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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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Highlights from the life of Abu talib  His name and bloodline 
Abu talib b. Abdulmutalib, b. Hashim, b. Abdumunaf, b. Qusai Alqurashi Alhashimi.
The real name of Abu talib is Abdumunaf, and he used to be called ‘ Shaibat Alhamd’. The real name of Hashim is Amro, the real name of Abdumunaf is Almughira, and the real name of Qusai is Zaid.

 His sponsorship to Messenger of Allah SAWA 
Abu talib loved the prophet SAWA too much more than his children. He could not sleep but next to him, nor going out but with him, Abu talib cared for him, no one else could do the same (1).
Some miracles of the prophet SAWA happened to his uncle:

 1.  When the children of Abu talib used to eat together or individual, they do not feel in satiation, but when Messenger of Allah eat with them they fill up. Therefore whenever Abu talib wanted to feed them he used to say, “ Stay as your are until my son arrive”. ” If he comes and eats with them, much food will be left. If he would not eat with them, they will finish eating and still feel hungry. Abu Talib would say: “Certainly, You are blessed.” (2).

 2.  Whenever the kids of Abu Talib used to wake up they will have the mucus in their eyes and their hair would be untidy. While the Messenger of Allah would wake up with his eyes anointed with kuhul, perfumed, and his hair would be tidy (3).

 3.  Abu talib used to bring boys their plate- which they use to eat from it- in early morning, then they sit together and they eat fast, then the prophet SAWA put his hands back and do not eat with them. When his uncle saw that, he separated his food to eat in his own (4).

 The protector of prophesy, and the supporter of the message 
It was narrated that the wicked tyrants of were relentless and once again came to Abu talib and tried another way of persuasion and said to him, "Abu talib, this is Amarah Ibin Al-Waleed, Khalid Ibin Al-Waleed's brother. He's the most strongest and the most handsome of all the young men of Quraish. So, take him and give us Mohammad to kill!"
Abu talib was shocked and sorry to hear of their distasteful idea and he angrily said, “Do you give me your son to feed him for you, while I give you my son for you to kill!
Then they said, “ we have no other choice than killing Mohammed (SAWA). When the night started, Abu talib lost every connection with Messenger of Allah (SAWA), and he feared they might be killed him. Therefore he gathered young men from the sons of Abdumunaf, bani Zohra, and others. He asked each young man to bring a weapon with him and follow him. Then he left, then he saw Messenger of Allah (SAWA), and he said to him, "My nephew! Where have you been? Were you quite happy and safe from every harm during this time?". He (SAWA) answered, “ Yes, Alhamdulillah”.
In the morning, Abu talib went around the gatherings of Quraish and the young men with him, and he said to them, “ I heard so and so… By Allah! If you had caused any small scratch to him, I wouldn’t have left any of you to the last one alive, unless I get killed before that!. Then they apologized to him, and said, “ You are our master, and the best one amongst us.” Then Abu talib recited poem,

منعنا الرسول رسول المليك ببيض تلألأ مثل البروق
أذب و أحمي رسول الإله حماية عمٍ عليه شفيق
“ We protected the Messenger of the Great King,
with swords shining like thunders.
I defend and protect the Messenger of God,
as a kind hearted uncle.(5)”

 The traditions of the Imams of AhlulBayt AS about his virtues and high statues 
 1.  Imam Hussain AS narrated that his father the commander of the faithful was sitting in a courtyard and people were around him, then a man raised up and said, “"O commander of the faithful! You are in this high position, which Allah has put you in, while your father has been tortured in Hell...?"
Imam Ali's face reddened with anger about what lies the Umayyads had been fabricating. He answered the man: "Hush up! May Allah shut your mouth! By Allah, who had sent Muhammad as Prophet, if my father would intercede for every guilty on the earth, Allah would respond to his intercession! Has my father been tortured in hell whereas his son is the diviner between (the people of) Paradise and Hell? The light of Abu talib, in the Day of Resurrection, will put out the lights of all the creatures except five lights: the light of Mohamed, the light of Fatima, the light of Hassan and Hussain, and the light of his progeny amongst the Imams. Indeed his light is from our light, Allah Has created it two thousand years before the creation of Adam (6)”.

 2.  The master and commander of the faithful Ali b. Abu talib said, “"By Allah, neither my father ever worshipped the idols, nor my grandfather 'Abdul-Muttalib, nor his father Hashim, nor his father 'Abd Munaf. ”. Someone said, “ who were they worshipping then?”. He AS said: “They prayed facing towards the Ka'bah and followed the religion of Ibrahim. (7)”.

 3.  Alsho’bi narrated that the commander of the faithful AS said, “ By Allah, Abu talib, b. Abdulmutalib, b. Abdumunaf was a faithful Muslim, keeping his faith secretly, not to cause to Bani Hashim a harm from Quraish boycott (8)."

 4.  Someone said to the commander of the faithful AS, “who was the last Testamentary Legatee (wasi) before Prophet Muhammad (SAWA)?”, he AS replied: “My father Abu talib (AS).” (9)”.

 5.  Sheikh Abu Ja’far Alsadoq stated with referral to him: That Abdulazem b. Abdullah, b. Al’alawi, Alhasani, who was buried in Alrai (Tehran). He (Abdulzaem) was ill, and he wrote to Abu Alhasan al-Riza AS,” Give me information about the narrated tradition (That Abu talib is in a shallow fire, and he brain is boiling for it?!).
Imam Al-Reza AS wrote to him, “In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, etc. If you have a suspicion about the faith of Abu talib , your destination will be in the fire (10).”

 His will before his death  
“"O people of Quraish! You are the choice of Allah among His people and you are the heart of the Arabs. Among you there are the obeyed masters, the intrepid, the courageous and the generous men. Know that you haven't left any virtue among the Arabs unless you have the greatest share of it and no honor unless you gain it. By this you are preferable to the Arabs and they are in need of you. People are against you and they gather to fight you. I recommend you to glorify that building (Ka’aba) because it is the cause of Allah's contentment, the source of your good living and the means of your authority. Keep contact with your relatives because it prolongs one's life and increases the family. Avoid injustice and impiety because due to these things the nations before you had been perished. Help whoever asks you for help and give the needy as you can because this brings honor during life and after death. You are to be truthful in your sayings and to pay the deposit to its possessor because this leads to cordiality and dignity. I do recommend you of Muhammad! He is the most trusty among Quraish, the most truthful among the Arabs and he has all the qualities I have recommended you of. He has brought us a thing that the heart accepted and the tongue denied for fear of blame. By Allah, as if I see that the paupers, the wretched and the people of the countryside will believe in him, support him and firm his mission. He (Muhammad) will plunge into the fields of death with these followers and then the chiefs of Quraish will be mean, their houses will be ruined and the weak people of Quraish will be masters. Then he, who was an opponent of him, will be the most in need of him and that, who was the farthest from him will be the closest to him. The Arabs will submit to him, be sincere to him and let him be their leader. O people of Quraish! Be good followers of him and good defenders of his party! By Allah, no one follows his way unless he succeeds and no one follows his guidance unless he will be pleased. If I live longer, I will protect him from every distress and defend him against every disaster " Then said to Bani Hashim specifically and their alliances of Quraish, “ Mohammad is a truthful prophet, and trustworthy speaker, his statues in the highest, and his statues to his God is the highest, therefore respond to his call, unite to support him, and fight his enemy. He is your eternal honor which is lasting for you forever.(11)”

 His death 
When Abu talib to the other world, closer to Allah SWT, he had left a deep effect upon Messenger of Allah SAWA. He became so distressed and felt the great gap the absence of his uncle caused. Then he said the commander of the faithful AS: “Go to wash him, and do his tahneit (washing him with camphor and Sidr) and shred him, and let me know when you want to put him on the bed(coffin)”
the commander of the faithful AS did all of that. Later, Messenger of Allah SAWA came and wiped his right forehead four times, and his left forehead three times. Then when the commander of the faithful wanted to put him on bed (coffin) the prophet SAWA interrupted him, and he distressed and wept, then said, “ Mercy may be upon you and you may be rewarded with good. You brought me up and adopted me when I was a child and you assisted and supported me when I became a man.(12)”
The prophet SAWA did not pray on him, because prayers were not yet proceeded, therefore he likewise did not too pray on Khadija.

 Lament of Imam Ali AS to his father 
The master of eloquent, and fluent, mourned his father with this poem:
أبا طالب عصمة المستجير وغيث المحول نور الظلم
لقد هدّ فقدك أهل الحفاظ فصلى عليك وليّ النعم
و لقاك ربك رضوانه فقد كنت للطهر خير عم

“O Abu Talib! The shelter of refugees!
The rain for barren lands!
The light in darkness!
Losing you undermined us.
Allah may have mercy upon you Allah may please you;
that you were a good uncle for al-Mustafa (13).”

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