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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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The feast of Farhat Alzahra-Happiness of Alzahra AS-  The virtue of the 9th of Rabi’ Alawwal 
This day was specified with a group of virtues and honors, which they were spread between a wide range of the loyal society to the pure progeny of the prophet AS. In particular this virtues were stated in the holy tradition which was narrated from imam Hassan al-Askari AS. Allama Almajlesi RH narrated it in Bihar Alanwar, and we will quote what is related to the topic: “Ahmed b. Ishaq Alqumi said, “ I went to our master Abu-Al-Hassan Alaskari AS, with a group of my brothers in Samarra. We asked for permission to enter and he allowed us. Then we entered on him AS- at the same day as today which was the 9th of Rabi’ Alawwal. Our master ordered each of his servants to put on new clothes as possible, and there was an incinerator in his hands which he used to burn incense by himself.

we said, “ O son of Messenger of Allah! May we sacrifice our fathers and mothers for you! Is there a special happy feast for this householders, today?”. He AS replied,” Is there any day greater than today?! My father AS told me,” Huthaifa b. Alyaman at the same day as today which is the 9th of Rabi Alawwal, entered on my grandfather messenger of Allah SAWA. Huthaifa said, “ I saw my master the commander of the faithful with his sons Hassan and Hussain AS eating with the Messenger of Allah. I noted that the Prophet of Islam himself was seen smiling and ‘celebrating’ on this day while in the presence of Imams Ali, Hassan and Hussain AS and said to his sons Hassan and Hussain AS, “Eat! Congratulations for you both for the blesses of this day. It is on this day that Allah will destroy your enemies and the enemies of your grandfather, and it is the day when the supplication of your mother will be answered, and it is on this day when Allah will accept the actions of your Shi’a and those who love you. This is the day when the words of Allah came true where He said (in the Qur‘an): ‘So those are the houses fallen down because they were unjust.’ (Alnaml, 27:52) This is the day when the power of the one who hate your grandfather will vanish. It is the day Allah SWT will proceed to what they have done of deeds, and He will render them as scattered floating dust’”
A few years after the death of messenger of Allah SAWA, the celebrating of that day being renewed when Huthaifa Alyamani entered on the commander of the faithful AS, then he AS said to Huthaifa , ‘O Huthaifa, do you remember that day when you visited the Messenger of Allah SAWA when his grandchildren and I were eating with him and he pointed out to you the excellence of this day’”
I said, “Yes, dear brother of the Messenger of Allah SAWA”
He then said, “By Allah SWT! Today is that day – the day Allah SWT satisfied the children of the Messenger, and I am aware of many names for this day”
I asked, “O Commander of the Faithful, I would love to hear from you the names for this day – 9th Rabi al-awwal”
The Imam said, “It is the day of respite, the day of relief from distress and agony, it is a second Ghadir, it is the removal of burden, it is the day of favoritism and the lifting of the pen, the day of hady (gift) and aqiqa, the day of blessing, the day of vengeance. It is the Great Eid of Allah and the day supplications are answered, the day of great standing, the day of turning back, the day of provision, the day erected walls are demolished, the day of regret for the oppressors, the day of victory for the Shi’a, the day worries are expelled, the day of triumph, the day of submission the day of power, the day of pardon, the day of jubilance for the Shi’a, the day of reflection, the day of great charity, the second Fitr, the day of Allah’s SWT path, the day of contentment, the day of Eid for AhlulBayt AS, the day of victory for Bani-Israel, the day Allah SWT accepted the deeds of the Shi’a, the day of providing alms, the day of asking for an increase, the day the hypocrite is killed, the day of reckoning, the day of AhlulBayt’s AS cheerfulness, the day that is witnessed, the day the oppressor will bite his hands, the day misguidance will be demolished, the day of accomplishment, the day of witnessing, the day of pardon for the faithful, the day of the healing, the day the authority of the hypocrite departs, the day of settlement, the day the faithful relaxes, the day of Mubahila, the day of boasting, the day of thankfulness, the day victory for the oppressed, the day of visitation, the day of love, the day innovations are exposed, the day of piety, the day of exhortation, the day of worship, the day of surrender…”
Huthaifa said, “I got up and left commander of the faithful AS, saying to myself, ‘If I do not succeed in achieving rewards for deeds other than those rewarded for this day, I would be satisfied (1)”

 What the faithful should do on this day? 
One matter we should recognize is that some of the faithful loyal (May Allah increase their virtues) when it comes about this holy day, they deal with it in an unprompted way, which has nothing to do with the details and goals which were in the narrated tradition. The tradition encouraged to follow the path of Allah, by obedience, worshipping, educating children and brothers on truthful loyalty to the progeny of the messenger SAWA, following their guidance, holding hard their faith, cut off all links with their enemies, and reviving their tragedies. Especially, the day which Allah SWT specialized as Eid (feast) were created for the purpose of thanking Allah The Sustainer, and getting closer to Him by a variety of acts of worships which fits the spirit of Eids, especially Eid Algadeer, which is the greatest and highest in virtue Eid to Allah, ,and the greatest in happiness to the creatures of earth and heavens.
If we looked deeper into the details of this holy tradition which clearing the virtue of this day, the 9th of Rabi Alawwal, and other days which were known for happiness e.g. Adha, and Fetr, we could find that they urge on obedience to Allah SWT, seeking forgiveness, looking for merits, improve the grades, by visiting relatives, spending on brothers, and make them happy, all of for the sake of satisfying Allah SWT.
Therefore, the faithful should be ardent on identity of Shiasim which he hold, and don’t allow himself to be susceptible to the charges of the enemies of the pure progeny of Messenger of Allah SAWA, by being described with lack of piety, rather he should encourage on following the right path of the Ahlulbayt AS, and the way of rightful, as Ammar b. Yaser, Salman Almohamadi, Abu Thar Alghifari, Maitham Altammar, Hejer b. Ade, Habib b. Mozaher, Huthaifa Alyamani peace be upon them all, and others who became the pillars of Shiasm.
Also they should follow the tradition of Imam Sadiq AS in his will to the Shia (followers) of Ahlulbayt AS, “May Allah have mercy upon the one who makes us loved among the people and does not do anything that would make people inimical to us and hate us. By Allah! If they had conveyed our meaningful sayings verbatim to the people they would have created love and affection in their hearts. And no one could have put any sort of tag on them.(2)”
And he said AS:
“I enjoin you to fear Almighty Allah, be pious, work hard for the sake of Allah, be truthful in speech, trustworthy in handling trusts, and be good neighbors. This is what Muhammad SAWA came with. Maintain relationship with your kinfolk, participate in their funerals, visit their sick, and fulfill their rights. Make people love us, do not make the hate us, therefore bring us every kindness, and block any evil to reach us. All good things being said about us then we disserve it, and if bad things we do not. All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.(3)”

 The relation of this day to Al-Zahra AS 
One of the special attributes of this holy blessed day is the connection with the chief of women(4) of the worlds, and the piece of heart(5) the trustful guide’s SAWA, Fatima al-Zahra AS, for many reason as following:
 1.  for what been stated by the narration of Imam Hassan Alaskari AS, in this day Allah has answered the supplication of Fatima AS. Therefore the faithful should get closer to Allah by praying with all kind of supplications, to gain the needs of this life and hereafter, in this specialized day for answering the supplications. Also should cut off all the link with the enemy of Fatima AS, thus her enemy is the enemy of all Ahlulbayt AS.
 2.  this day is the day when imam Mahdi AJ received the position of Imamate after his father Imam Hassan Alaskari AS. The commander of the faithful AS stated it when he mentioned the names of this day, said,” the day that is witnessed, the day the oppressor will bite his hands, the day misguidance will be demolished, the day of accomplishment, the day of witnessing, the day of surrender..”

This means lots of things:
 1.  the world entered it last era.
 2.  the earth which was filled with injustice and aggression, Allah will fill it with justice by the son of Fatima AS (6). In many occasion the prophet SAWA has been said to us and to his companions, “Almahdi is from my progeny, the offspring of Fatima (6)”
 3.  in this day, will be the beginning of countdown of Pharaohs of the world, governors of tyranny, titans of all nations.
 4.  in this day will be the start of succession of oppressed once to the world as stated by the Almighty, “And We desired to bestow a favor upon those who were deemed weak in the land, and to make them the Imams, and to make them the heirs,” (Al-Qaşaş, 28:5) (7)
 5.  from the day will be beginning of retaliation from the tyrants, avenge Fatima AS, avenge her progeny and the avenge of her Shiite will be into force. For this reason and others, the relationship began with Fatima AS.

 The education of waiting for relief  
One of the titles which was attached to the day of taking the responsibilities of imamate by Imam Mahdi a.t.f.s- the 9th of Rabi Awwal- is: waiting the relief. That the name (Almontathar: the awaited) became one of his blessed names, which shows the situation of his Shiite during the era of his imamate, peace be upon him.

The question is how to educate waiting? and who are we waiting for?
The answer of this question is connected with the word -(relief: Alfaraj)- It is a word have many meanings, translated in holy traditions, which drew for the faithful the strategy of waiting, and gives him fruitful meanings to make of him an active material to build an active Muslim society.

 1.  The commander of the faithful Ali AS said, Messenger of Allah SAWA said: "The best form of worship is to wait for relief.(8)"
 2.  Imam zainuAbedien said,” Waiting for the relief is the best form of relief (9)”.
 3.  Imam al-Sadiq AS,” The best form of worship after the knowledge is waiting for relief (10)”
 4.  Imam Al-Reza AS, “ How good is patience, and waiting for relief! Did not you hear the good faithful saying (; wait then, I too with you will be of those who wait.( Al-'A`rāf
,7:71)) (11) “

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