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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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Creating Fatima AS Many traditions narrated from the Prophet (PBUH&HH) and from his Household (AS) telling us about the creation of Lady Fatima (AS). Some of these traditions described the creation of her illuminating light (nur) and many others tell us about her creation from a seed passed down to our prophet through a fruit he (PBUH&HH) had consumed in paradise.

 The Creation of the light of Fatima (AS) 
Mohamed bin Jareer Altabari Narrated that Ibn Abbas said: A noble man of the Arabs came to the Messenger of Allah SAWA and said: O messenger of Allah, with what were you made better than we are when we were created from the same water? The Messenger of Allah replied: O brother! When Allah, glorified is His name, liked to create us, He said a word and that word become light, and then he said another, which became a spirit then He created me and created Ali, Fatima, Alhassan, and ALhussien. Then from my light He created His throne (universe), and I am holier than the throne, and He created the skies from Ali's light and for that Ali is holier than the skies and created the moon from the light of Alhassan and for that Alhassan is holier than the moon, and He created the sun from the light of AlHussain and for that AlHussain holier than the sun. Besides He almighty, had plagued the earth with darkness but the angels could not bear that so they complained about that to Almighty Allah (sw), so He spoke to Gabriel (AS) saying: “take some of light of Fatima and put it in a lamp and hang it above the throne”. Gabriel (AS) did so and the seven skies and seven earths flourished and the angels of the skies prayed and prostrated. Allah (sw) then said “I swear by my might, pride, honour, glory, and elevated position, I will maintain the blessings of your glorification and reverence of Fatima, her husband, and her children and those whom love her until the Day of Judgment, and for that she was called “Alzahraa’”.
(Nur Almu’jizat by Altabri: page 83, printed by Imam Mahdi association, Qum).
(Albihar by Almajlisi: volume 37, page 84, printed by Alwafa association).

 The creation of Fatima from the fruit of Toba tree 
AlAiashi narrated than Aban bin Taghlib said: The prophet SAWA was kissing Fatima frequently, and for this reason Aisha reproached him for doing so. She said: “O Messenger of Allah SAWA you are kissing her too much!” He replied her: "Woe to you, when I was in ascension to the heavens, Gabriel passed me by the Toba tree. Then he gave me one of its fruits and I ate it. Then Allah made that into my seed. Once I landed on earth, I approached Khadeeja and she became pregnant with Fatima AS. Since then, whenever I kiss Fatima, I smell the tree of Toba from her.
(Tafsir AlAiashi: v2, Page 212)
Furat Alkufi narrated that Salman Al Mohamadi (May Allah be pleased with him) said: some of the wives of the prophet SAWA said: O Messenger of Allah SAWA why do you love Fatima more than anyone else amongst your family? To which he (SAWA) replied: when I was in ascension to heaven Gabriel finished the way to the Toba tree. He picked out a fruit from the tree, rubbed it with his fingers and fed me the fruit. Then he wiped his hand between my shoulders and said: O Mohammed Allah the Blissful and Almighty bodes you of Fatima from Khadeeja bint Khuwailed. Once I landed on earth and we did what we did, Khadeeja got pregnant with Fatima and whenever I long for paradise I bring her close to me and smell the perfume of heaven because she is a Human Huri (Nymph).
(Albehar: v8, Page 151)

 What is the tree of Tobah? 
Abi Jafar Al Baqer AS said: Tobah is a tree that grows in Eden. Our God planted it by His hand.(1)
Thabit bin Sireen, regarding the verse) The ones who have believed and done deeds of righteousness will have Toba (Literally: goodness) and a fair resorting.) (2) He explained: Tobah is a tree in heaven its origin ( the roots) in the room of Ali AS and there is no room in heaven without a branch from it. (3)
Moaweiah bin Morah narrated: his father said: the Messenger of Allah SAWA said: Tobah is the tree of heaven. Allah planted it with his hand and blew into it from His spirit. It sprouts jewels and blazers. Its branches could be seen from behind the fence of heaven.(4)
Jafar bin Mohamed SAWA narrated: the commander of the faithful Ali Bin Abi Taleb AS said: When the Surah (will have Tobah (Literally: goodness) and a fair resorting.) came down to the Messenger of Allah SAWA, Almiqdad bin Alaswad Alkendi rose up to Messenger of Allah and said: O Messenger of Allah what is Tobah? The messenger of Allah SAWA said: O Miqdad, it is a tree in heaven; a horseman can ride for hundred years in its shadow before he can cross it. Its leaf and buds are green clothes, its blossoms yellow Reiath (part of trees used for decoration), its yards are made from Sundos and Istabraq, its fruits are green jewels, its flavour is ginger and honey, its land is red rubies and green emeralds, and its dust is musk, ambergris and yellow camphor (perfumes), and its grass is saffron, incenses in the air without a fire. From the tree origin (roots); the Salsabil, Rahiq, and M'aeen (rivers) stem. Its shade is one council of the Shi’as of Ali bin Abi Taleb AS. (5)

 Creating her from apple of heaven 
One of the holy traditions pointed out that Fatima AS was created by Allah the Almighty from the apples of heaven. Aisha said: O Messenger of Allah, why do I see that whenever you kiss Fatima, it’s as if you lick honey out of her or she licks honey out of you? He replied: O Ayesha when I was taken to my God, Gabriel took me into heaven and gave me an apple. I ate the apple and it became a light in my inherent (inside me) and when Khadeeja got pregnant, the light came down and Fatima was created from it, and whenever I wanted to smell heaven I kissed Fatima. On the Day of Judgment, Fatima will be called and she will be covered with a dress from heaven. She will be walking amidst ten thousand bridesmaids and a caller would shout: “O people turn your sight away until Fatima AS gets through.” (6)

 Creating her from dates of heaven 
The Prophet (S) said:"On the night of my ascension to Heaven, Gabriel took my hand and led me into Paradise, then he handed me dates from which I ate; those dates were formed into my seeds. When I descended to earth, I came unto Khadeeja who became pregnant with Fatima; thus, whenever I long for Paradise I smell my daughter Fatima."

 Fatima is a Human Huri (Nymph) 
Imam Ja'far As Sadiq (AS) quoting the Prophet (PBUH) has a description of the heavenly personality of Lady Alzahra’ (AS): "Allah created the light of Fatima (SA) before the creation of the heaven and the earth. Some people asked: `So Fatima (SA) is not in the category of human beings?' The Prophet (PBUH) said: `And she is a Houri in the human "shape". They again asked: How is it possible?' The Prophet (PBUH) said: `Allah had created Fatima (SA) before the creation of Adam (AS). At that time, the spirits had been created. When Allah created Adam (AS), he presented the spirits to him.' They asked: `Where was Fatima (SA) at that time?' The Prophet (PBUH) said: time?', they asked. `In her specific place at the top of 'the throne, the Prophet (PBUH) said.' They asked: `What was her food?' The Prophet (PBUH) replied: `Allah's remembrance (sanctification, praising Allah, glorification, and magnification) and Allah is Greater. As Allah created Adam (AS) and wanted my generation to continue by Fatima (SA), changed her into a heavenly apple.' Gibrail brought the apple for me and said: "Peace be upon you, O Muhammad (PBUH)! The apple is a fruit from Paradise which Allah has sent you as a gift. I took it and embraced on my chest. "Eat it.", said Gibrail. I divided it in halves. Broad and bright light radiated from the apple. I aspired to it. Gibrail said: O Muhammad (PBUH)! Why don't you eat the apple, eat it all as this is the light of Mansourah (: victor) in the heaven and the light of Fatima (SA) on the earth."

These traditions demonstrate that Fatima AS was transferred from heaven to the Prophet PBUH and she did not pass through any womb except of that of our great lady Khadeeja (AS). As such, being a fruit of heaven, unlike all other women, she was pure and was never witnessing what other women witness often (menses and other bloods). This is a hard proof on her being a Huri (nymph) besides being a human. Peace be upon her, her father, her husband, and her sons. 

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