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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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Martyrdom of Fatima (AS)  Her Illness peace be upon her: 
After the great painful events that happened to Fatima peace be upon her starting with breaking rip, drop her fetus (1), continuing crying and mourning for the lost of messenger of Allah peace be up on him and his progeny. This situation and the effort of scourge didn’t allow her to continue living in peace. (She got ill, her illness went worse, she stayed in the bed and her body was skinny, her flesh melted, she became like a shadow. And she lived 70 days after her father peace be upon him.) (2)
After that AlAbas bin Abdulmutaleb the uncle of the Holy Prophet peace be upon him and his progeny came to checkup on her. He was told:" she is heavily moving, and no-one gets to her" so he sent a letter to Ali peace be upon him. He said to his messenger:" (2) (Tell him: "O your uncles nephew he greetings you and says: I was shocked and sad because of the suffering the beloved of messenger of Allah and delight of my eyes Fatima which crashed me. And I think she will be the first amongst us to catch-up with messenger of Allah peace be upon him and his progeny. Allah will choose to her, get her closer to him and higher his position in heaven. If she passes away I will (May I sacrifice my self for you) gather Al Muhajeren (emigrants) and Al Ansar (supporters) for her funeral to get rewarded and to pray on her and this will be a part of our religion beauties." Imam Ali peace be upon him replied the messenger when I was there; said: (greet my uncle and say: May your kindness and pitying last for ever. I studied your suggestion and your virtuous advice. Fatima the daughter of the messenger of Allah peace be upon him and his progeny she remains oppressed and not allowed to get her rights and pushed away from her legacy. The messenger of Allah's commandment on her wasn’t saved nor his rights given to her nor the right of the almighty Allah. Allah is enough for me as a judge and avenger from unjust. And I ask you uncle to allow me to refuse what you mentioned about because she told me to keep it secret."
Said (the narrator): when AlAbas received the message from the messenger who came from Ali Peace be upon him he said:" May Allah forgive my nephew he is forgiven for sure. His suggestion is unbreakable. There is no son of Abd-ul-Muttaleb greater blessing than Ali except the Prophet peace be upon him and his progeny. Ali is always the first at all dignities. And he is brightest in every case. And he is the bravest in every matter and the hardest when fighting enemies to protect the right religion. And he is the first believer in Allah and his messenger peace be upon him.") (3)

 Her will in her properties: 
Abi Jafar peace be upon him said Mohamed Bin Es-haq: told me Abu J'afar Mohamed Bin Ali peace be upon them:" Fatima the daughter of messenger of Allah wrote this book (will): In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. This is what written by Fatima the daughter of the messenger of Allah peace be upon him and his progeny about what she doing. Incase something happened to her she want to give eighty ounces of cash which come from her fruits to be a dole given every year at Rajab after paying the expense of irrigation and Amol. And she spent the fruits year after year on time. She ordered for Mohammed women (his wives) 45 ounces. And she ordered for the poor of Bani Hashim (the prophets' tribe) and Bani Abd-ul-Muttaleb (his cousins) 50 ounces. And she written about the origin of her money (the money which belongs to her) that Ali peace be upon him asked her to allow him to look after it as he used to do with the prophets money peace be up on him. And he mixed her money with the money of the messenger of Allah peace be upon him and his progeny and he wouldn't separate between both money and looks after it as long as he lives. And incase something happened to him then to my sons Al Hassan and Al Hussain to look after it. And I gave freedom to Ali bin Abi-Taleb peace be upon him to use the money and he spend my money and Mohammeds' money peace be upon him and his progeny and he shouldn’t separate between them. He should spend on my behalf the cash I ordered and what I given as a dole. And if Allah given her doles and what she ordered then it is on the Almighty hand and Ali's hand to give charity and spend wherever he want. If something happened to him then he give it to Alhassan and Hussein together my money and the money of Mohammed peace be upon him and his progeny. So they can spend and give charity wherever they want no matter what.
And if something happened to any of them before he gets the money then it should be spent on the poor and needy…. This is what Fatima has written on her will and ordered to and God is a witness with AlMiqdad bin Al aswad, Zubair Bin Al Awam and Ali Bin Abi-Talib. I have written it unforced and nothing bothering me.
J'afar Bin Mohammed peace be upon him said:" we found this and that’s how we we found her will peace be upon her". (4)

 Her will about her self…. 
When Fatima AS was dying she gave recommendations to Ali the Commander of the faithful peace be upon him about what to do with her after she leave to the next world. She said: "I recommend you on my self which is the most beloved one after the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and his progeny. If I died then wash me by your hands, embalm me (to put perfumes Kafur & Misk), enshroud me then burry me at night. Don’t let so and so to attend the funeral. I won't ask you for more, farewell until I see you. May Allah gather us in heaven, close to Allah." Ali wrote that by his hand. (5)
J'afar Bin Mohamed peace be upon them narrated from his fathers peace be up on them all said:" when Fatima was dying she cried. Then he (Ali AS) asked her: why are crying? She answered: for what will happen to you after me. Then he told her: do not cry! I swear its nothing to me whatever happens to me as long as it's for the sake of Allah. Then he peace be upon him said: that she told him to not allow the two sheikh. "(6)
Yahia bin Abdullah bin Mohamed bin Omar bin Ali peace be up him said:" Fatima said to Ali peace be upon him: I want you to do me a favor Aba Alhasan (Ali AS)! Then he peace be upon him said: I will do it O daughter of the Messenger of Allah peace be up on him and his progeny. She said: for the sake of Allah and Mohammed peace be upon him and his progeny, do not let that person and that person to pray on me" (7)
Abi abdelah AlSadiq AS narrated from his fathers peace be up on the said: " when Fatima was dying she gave recommendations (will) to Ali peace be upon him. She said: if I died you wash me and prepare me, pray on me, lay me in my grave, put me on the right way then place soil on me. Then stay near my head in front of my face and read a lot of Quraan and Du'aa (prayers) because it’s the time when the dead needs for the company of the alive once." (8)

 Washing, embalming, and enshrouding her peace be upon her.  
Sheikh Abas AlQomi God bless his soul narrated: the commander of the faithful peace be up on him when Alhasan AS and Al Hussain AS told him about their mother death he fainted. Then they spray water on his face and when he awake he carried Al-Hasan and Al-Hussain and entered to see Fatima while he saying: "Whose consolation O daughter of Mohammed? You used to comfort me now whose going to comfort me after you." Then the news of the death of daughter of Prophet of Allah peace be up on him and his progeny spread fast around Al-Madina.
All people of Al-Madina screamed at once, and women of Bani Hashim ( the tripe of the prophet Mohammed) assembled in her house and they screamed together until the city started to shake because of the screams and they were saying:" O our lady, O daughter of the Messenger of Allah." Then people overcrowded to Ali AS.He was sitting while Al-Hasan and Al-Hussain crying in front of him crying and he started to cry for them. Later, Umkulthom came out with a burka on her. She fully covered her self and mourns in pain saying: "Oh my God! Oh father, O messenger of Allah, now we lost you for ever." People assembled then set crying and waiting the coffin to come to pray on her. Then Abi-thar Al Ghifari came out and said:" go away! The funeral of Daughter of the prophet will be delayed this afternoon". Then people stood up and left.
And once it got dark at night, the commander of the faithful AS washed her and no-one attended except him self, Al-Hasan-Al-Hussain, Zainab, Um-kulthom peace be up on them and Fedda her slave with Asma bint Umais.
Ali peace be upon him said:" I swear by Allah, I toke care of her and washed while her shirt on her and did not take it off, I swear she was blessed, pure and purifying. Then I embalmed her and putted her inside her shroud. And when I wanted to tie the cloth (ezar) I called out:" O Um-Kulthom, O Zainab, O Sukaina, O Fedda, O Hassan, and O Hussain. Come and get enough of your mother it is the separation and the meeting will be in Janah." Then Al-hasan- and Al-Hussain peace be up on them came while calling out:" O what an endless pain started by losing our grandfather Mohammed peace be upon him. Send our greetings and tell him:" We are now orphans in this after you left us." Then commander of the faithful AS said:" I witness that she cried with sorrow and pain then she extended her hands and hugged them. Suddenly a caller from the sky shouted:" O Aba-Alhassan! (Ali) Raise them up! I swear by Allah they made the angels of sky to cry. And the beloved miss his lover." Then he said: "I rose them up from her chest." (9)

 Her funeral and burial peace be upon her: 
When eyes were asleep and voices were silent at midnight, Ali, Al-Hassan, Al-Hussain peace be up on them, Ammar, Al-Meqdad, Al-Zubair,Abu-thar, Salman, Boraira, a few members of Bani-Hashim, and his specials. They pray on her and buried her at midnight. Ali AS made seven fake graves around her to not allow anyone to know its real location. But the known is that nobody was in her funeral except her sons and Ali the commander of faithful peace be up on them.
It was narrated that Ali peace be up on him after he finished burying her AS he hidden her grave location the sadness captured his heart and started to cry. Then he turned towards the grave of Messenger of Allah peace be up on him and his progeny and said:"
O' Messenger of Allah, peace be upon you from me and from your daughter who has come to you and who has hastened to meet you. O' Messenger of Allah, my patience about your chosen (daughter) has been exhausted and my power of endurance has weakened, except that I have ground for consolation in having endured the great hardship and heartrending event of your separation.
To Allah we belong, and to Him is our return. Now the trust has been returned and what had been given has been taken back. As to my grief, it knows no bounds and as to my nights, they will remain sleepless till Allah (SWT) chooses for me the house in which you are now residing. Certainly your daughter would apprise you of the joining together of your Ummah (community or nation) for oppressing her. You ask her in detail and get all the news about the position. This has happened when a long time had not elapsed and your remembrance had not disappeared.
My Salaam be on you both, the Salaam of a grief stricken and not the one who is fed up; for if I go away it is not because I am weary (of you), and if I stay it is not due to lack of belief in what Allah (SWT) has promised the patient in sorrow. (10)
And then he said this sad poem:
أرى علل الدنيا علي كثيرة * * * * وصاحبها حتى الممات عليل
I see many sicknesses in my life…and the alive stays sick until death

لكل اجتماع من خليل فرقتاً * * * * وكل الذي دون الممات قليل
To every couple have to separate oneday … and everything in front of death is nothing

وان اعتقادي فاطمة بعد * * * * احمد دليل على ان لا يدوم خليل
After I seen what happened to Fatima and Ahmed (Mohammed).. this is an evidence that no couple stays.

وكيف يهناك العيش من بعد فقدهم * * * * لعمرك شيء ما إليه سبيل
And how could you live with out them?.. I swear in your life its something impossible

سيعرض عن ذكري وتنسى مودتي * * * * ويظهر بعدي للخليل بديل
I will be left alone and my love will be forgotten… and another lover will be with my beloved.

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