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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Folders \ Um Albanin, The torch of sacrifice and loyalty 

Um Albanin, The torch of sacrifice and loyalty In the holy tradition pointed and highlighted that many men were perfect but only few of women did. Um Albanin was with no doubt one of the perfect whose advantages were completed and virtues were promoted until she became eligible to be the gate for all needs opened to every needy and anguished.

She wouldn’t get this status without a personal seeking for perfection and promotion in the hierarchy of degrees of beliefand without the emergence of good and pure breeding which she received from her house and family, where she has arisen in its territory.

And without the education, attention and guarantee of the sinless Imam to her, and without the care of Allah the Almighty Since the start to the end,
She is like Miriam daughter of Emran AS Allah the almighty bred her in a clean atmosphere as he did with Miriam. And she was guaranteed by commander of the faithful Ali bin Abi Taleb AS as Zakaria guaranteed Miriam daughter of Emran. The Almighty chosen her to give birth of four heroes companied their brother Alhussain AS in his battle and to revive the law of Allah the almighty when it was almost dead on the hands of Umayyad and those who governed before them as the Almighty did when he chosen Miriam daughter of Emran to give birth of Jesus son of Miriam AS who revived the true religion of Allah and his laws which the Jews killed and lost it laws.

 Um Albanin's Birth and origin 
The name: Fatima
The father: Hazam (Abo-Almahal) bin Khalid Ibn-e-Rabi'e Ibn-e-Ka'ab Ibn-e-Amer Ibn-e-Kelab.
The mother: Thomama bint Sahl Ibn-e-Amer Ibn-e-Malek Ibn-e- J'afar Ibn-e- Kelab.

She belonged to fathers and uncles (mother side), which the history introduced them as one the noblest families and famous for the bravery and valour of its warriors. Her clan recorded famous victories in the desert during Aljaheliah (pre-Islam) and people always talking about their bravery and nobility until the kings bowed to them.
And they are those whose Aqeel bin Abi Taleb meant them when he said to his brother Ali Bin Abi Taleb AS:" get married to Um Albanin Alkelabiah , there is no one amongst Arabs braver than her fathers."

 Her epithet: 
Um Albanin: and this nickname overcame her name and this might be for two reasons:
First: she was nicknamed with Um Albanin Imitating her with her grandmother Laila daughter of Amro Bin Amer bin Rabe'a bin Sa'sa'a who used to have five sons the eldest one amongst them is Abo Albara Mola'eb Al Asenah ( the one who plays with swords). Lobaid the poet said to Alno'aman proud of his roots and pointing to her:

We are the four sons of Um Albanin – Hitters of the heads in battlefields
We are who feeding full dishes (lavish /generous) – and we are the best among Amer bin Sa'asa'a (clan)

Second:her request to the Commander of the faithful AS to call her with her nick in order not to remind the Hasanan (Hassan and Hussain AS) of their mother Fatima PBUH as he used to call her at home. Because the origin name of Um-Albanin is Fatima daughter of Huzam.

 Um Albanin treating the wounds of AlZahraa's orphans AS 
The orphans of Alzahraa AS have memories in every corner of their house, reminds them of their martyred mother. Everywhere they look they find something of hers; here she was combing Hasan and Hussain hair while she reads Quraan for them with her sad devout voice…and there she telling her daughters some traditions of the prophet PBUH and teach them some laws…. and there she was praying, praising and crying… and there she was cooking and runs the molar.
There is a place still stayed with it's details inside the heads of Alzahraa children. This place whenever the children of Alzahraa look at they cry and chock with tears. This place is the house door specifically behind the door. All of them witnessed, they (the members of the pure house AS) were living tranquility and suddenly people gathering around their door then the confusion and shouting started to rise up gradually. Later the door knocked madly with shouting of a man threatening to take the commander of the faithful out or to force entry and burn the house on them. Children flee behind their father once and behind their mother at another time. Suddenly the door was pushed hard with fire and smoke comes from it. Children were looking at their mother Alzahraa AS rushing behind the door hopes to prevent them from entering the house in this barbarian way. Whereas she was talking to them and pushing the door with her hands and shoulder to prevent from pushing and breaking it. When the people knew she was there, they gathered their forces and pushed the door and broke it. Not only they broke the door which the messenger of Allah PBUH used to stand in front of it to ask for permissions before he enter but they also broke with that door the rips of the pure Fatima AS. The children of Alzahraa heard how their mother started to cry out for help and none give a hand, and she cried out for mercy and no one to mercy her.
She was crying out to Feda her servant saying: O Fedda help me! I swear by Allah they dropped down my baby.
The memories of the children of Alzahraa AS didn’t stop at this point but it continued until they saw their father putting their mother on her washer (the place where the dead being washed) turning her around while they were looking and waiting with dread and fear from that moments which will carry their mother in front of their eyes to be deposited in her grave and disappear from their eyes. The most breaking to their hearts is whenever the children lose their mother they can visit her grave whenever they like but the children of the pure Zahraa AS were forbidden to do so. They couldn’t visit her grave but only in secret and under extreme secretly and conceal conditions.

Under these circumstances of sadness and memories the lady Um Albanin AS entered the house of commander of the faithful Ali bin Abi Taleb AS. She was comforting women, attenuating the pains and sorrows of the hearts of Alzahraa's AS orphans.
They did not feel like if she was their step mother and she didn’t prefer her kids on them. She let them feel like if she was their servant and looked after them. With this spirit she raised up her four children, their words, attitudes and deeds during the day of Ashura shows this reality clearly.

 Statements on behalf of the lady Um Albanin AS 
Abo Alnaser Albukgari in his book (Ser Alselselah Alalaweiah): ( the commander of the faithful did have a child from a Fehriah after Fatima except from her. And Um Albanin did not get married to someone before or after him). (Fehriah: bani Fehr: Feher is a clan which Quriash belongs to, Fehr bin Ghalib bin Alnather bin Kenanah )

Sheikh Almamaqani in his book (Tanqeh Almaqal): we learn from the strength of her faith is that every time Bisher mourned one of her four sons to her she says what means tell me about Hussain and he continues to mourns them one by one until he reached AlAbbas AS she said: O you all of the arteries of my heart are torn. May all of my children and what ever that existing under this azure heaven be sacrificed for the sake of Imam Hussain (A.S.) and here she is as you see it was easier on her to her sons being killed if Hussain AS was safe. This attitude reveals to have a high rank in the religion.

Alnaqdi in his book (Zainab Alkubra): she was one of the virtues women who know the reality of the Householders AS and she was a pious, asceticism, and worshipper.

Umar Kahala described her in his book (A'lam Alnesa) when he said: Eloquent poet.

Almazendarani said in Mali Alsemtain narrated from the book (Kanz Almasaeb) said: her son AlAbbas AS took a substantial knowledge in his early days from his father and mother.

 Benefits of reviving the memoriam of the Lady Um Albanin  
The reviving of memoriam of Um Albanin, and the memoriam of the memory of the rest of the infallibles PBUH, their families and their loyalists e.g. scholars and righteous is the most necessary duty over the shoulders of the faithful. The benefit of this is to organize life in the right form which will allow happiness in human life hereafter. Because this events hold great lessons, and knowledge.
For example in the memoriam of Um Albanin As women memories this pure, chaste noble woman who protecting her self, memorizing Allah and the last day, who managing her house who is responsive towards the rights of her husband and who nursemaid righteous children…and so a woman learn and follow the example of her. Emulate this pure example into her life; use Um-Albanin's morals in her house to get good quality of life. Woman who learn and follow Um Albanin will be happy also her children and family. So she does well for her self and others. Allah the almighty said: "In case you do fair (deeds), you do (fair deeds) for yourselves; and in case you do odious deeds, they are against yourselves."
Besides, the memoriam of Um Albanin AS and the memoriam of the great people both men and women is requires rewards and remuneration. It has been narrated: 'he who revived the memory of a faithful is similar as if he revived him.' And as reviving a human requires many benefits as reviving his memory. The almighty Allah said:
"And whoever (constantly) magnifies the waymarks of Allah, then surely it is of the piety of the hearts."
Also the memoriam of righteous and good doings fells the soul with beneficial truthful and pleasing approaches and vice versa. And then the soul reflect some of that emulations if good then it results good and if bad then its results bad. And this called assigning each human with what he could do. The Almighty sad: "Allah does not lay on any soul a burden except to the extent to which He has granted it"

However, the story of the great women educates the great women and even great men in the things in common e.g. worship, asceticism and piety. Their stories are education for both men and women...boys and girls... all humanity.

 One of the miracles of the pure lady AS 
His Eminence Sayed Jawad Almosawi Alzanjani has written that his daughter got back from school one day suffering from a terrible pain in her head and we took her to doctor immediately. But he could not diagnose her illness, and then he gave her medicines and painkillers and said: if her health situation got worse then take her to hospital and I will be there. At Midnight her health deteriorated and when she entered the hospital she fainted and we worried more about her life. Later the medical committee did a meeting and called specialists from outside the hospital to study the situation. Then they found out that she suffers from a severe brain infection. The doctors were despaired after they knew her dangerous illness. Their despair led to the family to rise up the crying and wailing voices. Both the young once and the old lamented. Despite all the efforts my daughter still stayed in Coma and the hope to survive is weak but rather no hope medically.
Yhis situation remained for a week until the week end matched by chance the night of taso'a (9th Moharam) and the family was preparing for consolation and couldn’t stop crying and wailing. At that moment I raised up to pray with broken heart. I did 2 rek'a and after Salam (the end of the prayer) I read for 100 times Peace be up on the prophet Mohamed and his Householders and I sent its rewards as a gift to the lady Um Albanin AS; the mother of Abi Alfathel AlAbbas the moon of Bani Hashim (the clan) and I said to her: Since the good son obeying his mother then I ask you O Great woman O the wife of commander of the faithful Ali AS to ask your brother the gate of needs to take from Allah the cure of my daughter.
In the morning the phone range.. one of the official in the hospital said you: daughter is out of coma and she is in very good health condition as if she wasn’t ill at all.
We hurried to hospital and we saw her in perfect health while the doctors confirmed even if she was healed she will lose her sight and hearing or becomes paralyzed. But because the bless of the gate of all needs Um Albanin AS my daughter is safe and perfect and no impact of that crisis in her body. And now she is married and has got two kids in good health.

Peace be upon her the day she was born, the day she was dead and the day she returns alive. May Allah bless us with following her and her intercession by meeting our needs in this life and hereafter. Amen

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