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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Folders \ Why did Imam Hussain take his women and children to Karbala? 

Why did Imam Hussain take his women and children to Karbala? Imam Hussain AS realized that the Islamic case cannot gain victory except by the excellence of sacrifice he make. So he insisted with intention and faith to give the finest sacrifices. He gave himself and shades his pure blood in order to raise the banner of the right, and to raise the word of Allah on Earth.

Also he the Father of Martyrs AS gave the greatest sacrifice which is that no social reformer gave before on earth. He presented his children, his family and his companions as redemption for what his conscience sees of mainstream of Justice and to rumor the true and good between people.

He sacrificed his sons, his brothers and companions AS. He was watching those elites -who are the noblest among human when it comes to loyalty to the right- while they were competing to death between his hands. And he was watching the stars among his family and sons -who are still children and at their prime of youth- while their bodies are being shredded by swords and spears.

The world was shocked for the grandeur of this sacrifice which represents the honor of faith, the highness of intent, and the greatness of the principles that he fought for it. And it is with no-doubt will remain standing forever to light the road for people and support them with the best lessons about sacrifice for the sake of right and duty.

 Imam Hussain Takes for the women of the Prophet family. 
Imam AlHussain carrying his sisters and daughters and exposing them to harm for the sake of Allah was among the things which Imam Hussain AS sacrificed for the sake of Allah and to raise his principles. And his carrying for them to Karbala is one of his best plans by the Great Imam AS in his great revolution while he knows what will happen to them of disasters and calamities. He announced that when Ibn Abbas prevented him to take them (women) with him. Imam Hussain replied him: (Allah willing to see them captives). He AS wanted by this to complete the immortal performance of the nation and to protect them from slavery of Umayyad.

 Sheikh Mohammed Hussain AL Kashif Alghita'a: 
He said May Allah have mercy on him:( and would you suspect and wonder about if Imam Hussain AS was killed and his sons and that was not followed by rising of those women during that situations and challenges, his killing would be forgotten slowly. And no-one will avenge him. Also his blood would be shed for nothing. Imam Hussain AS knew it was necessary to do so. And this work cannot be done only by those women. So it was obligatory upon him to carry them with him. Not only for the tragedy of them but also for a political consideration and deep think which are to complete the purpose and achieving the goal of turning the nation against Yazeed. Also the initiative to eliminate it (Ummayad country) before it destroy Islam and returns people to the First Jahelia (the earlier ignorance period before Islam). (2)

 Professor Saied. Ahmed Fahmi: 
Imam Hussain realized that he will get killed. He was acutely aware of the ugliness of of Yazeed innermost, his violence behavior and his ill personality. Yazeed after killing AlHussain will extend his assault to hurt the prophet (PBUH) by his agoney through killing innocent children, violation of the sanctity of women and carrying them and the rest of children from waste to waste and from a country to country. the sight of those will rises the ire of Muslims. There is nothing uglier than to hurt and revenge from women and children after killing youth and men. By his emitting in that situation, He wanted to avenge Yazeed by eliminating his succession and killing his dignity. Everything he expected actually happened. Yazeed and his gang action caused a terrible impact inside Muslims. The reason which increased their hatred is what they did to the strain of prophet (PBUH) of indecent assault towards women those whom known for purity, conservation, dignity and strength of personality. This incident allowed the poets to mourns and slander and made the majority of Muslims to distancing from Umayyad caliphate. The hatred felled the heart of faithful towards them. Imam Hussain Killed Yazeed, more than Yazeed killed him. (3)

 Dr. Ahmed Mahmod Subhi 
Then he refused - means Imam Hussain AS- unless he is accompanied by his family to witness people on his enemies' crimes without a religious reason or commitment to principles and ethics. His just cause wouldn't be lost with his blood shed in the desert, which allows others to malign him harmfully when there is no just witness on what happen between him and his enemies. (4)

 Dr. Bint Alshate' 
Zainab the sister of AlHussain spoiled the victory thrill of Ibn Zeiad and Ummayad. She poisned the cups of the victors (means she killed them slowly and painfully). And all the political events which happened after that starting with AlMukhtar rises, the revolution of Ibn Alzubair and the fall of Umayyad country… then Entrenchment of Shiite doctrine. It was Zainab the reason behind, and who caused them. We wonder what will be the situation if AlHussain and his companions were killed and the history records the events from his enemies and every trace of his just cause would be lost with his shed blood in desert.

 Sheikh Abd-ul-wahed Almothafar 
If AlHussain left women behind in Almadina, Umayyad government would put them in quarantine, No! Rather they would arrest on public and jail them in the darkness of prisons. And then he will be left with two choices each of them disable his holy revolution, to surrender to his enemies and give them what they want to protect his family which is against the reformation which he is seeking for and imposed him self on dong it whatever happens, or to leave for the sake of reviving his call then he leave women behind who are protected by spiritual grandeur and reverence. His ardent personality can not stand the second choice and Umayyad are shameless, aren't bothered with modesty and there is no Islamic power able to stop them.
Ummayad do not care about committing heinous to achieve their purposes. They can achieve their goals even by committing the worst religious and mental evils.
Did not you hear about jailing the wife of Amro bin Alhamq Alkhoza'ee, the wife of Ubaid-allah bin Alhur Alj'ufee, and finnaly the wife of Alkumait Alasadi?

These are some of the views which explain Imam Hussains' AS exit with his family is the purpose to correct the public opinion and to clear the high purposes he revolted for. The main purpose was to destroy Umayyad government who was a direct danger on the Islamic faith.
However, the Imam by his exit with his family smashed all the political plans of Umayad, and blow up everything set up by Moaweia of injustice shapes. The ladies of the prophet family toke an active role to raising social awareness, defining the reality of Umayyad and stripping Umayyad from their religious framework. Without them the revolution of AlHussain would be forgotten and went unheeded.

One of the main reasons for immortality of the tragedy of Imam Hussain AS and the continuation of its activities in broadcasting reformation of society through history is carrying the deposit of the message (the women of the messenger family) with Imam Hussain. They did a honorable role to correct the public opinion. They carried the faith responsibilities which were carried by the great Imam AS. And they spread his supreme principles which he was martyred for them.

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