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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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Martyrdom of Imam Hassan Al-Askari AS  His epithets AS 
Imam Hasan Al-Askari has lots of epithets which were narrated in the traditions of AhlulBayt AS, and other epithets from the narrators, as stated in Kotob Alrejal (the books which states the statues of the narrators if they are truthful or not etc).

 His epithets among AhlulBayt AS 
Al-Askari: The military; because he and his father were forcefully summoned from Almadina to a military garrison in Iraq, Alrafeq (the kind), Al-Zakiy (pure, chaste, righteous), AL-Fathel (moralist), Al-Amen; trustee, Al-maimon (the blessed), Alnaqi (the pure), Altaher (pure, clean) Alnateq 'an Allah( Spokesman of Allah), Almoreshed Ela Allah (the leader to Allah), AL-Sadeq (the truthful), Al-samet (the quiet), Al-Amen 'ala Sir-Allah (trustworthy guardian over the secret of Allah), Al'allam (acknowledge, scientific), Siraj Ahlul-Janah (the Lamp of the people of heaven), Khizanat Alwasien (the trusted with the inheritance of the guardians AS).

Alhur Alameli narrated from ALfathel bin Shathan, in Ketab Alraj'a, from Abi Khalid ALkabeli said: I entered on my lord Ali bin Al-Hussain and a sheet was in his hand. I said: what is that sheet? He AS said: this is the copy of board was a gift from Allah the Almighty to the messenger of Allah SAWA, it contains the names of Allah, Messenger of Allah SAWA…… and his son Alhasan Al-Askari..)

 His Famous epithets in books 
He was also known with noble epithets, each one referred to each of his high characters: Al-Hadi (the guide), Al-Mohtadi (The guided by Allah), Al-mothee (the shinning), Al-shafi: (the healer), Al-Marthee (whose deeds to satisfy Allah), AL-khales: (the pure), Al-Khass (peculiar), At-Taqiy (pious), Al-shafe' (intercessor), Almofi (staunch, unswerving), Al-sakhi (generous, bounteous..), Al-mostawda' (the secret keeper)..

 The text on his imamate AS 
1. Alshikh Altusi narrated, Sa'd bin bin Abdullah said, Ja'far bin Mohamed bin Malik said, Saiar bin Moahmed Albasri said, Ali bin Umar Al-Nawfali said, "Once, I was with Abul Hasan (al-Hadi) (a.s.) in the yard of his house when his son Muhammad (Abu Ja’far) passed by us. I said to him, ‘May I die for you! Is this our man (the imam) after you?’ He said to me, ‘No! Your man after me is Al-Hasan." (1)
2. Ahmad bin Esa Al'Alawi who is one of the sons of Ali bin Ja'far, said: I entred on Abu Al-Hasan AS in Siria, then we greeted him. Suddenly, Abu-Ja'far and Abu Mohamed entered, then we raised up to greet Abu Ja'far to greet him. Then Abu Alhasan said: "this is not your one, you have to follow this one" and appointed to Abu Mohamed AS. (2)

 His high position and statues during his time 
1. His high statues to his father: The first one ever who knew his real statues was his father Imam Al-Hadi AS, regardless that he hidden his son from people and didn’t allow anyone to know his high virtue except his special faithful followers, to protect the imams progeny. In the other hand he AS did say what refers to some of his reality AS. We see him introducing his son to Alfahfaki when he asked him about his successor, he AS said: Abu Mohamed the most nimble and intelligent among Mohamed's clan. He is the eldest of my sons, the successor, and to him belongs the roots of imamate and laws. Whatever you want to ask me about you could ask him, he has got everything you need. (3)
2. His high position to the scholars of his time AS: Imam Al ASkari got a high position among the scholars of his time, and they stated about him what would amuse the heads. One of those who were in his time is Abu Amro Aljaheth, he said about him: He is one of Quraish clans or others, and one of Altalbien (Abu Taleb progeny) at the same time. Each one of them (Altalbien) is a scholar, ascetic, hermit, brave, generous, pure and pious. Some of them were Khalifs, some of them were candidates. They are.......- until he counted ten-, and they are Al-hasan, bin Ali, bin Mohamed, bin Ali, bin Musa, bin Ja'far, bin Mohamed, bin Ali, bin Alhussain, bin Ali. This is something never happened before to any clan among Arabs or foreigners. (4)

 His virtues and nobility 
-His fear from Allah the Almighty: One of his special high morals and known virtues is his intensity of fear of Allah the Almighty in his childhood. Alshablanji in Dorat Alasdaf mentioned that one day Bahlol passed by a child and saw him cry while his fellow children were playing. He thought that this child cried for the toys in the children’s hands and that he could not participate in their playing. He told the child that he would buy him what he might play with.

The child said, ‘No! We have not been created for play.’

Bahlol was astonished and said, ‘Then, what for we have been created?’

The child said, ‘For knowledge and worship.’

Bahlol asked the child, ‘Where have you got this from?’

The child said, ‘From this saying of Allah (What! Did you then think that We had created you in vain).’ (5)

Bahlol was astonished and confused. He said to the child, ‘What has happened to you while you are still a guiltless little child?’

The child said, ‘Be away from me Bahlol! I have seen my mother set fire to big pieces of firewood, but fire is not lit except with small pieces, and I fear that I shall be from the small pieces of the firewood of the Hell.’ (6) Add to that in Ehqaq Alhaq the verses of poetry which weren’t mentioned by Alshblanji: I (Bahlol) said: O son I think you are wise, advice me briefly!. He AS said:

I see the world always in race, always running, the life is not lasting for a live one , nor a living one is staying in life.
As the death and life's details became a racing horse to everyone. O arrogant , gently hold your life and tie yourself to the right path. (7)

-His asceticism AS: Altabari narrated from Abu Na'em said: Some of the Mufawwitha (followers of predestination) sent Kamil bin Ibrahim Madani to His Eminence, Abu Muhammad Imam Hasan Al-Askari AS in Samarrah in order to debate with His Eminence. Kamil says: I was doubtful about myself entering Paradise except by following his faith. When I came to my leader, His Eminence, Abu Muhammad, I saw that he was wearing soft white clothes. I said to myself: The Wali (the custodian) and proof of Allah is wearing soft (expensive) clothes while he commands us to be equitable with our brothers-in-faith and to be helpful to them. He had prohibited us to wear such clothes. The Imam suddenly smiled and pulled up his sleeve. I saw that he was wearing coarse black woolen garment inside. And he said: It is for Allah and this is for you (the people). I became ashamed.... (8)

 His prison and persecution 
His situation in the prison of Salih bin Wasif:
Imam Hassan Al-Askari AS was Jailed many times by the tyrants of the Abbasids. Sheikh Al-Mufid narrated from Mohamed bin Ismaeil bin Ibrahim bin Musa bin Ja'far AS said: "The Abbasids went to Salih bin Wasif when Abu Muhammad (Imam Hassan Al-Askari(A.S.)), peace be on him, was imprisoned. They told him: "Be hard on him. Don't give him any ease.' "What can I do with him?" Salih asked them. 'I entrusted two of the most evil men I found (to guard the Imam). These two men became (men) of worship, prayer and fasting to an amazing extent.' Then, he ordered these two men who were in charge of Imam Hassan Al-Askari(A.S.)) to be present. He told them: 'Shame on you! What is your involvement in the affairs of this man (i.e. the Holy Imam)?' They answered: "What can we say about a man who fasts at day and stands (in prayer) at night, who does not speak, and occupies himself with nothing except worship? When he (the Imam) looks at us, our limbs shake and within us in (a feeling) which we have never had. When the Abbasids heard this, they all left in despair." (9)

 His situation in the prison of Nahrir: 
Sheikh Al- Mufid is, also, quoted to have said,"Abu Muhammad (Hassan Al-Askari), peace be on him, was handed over to Nahrir. He was hard on him and did harm to him. His wife said to him: "Fear Allah, you do not know who is in your house. She mentioned to him his [Imam Hassan Al-Askari's] righteousness and devotion (to Allah) and said: I fear for you as a result of him. He said: I swear to Allah I will threw him to the lions. Later he asked for permission to do it, and he was allowed to. He threw him to the lions, and they had no doubt that they will eat him. Later they looked at the place to know his situation, and they found him raised up praying and they (lions) were around him. Then he ordered to take out to his house. " (10)

 His situation AS in the prison of Ali bin Jaren: 
When Almu'tamed The Abbasside jailed the Imam AS in Ali's bin Jaren, on 260H. He (Almu'tamed) was asking about his situation every time, and he was every time telling him "He is fasting during his day, and praying during night." (11)

 His Fasting in prison AS 
Abu Hashim Alja'fari said: I was in prison which is known as the prison of Salih bin Wasif Al-Ahmar, I with Alhassan bin Mohamed Al'aqiqi, Mohamed bin Ibrahim Al-Umari and so and so when Abu Mohamed Alhasan and his brother Ja'far entered on us.. and Abu Alhassan Fasting during the day, and whenever he broke his fasting we ate with him from his a food which was carried to him by his slave in a stamped bowl, and I used to fast with him. (12)

 His martyrdom AS 
He was martyred, poisoned on the 8th Rabe' Alawal, 260H (13). He was poisoned by Almu'tamed the Abbasside (14).

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