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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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The sacrifice of Alqasim Al-Qasim was standing amongst the rest who were still alive with Imam Hussain AS. Some of the narrations state that Al-Qasim was martyred before his uncle Al-Abbas AS was martyred, and some say after. Despite all of that, Al-Qasim was in the camp of Imam Hussain AS when suddenly, he heard his uncle crying,” "Is there not a protector who can defend the sanctity of the Prophet? Is there not a believer who may fear God of that which is befalling us? Is there not a deliverer who may aspire to God's reward in alleviating our distress?"
On hearing that, the combat spirit, the spirit of sacrificing became high inside the heart of Al-Qasim AS. He went to his uncle and said,” O uncle, give me the permission to fight!” He AS told him,” O son Qasim, you are the deposit of my brother, you are the mark!”
He continuously kissed the hands and feet of Imam Hussain AS until Imam Hussain AS said to him,” O son Qasim, you are walking toward death on your feet!”
Qasim AS answered,” How could not, he who see you with no aid or supporter?! Aren’t you crying for a helper or supporter?” Until he said,” O My uncle, May I sacrifice my own self for you, and May I sacrifice my soul to protect yours. O uncle, allow me to fight, I cannot stand to live anymore!”
On hearing this, Imam Hussain AS hugged him, and started to weep loudly, as if he was calling ,” O brother, O Hassan!”.
The Sadness returned back on the heart of Abu Abdullah Al-Hussain AS, because not only was he bidding a young man farewell, but he also bore a strong resemblance to his brother AL-Hassan Almujtaba AS.
Before he set off to the battlefield, Imam Hussain AS said to him,” O son Qasim, come to me”,
then he took him to the tent of the poisoned Imam Hassan AS, where a box was located there.
The box contained deposits of Imam Hassan AS, clothes, and the military uniform of Imam Al-Hassan AS.
Imam Hussain took out the clothes of Imam Hassan, his turban, and the sword of Imam Al-Hassan, and put them on Al-Qasim AS. Then he AS said,” O son, Qasim! Go to the battlefield!”
He went to the battlefield and was reciting “If you do not know me I am the son of Hassan, the grandson of the Prophet, the chosen one, the confidante, this is Hussain similar to the one captivated by the mortgager, in the midst of the people who may be deprived of rain water”.
Then He began to fight the enemies until he killed a large number of them.

 Self-Praise of Al-Qasim AS 
If we recognize the action of Al-Qasim when he bent to fix the broken strap of his shoe, despite the gathering of the army which surrounded him, and their terrifying shouts, you will touch on the heroism of this young Alawi-Hashimite and his ancestors.
He did not care about any of his enemies, all he was concerned about was avoiding walking in one shoe, especially because there was (karaha: unlikeness, a shar'i ruling) to walk in one shoe, and there might be a faultfinding person who might see him in this way. Let us take a deep look at what Hameed bin Muslim said about this noble, and self-praise character.

Hameed bin Muslim, who says that a youth, similar to 'the first Splinter of the New Moon', stepped into the battlefield. He held a sword in his hand and wore a cloak and shirt. He wore shoes on his feet, of which one had a broken strap, and if I do not forget it was the left one.
We can’t imagine the value of Al-Qasims' heroism. He stepped on foot to the battlefield, and even after his shoe was broken, he was not worried about the countless fighters surrounding him, who were all fully armoured, and he leaned down to fix his shoe. That is how some historians narrated this incident (the son of messenger of Allah SAWA, refused to walk with naked feet in the battlefield). This was unmatched bravery, and remarkable prowess.

 Al-Qasim AS following the path of the martyrs 
When Al-Qasim bent to mend his shoe, the villainy spirit which was represented by Azdi began to control him. This is what Hameed bin Muslim meant when he narrated the following:
Umar bin Sa'ad bin Nufayl Azdi said, “I desire to attack him”. I said, “Glory be to Allah! Why so? This army which has surrounded him from all sides will surely kill him”. He said, “By Allah! I shall attack him, and I will make his mother to weep over him”. He attacked him while the child was fixing his shoe and before he could turn his face towards him, he dealt a blow upon his head with his sword and slit it. The child fell down on his face upon the ground and called out, “Peace be up on you, O dear uncle! Come to my aid”. Then I saw Hussain AS standing at the head of Qasim, who was stretching his feet upon the ground. Imam Hussain AS said, “By Allah! It is hard upon your uncle that he could not come to your aid when you called him, or he answered but it could not benefit you”. (May Allah's Mercy and Blessings be upon him).
Then Hussain AS said,
“By Allah! Here he has numerous murderers while his aides are quite less”.

 Historians stated: 
Imam Hussain AS leaned down to Al-Qasim and held him to his chest –embracing him, and took him towards the camp. Whereas at this influential scene Imam Hussain bended and bended down, Al-Qasim’s feet were drawing lines on earth, but why? Was it because he was taller than Imam Hussain AS? No, but because the misfortune of losing of Al-Qasim, foiled the morale of our Imam AS.
Imam Hussain AS Arrived to the tent and lay him down in the tent of the martyrs AS. Then he AS said,” O cousins, Patience on death! You won’t see any mortification, after this day, alas!”.

 Women seek permissions  
Some said that, when Imam Hussain AS brought Al-Qasim to the tent where was Ali Al-Akbar, he lay Al-Qasim next to Ali AS. He was looking at the face of Ali Al- Akbar once, then to the face of Al-Qasim, while he was wiping his tears with his sleeves. Some said that he reclined between them for a long time.
The mother of Al-Akbar and the mother of Al-Qasim were waiting for him to leave the tent, because they were too shy to weep over their sons in his presence. Therefore, they went to Zainab AS, and asked her to go and ask Imam Hussain AS to let them cry over the martyred youth.
Later, Zainab AS came to Imam Hussain AS and said,” O Abu Abdullah, may Allah help you for this disaster. O Abu Abdullah, these are the mothers of Al-Qasim, and Al-Akbar AS, they want to enter to cry over their sons, but they feel shy because of you.”
Imam Hussain AS,” It’s the chief of disasters and calamities, let them come and cry over their sons”
then Zainab Alhawra AS called them,” O Laila, O Ramla, come to cry and weep!”.

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