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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Folders \ The standard-bearer (AS) 

The standard-bearer (AS) It is impossible to count any describe any virtue of our master Abul-Fathel Al-Abbas AS. We should bow front of him for his high standards and position.
It is fair enough to relay on the statues of our Imam al-Sadiq AS on his behalf.
Imam Ja'far as Sadiq (AS) said, “Our uncle Abbas b. Ali AS had sharp foresight and firm faith. He fought alongside Husain AS and gave ample evidence of his bravery and courage until he was martyred.”

 Imam Ali, The chief of the vicegerents (AS) kissing his hands 
Abbas AS is a unique phenomenon, which deserves All human to bow to him AS, and being grateful for his attitudes, and special character.
the commander of the faithful used to look after him in special way , and was narrating about his futuristic heroic actions.
Once, entered on Imam Ali AS and saw him seated his baby al-Abbas on his knees, took out the baby’s hand of his shirt, kissed them, and wept. Watching this situation, the mother was astonished; she said to him,” O commander of the faithful, I noticed that you are kissing his hands warmly!” he said,” His hands will be cut in Karbala”. She wept heavily. After that, the Imam told her ,” He will be killed for the love of his brother al-Hussain” and this relieved her.

 Abbas (AS) receiving the trust 
the following was stated in a book titled with “Alnas Aljali fe mawled Al’Abas bin Ali”:
When Zainab AS saw that her father gathered his sons, when he was dying, and started to recommend them and recommend upon them, she came to her father. She said ,” O father, I want you to choose for me one of my brother to entrust me and stay with me” he AS said,” Daghter!, Here are your brothers. Choose whoever you want, here is Al-Hassan, and here is Al-Hussain!”
She said,” Al-Hassan, and Al-Hussain are my Imams and masters, and I am serving them faithfully. But I want I want one of my brothers who could serve me, incase I might need to travel, so he could serve me and entrust me in this travel” he AS said,” choose whoever you want!”

Zainab AS looked at her brothers, and she selected the Moon of the Clan, Abu Alfadel Al-Abbas AS. Zainab AS said,” O father, I want this brother” and pointed at Al-Abbas.
The commander of the faithful AS said,” Son, come closer!” when he became next to him, he AS took the hand of Zainab AS and putted her on the hand of Al-Abbas, and said,” Son, this is my trust, and I entrust you with it”
Al-Abbas AS while his tears falling on his face,” O father, I will make you proud, I will do my best to protect her and looking after her”

Then commander of the faithful AS with tearful eyes, started to look at Abbas and Zainab AS.

 Sayed Almuqarram highlights 
Sayed Almuqarram recognized this information from Ziyarat Abbas AS, ” And Allah’s curse be on the group who violated your sanctities, and infringed the sanctity of Islam by killing you.
Almuqarram stated,” the sanctity of Islam would not be harmed by killing a brave man, or by killing a noble man, but the sanctities of Islam would be violated by killing infallible human, or someone whose near that position, also Al-Abbas AS was great in knowledge”

 The water carrier seeking permission 
When Imam Hussain AS was left with no one but his brother Abbas AS, he came to Imam Hussain AS and said, “Do you permit me?” Imam wept bitterly and said,
“O dear brother! You are my standard-bearer, then if you go away my army will get scattered”.
Abbas replied, “My heart is getting narrow and I am satiated from life. And I desire to avenge the blood of my brothers from these hypocrites”. Imam Hussain AS said,
“Then bring water for these children”.

The narrator stated,” then Al-Abbas AS went to people, lectured them, and warned them of the anger of The Mighty SWT, but it did not prove fruitful. He shouted loudly,”O umar b. Sa’d, this is Hussain the son of Fatima, the daughter of Messenger of Allah. You Have killed his companions, and his householders. Those are his women and kids, they are thirsty, so give them water, they are melting of thirst”
His words touched the hearts of the army, that some of them cried, but Shimr shouted loudly,” o son of abu Torab, if there was water All around earth, and it was controlled by us, we would not give you a drop!”

Then he returned back to the Imam and informed him. He heard the children wailing “O thirst”, he mounted his horse, and took the flag and water-skin, then went towards the Euphrates.
Four thousand men, who were guarding the Euphrates, surrounded him from all sides and shot arrows at him. He attacked them and killed many men until he had ripped them, then he entered the river.
He centered the flag on earth, and went to water. When he felt the cold of water while thirstiness was killing him slowly He tried to drink water, when suddenly he remembered the thirst of Imam and his Household. He then threw away the water and said,” By Allah, I will not drink water while my brother Hussain AS is thirsty” then he recited,
“O my soul! My wish is that you live not after Hussain! Will you have a drink of cold water, while there stands Hussain, thirsty, near the tents, And about to drink the cup of death!? Such is not the way of my faith, Nor that of one who abides in conviction and truth!”

He felled the water-skin on his shoulder, and came out the river, then a group of enemies front of him. Ibn Sa’d shouted,” Do not let him proceed”. When he AS saw that, he carried his sword and attacked them while reciting,
“I do not fear death even when it calls out to me, or until I do not fight the tested fighters and fall upon the ground, my life is ransom upon the one who is the life of Mustafa, verily I am Abbas the one who fetches water, while I do not fear on the day of battle”.

They threw arrows from all the sides at him until his shield became like a hedgehog because the shape which thousands of arrows made on his shield.
Zaid bin Alwarqa was ambushed behind a palm tree, and Hakim b. Altufail helped him, and he hit him on his right hand and amputated it. He AS took the sword with his left and recited,
“By Allah! Although you have severed my right hand, I shall keep defending my Religion as also my positively Truthful Imam, who is the son of the Chaste and Trustworthy Prophet”.

He fought and fought, until he became weaker, and bleeding has exhausted him.
Hakim b. Altufail ambushed him then attacked him with sword and amputated his left, then Al-Abbas AS recited,
“O self do not fear the infidels, may you receive the glad tidings of the Mercy of the Omnipotent, along with the Prophet the Master of the empowered, they have severed my left hand with injustice, O Lord burn them with the fire (of hell)”.

The sword has fallen as the hand, so he AS gripped the water-skin with his teeth. He did not want anything at that moment but to bring water the camp. They blocked his way, and gathered around him, then arrows started to hit him from all directions like rain. His chest was hit by an arrow, another hit his right eyes and disabled it, and the blood were curd on his left eye. Later, a man from Bani Tamim (clan) came and hit him by iron mace on his head, then he fall on earth, and cried loud,” Peace be upon you Abu Abdullah, help me my brother!”
Imam Hussain reached where Abbas was lying. It was a tragic sight. Abbas was lying on the ground. Both arms had been severed! There was an arrow in the right eye and blood blocked the left eye. The flag was cut to pieces next to him, and the water-skin was flat. On that, Imam Hussain AS said, “Now my back has bent. Now my maneuver has lessened. Now my enemies has mocked me”.

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