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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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Tragedy of Fatima AS The Greatest Prophet told about the tragedy of Fatima AS. 
Sheikh Alsadoq god bless his soul narrated from Saeid bin Jubair,from Abdulah bin Abbas in a long tradition. The messenger of Allah said:" and when I saw her (Fatima) I remembered what will happen to her after I leave. I see her and the servility entered her house, and her rights were wringed, her sanctity was violated, she was prevented from her legacy, her rip was broken, her fetus was dropped, and she was calling, "O Mohammed" but no-one answers. And she calls for help but no-one help her. She remains after me sad, distressed, and tearful. She remembers the cessation of revelation at once then she remembers when I left her after that. She feels lonely when the night comes for missing my voice which she was hearing when I read at night. Then she feels servile after she was sophisticated during her father's time. Then the almighty Allah comfort her with angels, they calls her similar to what they did with Mariam bint Emran. They say:" O Fatima, indeed Allah has chosen you and purified you and chosen you above the women of the worlds. (1) O Fatima, be devoutly obedient to your Lord and prostrate and bow with those who bow [in prayer]."(2)
Then the pain get worse and she get ill and then Allah sends her Mariam bint Emran to take care and comfort her. After Fatima says: "O my God, I am tired of this life, and fed up the people of this world. Let me join my father." Then Allah will let her join me sad, distressed, joyless, oppressed, and killed. She will be the first one to join me amongst my family members. During that I will say: "O our God, curse who oppress her, and punish who violated her rights, humiliate who humiliated her and eternize in your hell who hit her rips until baby was dropped." Then the angels say: "Amen".(3)

 The events of extortion of her land, and withhold her gift. 
One of the grievances which happened to Fatima AS is the extortion of Fadak land. Fadak was a gift from the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) during his life. And she used to have agents who looked after Fadak during the time of the prophet (PBUH).
After the death of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Fadak was confiscated. And her agents were fired. All of this forced Fatima AS to go to the Mosque of the Messenger of Allah PBUH to give her famous speech. In her speech she argued people for what they did after they oppressed her and violated her sanctities. She got angry on the one who oppressed her and did not talk to him until she died AS.
This tragedy still stood since that time and until the time of the appearance of Imam Al-Mahdi (may Allah rushes his appearance). It has a sorrow inside the hearts of our Imams and every Muslim who believes in Allah, day of resurrection, and fears the punishments of his god. The Imam showed evidences on their rights on Fadak, and they explained the tragedy which happened with the daughter of the prophet (PBUH).
A part of the commander of faithful (AS) speech shows the unfairness of Fadak event:" I swear by Allah that from this world I have neither amassed gold nor have I gathered wealth and possessions nor have I changed these coarse and old garments of mine with even an ordinary raiment from your treasury. Verily, under the sky we had only Fadak as our personal property but we were deprived of it, it tempted them, they took it by force and we had to bear the wrench patiently and cheerfully, the best judge is the Lord Almighty. What was I going to do with Fadak or with any other worldly possession? I never wanted them for myself. I know that tomorrow my lodging will be my grave. Its darkness will cover my traces and will not allow my condition to reach this world. A grave after all is a pit, and even if it is made very big and broad, time will gradually reduce its size and will fill it with earth and stones. My attention is concentrated on one thing, that is, with the help of the fear of Allah and piety I keep my desires under control so that in this world I may not commit sins and errors and on the Day of Judgment when fear will be the lot of everybody I may feel safe and satisfied." (5)

 Her complaint to Ali  peace be upon them
When Fatima was prohibited to take her legacy, gift and Khoms (fifth: cash tax for Imam) and she did not find anybody to give a hand amongst Muslims after she tried in her speech to pay attention at her tragedy and returns her rights. She did not find any supporter or some one fears Allah's orders to look after the messenger of Allah (SAWA). She returned back broken heart, oppressed, and violated. And people were her worst pain, more than violation of her gift or forbidden the Khoms of her kids.
Abdulah bin Al Hasan Al Muthana bin Imam Al-Hasan AlMujtaba AS said:
When Syeda Zahra came back, she complained to Ali (as) about Abu Bakr's treatment in these words: "O Son Of Abu Talib! You are hiding your self as a child is hidden in its mother's womb. You are sitting at home like the one who is not liked by anyone. Abu Bakr Ibne Qahafa is depriving me of the land which was given to me by my father. He has stood openly against me. Mahajreen and Ansar are not helping me. You have weakened yourself since the time you abandoned your sword. I wish I had died before seeing this day i will complain before my father and I will pray to my god, O god you are much greater and stronger than them harder. You are vicious and hard torturer." Then the commander of faithful replied:" No blame on you, but the blame is on the on your enemies. Calm down your sadness O daughter of the pure chosen, and the remain of prophecy. I did not give up my religion and did not miss my destiny. And if you want better life then your sustenance is guaranteed, your sponsor is well trusted. And what is prepared for you is better than what was taken from you. So trust Allah." She replied:" I trust Allah". Then she tranquilized peace be upon her.

 Fatima complains to women of Muhajireen and Ansar. 
Sheikh AL-Tubrosi narrated from Suwaid Ibn Ghafleh said: "When Fatima was inflicted with her illness, the women of the Muhajireen and Ansar gathered around her and said:
`How are you doing, daughter of Allah's Messenger?' Fatima AS praised Allah, prayed for her father and said:
“I have become, by Allah, to have feelings of resentment for your world, detesting your men; I have casted them after testing them, hated them after examining them. Thus, shameful is the defiling of honor, playing after being serious, striking the soft rocks, the slackening of spears, the foolishness of judgments and the misguidance of wants”.
“Evil indeed are (the works) which their souls have sent forward before them (with the result) that Allah's wrath is on them, and in torment will they abide”.
Certainly it (Allah's wrath) has control of their affairs, held them responsible (for deserving it), and launched its disagreement on them”.
Surely; (their action) is clear loss. Why were they hostile to Abu Al-Hassan?
They took vengeance, by Allah, from him for his unbiased sword,
his carelessness about his death (i.e., his unprecedented courage),
his deadly assaults his severe encounters, and his anger for the sole sake of Allah, Exalted is His Name.
“By Allah, had they prevented each other from assuming the reigns of power, which Allah's Messenger entrusted to him, he would have held it and led them smoothly,
He would not have harmed them the size of a thread,
Nor would his followers stammer, (meaning they would have lived in harmony under his rule).
He surely would have delivered them to a spring pure, lush, abundant, and flowing over its banks yet its sides are not muddy.
He certainly would have brought them back satisfied and advised them secretly and publicly without providing himself with any availing thing.
Nor would he favor himself with the worldly things with any gain, save that which would quench the thirst of the thirsty, and feed the hungry.
Surely the abstinent would have been distinguished from the desirous, and the truthful from the liar.(Had the people of the town believed and feared Allah, We should indeed have opened out to them (all kinds of) blessings from Heaven and Earth; but they rejected (the truth), and We brought them to book for their misdeeds).
(And the wrongdoers of this generation; the results of their deeds will soon overtake them (too), and they will never be able to frustrate (Our Plan)!" ) (8)

 The House of Grieves 
One of the tragedies that happened to the daughter of the greatest prophet (PBUH) is to forbidden her to cry on the messenger of Allah (PBUH) when she used to cry and mourns him everyday. Alamah sharaf-Aldine god bless his soul said:" and here we recommend the thinkable once to look for the reasons behind leaving AlMmadina by Al Zahra AS to cry over her father. And she goes with her her kids with a group of women to Albaqee'a mourn the messenger of Allah (PBUH) under the shadow of a tree was there. And when she went there, Ali AS built her a house in Albaqee'z where she goes to cry. The house called (The House of Grieves). This house used to be visited by people in every sad event"(9)
And how she was prevented to cry? Al-Alama the speaker Mohamed Baqer Almajlesi said: " The elderly men of Medina came to Imam Ali (AS) complaining and said:
'Abu Al-Hassan! Fatima cries day and night so none of us can sleep comfortably. Hence, we demand you to ask her to either cry during the day or the night."
Imam Ali (AS) replied: "Most gladly"
He then preceded towards Fatima who was crying; when she saw him approaching, she stopped and Imam Ali (AS) said:" O Daughter of Allah's Messenger, the elderly men of Medina have asked me to ask you to either cry during the day or the night."
Fatima answered:"Abu Al-Hassan, how short will my stay among them be? And soon I will depart from them. Therefore, by Allah, I join my father Allah's Messenger (PBUH)."
When Imam Ali (AS) saw her insistence, he built a house for her behind Baqee'a which later became known as "The house of grieves." Thereafter, with every sunrise, Fatima (AS) would take Al-Hassan and Al-Hussain to that house and cry until sunset, when Imam Ali (AS) would come and bring them back home.

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