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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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Highlights from the life the master of messengers  His Birthday PBUH
The Holy Quran spot the light on the birth of some prophet PBUH especially the birth of Muses and Jesus PBUH and the incident companied this birth to make people pay attention to the importance of this character and its relation to upper world. Also, to explain its' psychological and social effects on different classes of societies which those prophets PBUH sent for them.
On the birth of master of messenger Mohammed PBUH the sources of sciences of Hadith, history and biography narrated strange incidents happened on the day of his birth PBUH. For example ; the arched Iwan hall of Khosrau set back ‎, 14 balcony fall down of it, the fire of Persia which was worshiped turned off, the Sawa lake became dry, the idols which were located above Ka'ba fallen down on their faces, a light came out with him; lightened a huge area in Arabia, and the scary nightmare seen by Anosherwan and his eternals (group of people whose working to perpetuate him) ,he was born circumcised and his umbilical was cut and was saying " Allah is the greatest, and thanks Allah a lot and hallelujah every morning and evening" (Aleppo Biography: V2, Page 5/ Albehar: V15, Page 248-331/ History of Yaqobi: V2, Page 5). The majority of biography authors agreed on the birthday of the generous prophet PBUH was on the year of the elephant event 570 AD. They also agreed on his birth was on Rabe'a Alawal (Arabian calendar) but they disagreed on the accurate day of his birthday on that month. Shiaa speakers said it was Friday, 17th Rabe'a Alawal after down. A well known among Sunnies that he PBUH was born on Monday, 12th of that month (Alemta'a By Almaqrezi).

 His name PBUH 
The greatest prophet PBUH was called by two names among people since he youg. The first one was -Mohamed- which was given to him by his grandfather Abd-ul-motaleb and the other one is -Ahmed- which his mother Amena gave to him. (Chief of messengers by Alsubhani: V1, Page 213).

 His childhood and youth PBUH 
The pages of history witnesses on the life was Messenger of Allah PBUH since his early days, the time of crawling until the day of receiving the message were charged with a series of strange incidents which are being a part of his dignities PBUH. And this refers to the life of the prophet PBUH was not a regular life (Chief of messengers by Alsubhani: V1, Page 219). For example;

1. Breast feeding the prophet PBUH: Historians narrated from Halima AlSa'adeia that the noble prophet PBUH was not breast feeding except from her right breast. And when it is dry of milk and she want to feed him from her left side he refuse it and then she returns him to the right side and once the prophet PBUH hold it get filled with milk completely and everyone get shocked.( Behar AlAnwar: V5, Page 345-346/ AlManaqeb by Ibn Shahr Ashob: V1, Page 24)

2. His travel to Alsham (Syria) with his uncle Abi-taleb and meeting Monk Buheira.
After Abd-ul-motaleb died, Abu-Taleb adopted the messenger of Allah PBUH. He didn’t leave him alone in his travels wherever he goes. For this reason he PBUH was accompanied by abu-Taleb to Syria. Accidently, Abu-Taleb in this travel met a Christian Monk lives in Bosra. The Monk said" there is a great significance for your nephew. We find him in our books and we got from our fathers. He is the Master of the worlds, he is the messenger of God of the worlds, and he will send him as a mercy to the worlds. Beware of Jewish if they see him and know about him what I know they will kill him" Then Abu-Taleb returned him to Mecca. (History of AlTubari: V3, Page 32-33/ the Biography of prophecy by Ibn Hisham: V1, Page 182-183)

 His youth PBUH 
Abu-Taleb AS constantly looked after his nephew and protected him from anything suspicious; he was changing his PBUH bed and put one of his sons on his place to not allow any harm reach the messenger of Allah PBUH.
During his youth PBUH his uncle wished to trade by the money of Khadija Bint Khowailed who was - a determined, smart, and honorable woman. During that time she was the noblest woman in Quraish, greater honor, and most rich. All Her tripe (men) eager to marry her if they just could do it-( Kashf Alghoma by Alardabeli: V2, Page 132)
The Messenger of Allah PBUH married her when he was 25 years old and she gave him all her money and servants. The messenger of Allah spent it all on Muslims after the mission he was sent for especially after they were segregated in Hejr Abi Taleb.

 Beginning of his prophethood PBUH 
once he was 40 the revelation (Gabriel) came down upon him while he was in Hira cave, when the Almighty said" Recite in the name of your Lord who created-" it was on 27th Rajab- 610AD.
Some narration contains false information; the Householders AS faced them and detected their falseness. For example this narration; a question came to Imam Alsadiq AS: Howcome the messenger of Allah didn’t suspect about what comes from Allah might be some satanic evils?. Imam AS replied: The Almighty Allah when he chose a slave and messenger he sends him down tranquility and dignity so it was coming from Allah as if he was seeing it by his eyes. (Albehar: V18, Page 262/ a similar tradition narrated in Alkafi by Alkulaini: V1, Page 271)

 Between his migration and death  
After the greatest Prophet PBUH lost his espouser and protector who dedicated his life to defend and protecting him, Quraish (his tripe) turned against him and worked on severely harming the Messenger of Allah PBUH until he said "Quraish couldn’t harm me until Abu-Taleb died" ( Damascus History By Ibn-asaker: V66, Page 338)
For this reason Messenger of Allah PBUH emigrated from Mecca to Almadina after 13 years since the beginning of his prophethood on Rabe'a Alawal. (Chief of messengers by Alsubhani: V1, Page 583)

Imam Ali AS slept in the bed of Messenger of Allah PBUH when he left at night. The commander of faithful AS said about:
-I scarifies my self to protect the best one steps on earth, and the best one toured around the old house (Ka'aba) and the stone (the black stone)
-Mohamed, when he worried that they might harm him , Allah the mighty protected him from harm
-And I started to watch them out for any bad while I taught my self to get used to be killed or captured
-The messenger of Allah stayed in the cave safe over there saved by Allah and hidden. (Alamali by Sheikh Altosi: Page 469)

In Almadina a new period of missionary and invitation to Islam included many achievements and events e.g.:
1. The first year: the Prophet PBUH built his mosque and fraternized between Almuhajreen (emigrants) and Alansar (supporters in Almadina).
2. The second year: Battle of Badr and the marriage of Fatima Chief of Women AS
3. The third year: Battle of Ohd, and Imam AlHassan was born AS.
4. The fourth year: Foray of bani Alanther, and the birthday of Imam AlHussain AS.
5. The fifth year: Foray of AlAhzab, and the strike of Ali on the day of Trench (Alkhadaq Battle).
6. The sixth year: Foray of Bani AlMutlaq and Hudaybiya Treaty.
7. The seventh year: Break into fortress of Khyber, the story of Fadak, and Umra of Fadha.
8. The eighth year: Foray of That-Alsalasl, The conquest of Mecca, and battle of Hunain.
9. The ninth year: Foray of Tabok, and Declaration of denial of the idolaters.
10. The tenth year: Almobahala, and Farewell Haj (the last haj of the prophet).

 His death PBUH 
Some biography sources narrated the noble Prophet PBUH was in the last moments of his life saying: Prayer! Prayers! (: to obey his will by concerning on prayers ) And your wives! Cloth them, feed them, and talk to them nicely. (AlTabaqat Alkubra: V2, Page 254)
Later he opened his eyes and said: "Call my brother for me!" everyone knew he wanted Ali AS then he leaned on him and still stayed like that (AlTabaqat Alkubra: V2, Page 263). Suddenly signs of death appeared on him PBUH. A man asked Ibn Abbas: did the prophet die leaning on the lap of someone? He replied: he died while leaning to the chest of Ali and he is the one who washed him (washing the dead). Then the man said: But Ayesha said: the Messenger of Allah died between my neck and chest. Then Ibn Abas denied that and said: Do you believe that? I swear by Allah, the messenger of Allah died and was leaning on Alis' chest and he is the one who washed him, and my brother Alfathel bin Abas (AlTabaqat Alkubra: V2, Page 263).
Commander of the faithful AS stated in one of his speeches when he said: When the Prophet - the peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his descendants - died his head was on my chest, and his (last) breath blew over my palms and I passed it over my face. I performed his (funeral) ablution, may Allah bless him and his descendants, and the angels helped me. The house and the courtyard were full of them. (Nahj al-Balaghah-Sermon 197)
This tragic event and the great catastrophe happened on 28th Safar, 11H, 633AD. He was 63 years old "Indeed we belong to Allah , and indeed to Him we will return."

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