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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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The birthday of Zainab (AS)  The blissful child 
Veracious Fatima (AS) gave the birth to her blissful baby, no other woman like her was born during the Islamic era due to her faith, honor, purity, chastity, and Jihad.
The Household (AS) and all companions received her with lots of happiness and delight, and the imam the commander of the faithful (AS) did the Shariah decrees on her. He recited Athan (calling for prayers) in her right ear and recited Eqama (announcing the beginning of prayers) in her left. The first voice she has ever heard was "Allah Akbar, La Elah Ela Allah: God is Greatest, there is no God but Allah". These words are the goals of the prophets and the jewels of the worlds values. These great words found a strong ground in the inner self of lady Zainab. They, later on, became the most significant elements of her personality. In the future, she would adopt the calling to the true application of these words for which she would encounter horrible adversities.

 The sadness of the prophet (SAWA) and his crying 
When the prophet (SAWA) received the news of this blissful child he hurried with spiritless power to the house of his daughter, feeling sad. He took her while his tears were shining on his delightful face and hugged her then started to kiss frequently.
The chief of women Fatima (AS) was shocked for her father's crying and said: what makes you crying father? May Allah not allow your eyes to cry? He answered her with quiet sad voice: "O Fatima! You should know that this daughter will have to suffer horrible misfortunes and tragedies after my and your demise…"(1).
The prophet (SAWA) knew what will happen to his granddaughter of cruel disasters which would make a mountains melt. She will be tested with matters than no other woman had. Therefore its normal for his daughter the gate of his wisdom –Ali- (AS) to share the pain and sadness of the prophet (SAWA).
Salman Alfarsi, the faithful follower of the prophet's family came to congratulate the commander of the faithful (AS) for receiving his blissful daughter but he saw him sad, and in grief whilst talking about what his daughter will face of sadness and calamities (2). Salman shared AhlulBayt's pains and sadness.

 Naming her 
Al-Zahra (AS) carried her blissful baby to the imam and he took her and started to kiss her frequently. Then she looked at him and said: "Name this newborn.." The imam answered politely and humbly: " I would not precede the messenger of Allah (SAWA)…"
The imam Asked the prophet (SAWA) to name her, and he said " I would not precede my god.." then angel came down to the prophet (SAWA) and said to him:" Name her Zainab, Allah has chosen this name for her..." Then he told him what will his daughter face of horrible disasters and events then he and his householders began to cry (3).

 Her nickname 
The pure veracious Zainab was nicknamed (Um-Kulthom) and some said she was nicknamed with (Um-Alhasan). (4)
Her epithets

Aqilat Bani Hashim: The Arabic 'Aqialah means the gentlewoman who is honorable among her people and venerated in her house.
Lady Zainab was such an honorable and virtuous lady that all her descendants have been called Banu al-Aqilah- sons of the gentlewoman.

Al-Alimah: For her supreme knowledge, Lady Zainab was called 'al-'Alimah -the knowledgeable female. Historians have confirmed that she was an authority for Muslim ladies who used to refer to her in their religious affairs.

Abidatu Alu-Ali: the worshiper of Ali's family
Lady Zainab was recognized also as being distinguished worshipper among Muslim ladies. Some narrators stated: she offered the supererogatory prayers during the hardest and the most horrible night of the eleventh of Muharram.

Al-Kamilah: ( the perfect) She is the most perfect woman in Islam after her mother and grandmother Khadija because of her virtue, honor, chastity, and purity of sins and impurity.

Al-Fadhilah: Because of her great jihad, service for Islam, and steadfastness for sake of Allah, Lady Zainab's virtue has exceeded all limits, therefore, she was proudly conferred with the epithet of 'al-Fadhilah -the virtuous.

 The year she was born 
Historians and narrators differ about the year Aqilat Bani Hashim was born. These are some of their states:
1. 5H in the month of Jemada-Alola.
2. the second year of Hijra
3. 9H but Sheikh Ja'far Naqdi impugned that and said " this saying was not right because Fatima (AS) died after her father in the 10th year or 11th depends on the differences of the narrations. Therefore if the birthday of the lady Zainab was in the 9th year while she is the eldest daughter of Fatima (AS) then when Um-Kulthom was born? And when was she pregnant with Al-Muhsen and miscarried him when she was in her 6th month?" and stated "it is more likely to us that the birthday of Zainab (AS) was in 5th year of Hijra" Then he mentioned more evidence on what he said. (7)

 Her marriage to Abdullah bin Ja'far 
Abdullah bin Ja'far bin Abu-taleb (AS) a matchless person, one of the unique Muslims, and one of the lords of Bani Hashim (clan) he was called (Bahr Aljod: the sea of generosity). Some said " There was not any of the Muslims more generous than him" (9)
Naseib praised him (recited a poem) and he gave him a big prize. Some people told him: You give all of this for this black? He said: If he was a black then his hair is white, he deserved for what he said more than what he gained. We gave him forgettable things, and he gave us praise will be narrated, and immortal compliment" (10).
He was admonished for his extreme generosity and kindness to people, and he said " Allah made me addicted to a habit, and I made it a hobbit to people. I fear if I stopped it will get away from me"(11).

 Her sons
This venerable master got from Alhawra Zainab AS magnificent progeny: 1. Awn 2. Mohamed who was martyred with his brother Awn on the day of Ashura 3. Abbas 4 Ali Alzainabi 5 The lady Um-Kulthom, Imam Al-Hussain (AS) got her married with her cousin AL-Qasim bin Mohamed bin Ja'far.

 Her plainness 
One of her best characteristic moral virtues was her renounce for life. She left all the life pleasures and joys, following the example of her father who divorced the life irreversibly. Also following her mother the chief of all world's women ,Zahra's the daughter of the messenger of Allah (SAWA). She was as the narrators stated, she did not have anything in her house but a mat made from palm fronds, skin of a sheep. She was wearing clothes made from camel wool, and grinned the barley with her bare hands and other shapes of asceticism and renouncing life.
The gentlewoman of Bani Hashim was inspired with this generous soul, and renounced all shapes of life pleasures that she did not save anything from her day to the other day as Imam Zain-ol-Abedien Ali bin AL-Hussain (AS) stated (12). She left the life pleasure and preferred to follow her brother the master of the free, Imam Hussain bin Ali (AS).
She knew that he will be martyred in Karbala as her father told her but she accompanied him and everything to support Islam and protect it's principles and values. She knew what will happen about the killing of her brother and what she would face about being captured and humiliated. She did all of that to serve the religion of Allah the Almighty.

 Her death 
She did not last for long until diseases infected her body, and she became like a ghost that she couldn’t talk.
She stayed on bed suffering from her illness and worse than it were the calamities which were front of her until her last moments… she died while she remembring Allah and reading Quran. Her soul left t the heaven as a supreme soul followed by the angels and received by the prophets whilst she complaining to Allah about her hardship and what she had to face of calamities and sufferings which never happened before to any human since Allah created the earth.
She left to heaven, probably on Sunday, 24th of Rajab, 62H (13). It was the time for her heart which was torn by disasters to calm and for her tortured body to rest.

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