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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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Spotlights from the life of Imam Al-Sadiq AS  His name and noble linage 
Muslims would not find any difficulties to recognize the linage of this solemn light filled Imam (AS). We are only mentioning it because by looking at his name and the names of his fathers is a worship, and contains enormous uncounted blessings. He is Imam Ja'far bin Mohamed Al-Baqir bin Ali Zain Albedin Bin Alsebt The martyred Alhussain bin the commander of the faithful Ali bin Abi-Taleb peace be up on them All.
His mother is Um-farwa, some said Fatima, some said that her nickname was Um-farwa. She was the daughter of Alqasim bin Mohamed bin Abu Baker, one of the companions of Imam Ali AS. Imam Ja'far Al-Sadiq said about her: My Mother was among the faithful, pious, the doers of good, and Allah loves the doers of good (1). She was also considered as one of the narrators from Imam Al-Baqir and Al-Sadiq AS (2).

 His famous nicknames and epithets 
His famous nickname is Abu-Abdullah, which he AS was known as in the traditions and biography. Another famous nickname is: Abu Isma'el; after the name of his son which died during his life time As.
His epithets are: Alfathel (moralist), ALtaher (the pure), Alkafel (warrantor), Alsaber (Patient), and the most famous one is Al-Sadiq (the truthful) which was given to him by the greatest prophet SAWA almost a hundred years before he was born!

 The general situation of the Imam Al-Sadiq's AS era
Imam Al-Sadiq AS lived an important period of the Islamic history, which coincided with the fall of the tyrannical Umayyad government and the raising of the Abbasside government. Or You could say that his life was between the ageing of the Umayyads and the childhood of the Abbassides. He witnessed before his imamate among Umayyad Abdul-Malek bin Marwan, whose fifty thousand men and thirty thousand women (3) were killed in his prisons because they were tortured severely. Then he witnessed Alwali bin abdul-Malek, and Sulaiman bin Abdul-Malek who had burned all the infected with Leprosy, and said: "If there is any good about them Allah wouldn’t Afflict them with this hardship. (4)"

He also witnessed Umar bin Abdul-Aziz bin Marwan, Yazeed bin Abdul-Malek, Hisham bin Abdul-Malek whose nicknamed "Alahwal" (the whimsical) , Alwalid bin Yazied the killer of Zaid bin Ali AS (5), Yazeid bin Alwalid nicknamed with (the imperfect), Ibrahim bin Alwalid who governed for 70 days, and he witnessed Marwan bin Mohamed whose knows as "Marwan Alhemar" ( the donkey), whose the ominous Umayyad authority collapsed during his period when the Imams AS and their Shiite, and even general people suffered from all types of disasters, tragedies, and hardship.
After this period the Abbasside government rose up, calling for returning the right to AhlulBayt AS, and a group of people who were politically illiterate went after them. On the other hand Ahlulbayt AS and their Shiite were not cheated with this call because they knew that the Abbassides were looking for domain and authority for them. Indeed, once they got in control they turned the Caliphate of the Islamic world into a domain which was being inherited from father to sons. Imam Al-Sadiq AS witnessed some of those tyrants, like Abu-Alabas Alsaffah (the ripper), who worked on killing the Umayyad clan and following them everywhere until he reached Umayyad graves, he exhumed the grave of Muaweiah to harass him but could not find anything but some ash. He also exhumed the grave of Yazeid bin Muaweiah but he could not find anything but some wreckage which looked like ash.
He also witnessed Almansor aldwaniqi the brother of Alsaffah, whose strategy was to hunger the people so they would not be able to stand against him.

 Imam Al-sadiq AS used the advantages of the conditions to call to Allah 
The period of Abu Alabbas Alsaffah; the first Abbasside king was the time of clearing with Umayyads, so he was busy with something other than hunting Ahlulbayt AS and their Shiite. Imam AL-Sadiq AS had the opportunity to spread the sciences which the Umayyads and other tyrants prevented and inhibited. Thousands of students went to the delightful Medina to attend the lectures of Imam Al-Sadiq AS. For this reason the knowledge of Mohamed's clan SAWA has spread around the globe. The lectures topic varied e.g. jurisprudence, doctrine law, theology, interpretation science, Hadith Sciences, with the discussion of evidence and the matters of belief, treatment of invasive suspicions. Also it included other sciences e.g. Medicine and Chemistry etc.
Imam Al-Sadiq made intelligent scientists and intellectuals in every kind of science. He was able in this short time of freedom to spread knowledge which filled up the world until today.

 Means of the government to remove people from Imam peace be upon him 
After the Abbasids finished off clearing with Umayyads, and conquered the domain severely, they recognized a fact which shocked them and took the comfort away from them. They found themselves after what they finished with Umayyads front of intellectual and faith movement, which was bigger and more dangerous than the army of Umayyads and their gangs which remained there and there. They knew that Imam Al-Sadiq AS through this short time, which he was left in with no pressure or monitoring , was able to touch the hearts and the heads of people. This was something which they beloved should not be ignored, so they made some planes which they thought will stop the raising of Imam Al-Sadiq AS and limit it. For example:

 First: Putting the Imam AS under house arrest
the Imam AS suffered from this restraint a lot, because he knew the real reason behind it, which was to deprive the nation and the loyal followers from his sources of knowledge. Imam AS was always depressed and tired from the pains of the isolation of the government. So he started to complain and protest about his condition to Allah the Almighty by his prayers and supplications. One of his companions said: I heard Abu Abdullah saying: "I complain to Allah about my solitude and my unease amidst the people of Madina, until you arrive and I see you, and I take comfort in you, so if only this despot were to allow me - I would take up a castle, and live in it, and provide you to live together with me in it, and I would guarantee him (the despot) that no danger would come (to him) from our side ever. (6)"

 Second: Supporting the opposes scholars whom against Ahlulbayt AS
After the tyrants limitation of every move of Imam AL-sadiq AS, they have had to find an alternative whose following the same line of the government, supporting them and their actions. At the same time they would fully support him, provide protection and freedom to spread anything that was against the awareness ideas of Imam Al-Sadiq AS. That’s why they got closer to Abu-Hanifa, they falsified miracles and virtues about him, and they narrated traditions from the prophet SAWA that he said: "there will be among my nation a man called Abu-Hanifa, he will be the lamp of my nation (7)" , " there will be a man called Alno'man and nicknamed with Abu-Hanifa will revive the religion of Allah and my Sunnah (8)".
Also one of those who got close to the Abbasides was Malik bin Anas, Almansor ordered him to write a book to convince people to follow him, and publish it everywhere. Also Almansor gave him lots of money until people started to crowd up on his door as they do on the doors of kings (9). Add to that Almansor ordered him by saying: Do not let them follow Ali or Ibn Abbas(10).
With this strategy Abbasside managed to create doctrines which are different and the opposite of the faith of Imam Al-Sadiq AS. They made people follow them until day after day they became a reality that no one was able to discuss or argue about.

 Chasing his followers AS for libertine charge
The unjust governments were always the same, the time or the era between them doesn't make a difference, because they belong to the same source and foundation. At every age, tyrannical rulers fabricate charges to whom they do not want to see alive. That’s why the Abbasside government fabricated the libertine charge to get rid of their opposition, in particular the followers of the doctrine of Ahlulbait AS, until the charge of libertine followed with claiming relationship to AhlulBayt AS.

 Pearls of wisdom of Imam Al-Sadiq AS 
- From a will of his to some of his companions: If someone wanted to whatever he asks Allah will be given then let him give up all people, and should not put a hope but on Allah the Almighty. If Allah knew this was from his heart, he would not ask for anything unless given to him. For this charge yourself before you being charged, because the Judgment day has fifty position, each position is a thousand year long. Then he recited ( a day the measure of which is fifty thousand years)(11).
- Al-Sadiq, peace be on him, said to them when a man asked him to teach him a sermon: "If Allah has guaranteed livelihood, then why do you worry? If livelihood is determined, then why are you eager for it? If the reward is from Allah, then why do slacken? If the recompense is from Allah, then why do you try to be miserly? If the fire is the (decreed) punishment by Allah, then why do you disobey Him? If death is true, then why do rejoice? If standing before Allah is true, then why do you cheat (people)? If Satan is an enemy, then why are heedless? If walking on the Sirat (A kind of bridge which only the righteous can cross on the road to Paradise) is true, then why do you incline to vanity? If everything is predestined by Allah, then why do you feel sadness. And if the life in this world is mortal, then why do you have confidence in it?(12)"
- Khothaima said: Imam Ja'far Al-Sadiq AS said to me: Tell our Shiite that you would not get what Allah has (Livelihood) without work. And tell our Shiite the most grief people in the Judgment day are the once who describe (recognize) a just then they leave him to follow others.

-Imam Al-Sadiq AS: Verily, the family of a person are his prisoners, so whomever is bestowed upon him, then he should be generous toward them, and if he does not (do that), that favor is about to disappear from him.
-Imam Al-Sadiq AS: Whoever has three (traits) is a hypocrite even if he prays or fasts: when he speaks, he tells lies, when he promises, he breaks (his promise), and when he is trusted, he betrays.
-He AS said: If four (things) spread, four (things) appear: If adultery spreads, earth quakes appear. If Zakat (alms) is forbidden, cattle are perished. If the judge is unjust in judgment, rain does not come down from the sky. And if the non- Muslims guard, the polytheists over- come the Muslims.
-He AS also said: He whose tongue is truthful his act grows, he whose intention is good his livelihood is increased, and he whose charity is good for the members of his house his age is prolonged.

 Imam Al-Sadiq AS to heaven 
Abu Ja'far the Abbasside, knew that the best way to get rid of Imam Al-sadiq AS is by poisoning him by his agents, following the example of Muaweiah bin Abu-Sufian who poisoned Imam Al-Hasan AS, by the hand of his wife Jo'aidah.
By the order of the Abbasside governer, Mohamed bin Solaiman the alderman of Medina interpolated the poison to Imam Al-sadiq AS on the 25th of Shawwal , 148H, and the Imam passed away, a victim of those criminals and tyrants. He was buried in the Albaqi' cemetery in the delightful Medina after a majestic funeral to his blissful body.
Whereupon another star among the stars of Mohamed's SAWA family died, and the shining light was covered, to let another star and another light take his place.

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