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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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The Paragon Par Excellence for youth  The example of youth 
Ali Al-Akbar is the paragon par excellence of youth, Ali Akbar is the perfected young man, Ali Al-Akbar had a prescient mind, solid faith.
Ali Al-Akbar is the human whose authors believe in his perfect characteristics which was stated in Zyarat of the first of Rajab which stated the following:
“And he joined you to the exalted summit, where there is the entire honor in the elevated chambers. Similarly, He had bestowed upon you and made you one of the Household of the Prophet from whom Allah removed filth and whom He purified with thorough purification.”

Therefore Ali Al-Akbar was the perfect human before his martyrdom, and this martyrdom was the end of his life. This means he was perfect and his life needed to a perfect end. And the perfect end was his martyrdom for the sake of Allah.

 His identity 
Ali Al-Akbar descended from a noble linage from his mother side, add to that the great virtue of his father’s side.

His mother is Laila daughter of Abu Morrah b. Mas’od Althaqafi, who was known to Arabs as one of two great persons-in the area of the Arabian peninsula-. The first person was Alwalid b. Almoghira who was a rich man with lots of children, and was the chief of Mecca. The second person is the chief of Altaef ‘Orwa b. Mas’od Althaqafi.

Arabs during Al-Jaheleia (pre-Islam, the time of ignorance) period used to think that prophecy should be to one of them, because they used to think that prophethood is a leadership, and the leadership always belong to those who got money, children, and prestige.

 His resemblance to the prophet SAWA 
A Christian man entered the mosque of Messenger of Allah SAWA, then people told him,” You are a Christian man! Get out of the mosque!” he told them,” I saw in my dream yesterday, the messenger of Allah together with ‘Eisa –Jesus- son of Mariam AS”
then he said,” Jesus became Muslim by the last prophet Mohamed b. Abdullah, therefore he is the truthful prophet of this nation for real. I became Muslim by him, and I came now to renew my Islam on the hand of a man belong to his Householders”

They brought him to Imam Hussain AS, then he kissed the feet of Imam Hussain AS. When he was relaxed, he told him the revelation which he had in his dream.
Imam Hussain said to him,” Do you desire to bring you the resemble of Messenger of Allah SAWA?” he said,” Yes, master”. Then Imam Hussain AS called after his son Ali Al-Akbar. At that time Ali AS was a little child, his face was covered with a veil. He was brought to his father. Then when Imam Hussain removed the veil from his face that man saw him, and fainted.

Imam Hussain AS said,” Pour water on his face” and they did. Then imam Hussain AS looked at him and said,” O man, my son resembles my grandfather, Messenger of Allah SAWA?” the man answered,” Yes, by Allah” then Imam Hussain AS said,” O man, if you got a son like him, then he is being harmed by a thistle, what would you do?”

He said,” Master, I would die”

Imam Hussain AS said,” I see my son being shredded by swords to pieces”

 The conversation of righteous son  
While he was with his father Imam Hussain AS on the way to Karbala, Imam Hussain suddenly said: 'Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return. And thanks to Allah' he said that three times.
His Son Ali Alakbar came to him riding his horse and said to him “ may I becomes your sacrifice! Saying the returning is fine (saying – to Him we will return-) but for what reason did you do it?”
Hussain AS replied” I tumbled my head then a knight came and said: "the people are approaching and the death coming to them. therefore I knew it is our selves being obituary”

Ali Alakbar asked his father Imam Hussein AS.:”Are we not supporting the Truth?”. Imam AS replied: "Yes I swear by whom we shall return to" Ali Akbar said: “then, it makes no difference if death comes to us or if we approach death as long as we are right.” Then Imam Hussain AS said: may Allah rewards you with what Allah rewards a good son to his father.

 The man of impossible missions  
Ali Al-Akbar was man of impossible missions. In the 9th of Muharam, Imam Hussain AS demanded him and gave him the mission of bringing water for ‘Alqami, which was surrendered by thousands of fighters.
He took with him 17 knights, and they fought until they reached Alfurat (Euphrates) , and brought water to women. Also in the 9th of Muharam, when Imam Hussain wanted to interview Umar b. Sa’d, he took him with him.

 Ali Al-Akbar seeking permission to fight 
When the companions of Imam Hussain AS were martyred and none remained with him except his family, his son Ali Al-Akbar came to him and asked for permission to fight.
Ali bin Hussain AS was the most handsome and elegant among all men. Imam Hussain AS gave him permission and then looked at him with dejection, while tears flowed from his eyes and he wept. He AS pended him head to earth to not allow enemies to look at him and mocks him. Some stated that he AS said to him,” My son Ali!, come to me, let us farewell each other, let us smell each other” and they were hugging each other until they fainted.

When Imam Hussain AS was awake he lifted his beard towards the heavens and said, “O Allah! Be a witness upon these men, that the youth who resembles your Prophet the most in character and speech is proceeding towards them. Whenever we desired beholding the face of your Prophet, we would look at him. O Allah! Withhold away the bounties of the earth from them and cause dissention among them and scatter them. Disparage their policy and do not make them earn the pleasure of their chiefs, for they invited us so as to assist us, then they leapt upon us and fought us”.

Then he called for Umar bin Sa'ad saying, “May Allah terminate your progeny! And may He turn your act inauspicious! And may He dominate someone upon you, who would behead you in your bed”
Then he raised a cry and recited the following verse of the Qur'an,
“Verily Allah did choose Adam and Nooh and the descendants of Ibraheem and the descendants of Imran above all the worlds” (Surah aal-`Imraan, 3:33).

Ali bin Hussain AS laid siege upon the army while reciting a poem,
“I am Ali bin Hussain bin Ali, by the House of Allah! We possess superiority while bearing relation with the Prophet than Shabas (bin Rab'ee) and Shimr, the base ones, I shall strike at you with the sword until it bends, the sword of a Hashimite Alawite youth, I shall keep defending my father, and by Allah! The son of the illegitimate one shall not have command upon us”.

It is also related that although being thirsty, he killed one hundred and twenty men despite that he was thirsty.

 The martyrdom of Ali Al-Akbar 
Then he continued fighting until he killed two hundred men. The army of Kufa refrained themselves from killing him. Hamid bin Muslim stated,” The sight of Murrah bin Munqiz Al-Abdi fell upon him while Ali AS was fighting enemies from the left and right and he said, “The sins of Arabs be upon my neck, if he passes by me doing what he does, and I do not aggrieve his mother due to him”. I (Hamid) said,” Do not say that, those fighters are enough” he said,” by Allah I will!”

At the time when he was busy attacking the army, Murrah bin Munqiz faced him and hurled a lance at him while throwing him upon the ground. Seeing this, the army surrounded him from all sides and cut him to pieces with their swords.

He was drenched in blood and called out, “O dear father! Peace be upon you! Here is my grandfather the Prophet of Allah SAWA, quenched me with his glorious cup, I will never be thirsty after this forever”.
Sukaina AS said,” when my father heard his voice, he started to stand for while and sit at another and crying,’ O my son!”

Then Imam Hussain AS and his family came besides Ali Akbar AS and watched him being shredded to pieces and said,

“O my dear son! May Allah kill the one who killed you. What measure of audacity have they acquired against Allah, the Beneficent, and in violating the sanctity of the Prophet?”
Then he wept and said, “Woe be upon this world after you. Now you are free from the concerns and grieves of this world, and your father left alone for its concerns and grieves”.

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