is the highest of them in rank in this world and the next."
" O Hisham, If there is a nut in your hand, and people said it is a pearl, you would not benefit from it, because you know it is a nut. In the other hand if there is a pearl in your hand, and people said it is a nut It would not bother you, because you know it is a pearl."
"O Hisham, most surely, Allah has two proofs over men: outward proof and inward one. As for the outward proof, it is the messengers, the prophets, and the Imams. As for the inward proof, it is reason."
"O Hisham, most surely, the sane is he whose gratitude is not occupied by the lawful nor does his steadfastness is overcome by the unlawful."

 Part of his supplication in jail  
" O He who disgraces all obstinate tyrants, O he who empowers every humiliated one, By you I am exhausted, so peace be up on Mohamed and his Householders, and drive away my worries." (18)

 His martyrdom AS 
He AS was martyred by poison in the jail of Harun Alrasheed, When Harun ordered Yahia bin Khalid to insert poison into dates.
Alkeshi narrated from Abdullah bin Tawos said: I asked Imam Alretha AS: did Yahia bin Khalid poisoned your father Musa bin Ja'far? The Imam AS said: Yes poisoned him into 30 poisoned dates. (19)
His martyrdom was on Friday, he AS was 54 years or 55.

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