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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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The birthday of Ali Al-Akbar (The older) Ali Alakbar was born on 11th Sha'aban, 33H 2 years before Uthman was killed.(1)
He was about 27 years old on the day of Taf (Ashura). Historians and genealogists agreed on it and added he was older than Imam Alsajad (AS) who was 23 on the day of Taf.

 His epithet (AS) 
In Zeiarat Ali Akbar sermon which is narrated from Abi-Hamza Althumali said: Imam Alsadeq (AS) told him: Put your cheek on his grave and say 'Peace be upon you O Aba-Alhasan' three times. (2)
This nick name might be used to optimize for a good boy. also it might be happened because he got a boy called (Alhasan) and Imam Alsadiq (AS) in the same Zeirat sermon when it says: (Peace be upon you, your progeny, your family, your fathers, your sons, and your mothers; the righteous whom Allah intends only to remove from you the impurity [of sin], O people of the [Prophet's] household, and to purify you with [extensive] purification.
The word –Sons- is a plural which means Ali Alakbar has more than two sons. Also his saying (AS) - , your progeny- refers to it too because a man's progeny is his offspring. If he is without offspring then there is no need to use this term (progeny). The receipt of this sentence from the tongue of the Imam who is the most knowledgeable in secrets of rhetoric and all requirements of the conditions are the hardest proofs on it. And it is clear that tradition narrated by the esteemed Sheikh Ibn Qulaweh in (Kamel Alzeiarah) with true bail and trusted narrators.

 His Titles (AS) 
The martyred Sayed titled with (Alakbar) because he is older than Imam Zain Alabedeen (Ali bin Alhussain) and this was stated by Alsajad (AS) when Ibn Zeiad asked him "Didn’t Allah kill Ali?" Imam (AS) replied: He was a brother older than me called –Ali- and you killed him. (3)
Alsajad (AS) was titled with (Alasghar; the younger) and the Martyred with (Alakbar) by number of historians e.g.:
1. Ibn Qutaibah in Alma'aref page 93 said: Alhussain begotten Ali Alakbar, his mother is the daughter of Abi-morah, and Ali Alasghar his mother is a mother of a boy (slave). In the page 94 he said: Ali Alasghar bin Alhussain is only son who continued Alhussain progeny.
2. Aldainori in the AlAkhbar Altewal (the long news) page 256 said: no one made it among companions of AlHussain, his sons, and his nephew except Ali Alasghar.
3. AlSuhaili in Rauth AlAnef V2, Page 326 said: Ali Alakbar was killed with him (Alhussain) but Ali Alasghar wasn’t killed; his mother is a slave called Solafah bint Khosrau Yazdegerd III.
4. Aldeiar-bakri said on Thursday's history v2, Page 319: Zain-o-Abedein was 3 years old and he is Ali Alasghar but Ali Alakbar was killed with his father.

 His similarity to His grandfather Almustafa Mohamed PBUH  
Historians did not announce on similarity of the Householders to the prophet PBUH except inabout Ali Alakbar.
Jabir AlAnsari narrated that Fatima similar to her father when she walks. And the narration of Alsadoq witnessing that AlHassan similar to his grandfather in his prestige and the glory, and AlHussain in his generosity and courage (4).
Alhakem Alnesabori also narrated from Ali (AS): the Messenger of Allah PBUH said to J'afar Altaiar: You are similar to me in my appearance and my attitudes. (5)

The esteemed Sheikh Fakher-Aldin Alturaihi in Almontakhab saying: Alhussain (AS) said about his infant (was killed with his father in Karbala): O our Allah, your are a witness on people killed one who most look like with the messenger of Allah Mohamed PBUH.
These evidences are proof on similarity of the pure progeny to the Messenger of Allah in every precious quality. But the golden words of Imam Hussain (AS) in behalf of his elder son ("0 Lord! Bear witness on those people for he who emerged to them is bearing a strong likeness to Your Prophet in all departments - resemblance of disposition, complexion, and logic. Hence we look at him when we crave to see Your Apostle.) (6) This statement shows the deceased of house of the prophet PBUH was in his life reflecting the beauties of the prophet PBUH and was an example for his eloquent wonderful logic that which made his father AS when he longing to see that cheerful face which made Hassan bin Thabet to recite this poem without exaggeration:

'My eyes have not seen more beautiful person than you
No women has given birth to a more beautiful person than you
You have been created without any weakness and blemish
As if you have been created as you wished to be created'

 His moralities AS 
One of the high morals is to follow good qualities and abandon reprehensible habits.
This morals whether its virtuous or reprehensible, one gains it genetically, homely, or socially. The laws of the sky (religions), which Allah the almighty sent them to his creatures by his messengers and prophets, all of them call for high morals. Particularly, the message of chief of prophets and messenger PBUH when he said PBUH: I was sent to complete the High morals. He wants to make the life of all humanity tranquil, affluent, and immortal. Not allowing the long periods and years to exterminate it because his massage is the last.
Ali Alakbar is the son of that pure house which is the compendium of the existence for his noble roots, high morals, meekness, knowledge, bravery, generosity, demureness and eloquence and other morals which are no wonder to inherit them from his fathers.

 The conversation of Ali Alakbar with his father AlHussain AS
In a tradition by Uqba bin Sam'an said: It was the time before the dawn on the night where Imam Hussain stayed for one night in the castle of bani Moqatel (tripe)> Imam Hussain ordered us to watering then we left. While we were on the way Imam Hussain head suddenly tumbled, he woke up and said: 'Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return. And thanks to Allah' he said that three times.
His Son Ali Alakbar came to him riding his horse and said to him ' may I becomes your sacrifice! For what reason are you returning (saying – to Him we will return-) and thanked Allah?'
AlHussain AS replied: I tumbled my head then a knight came and said: "the people are approaching and the death coming to them" so I knew it is our selves being obituary

Ali Alakbar asked his father Imam Hussein AS.:”Are we not supporting the Truth?”. Imam AS replied: "Yes I swear by whom we shall return to" Ali Akbar said: “then, it makes no difference if death comes to us or if we approach death as long as we are right.” Then Imam Hussain AS said: may Allah rewards you with what Allah rewards a good son to his father. (7)

 His holy grave AS 
If we recognize the action of Imam Zain AlAbedien of positioning Ali Alakbar close to his father then we could know the reason behind it. It's to show people over centuries the specialties of Ali AlAkbar AS includes his great advantages and virtual qualities. He is closer than the rest of martyrs to the Dominant Almighty for what he got of abilities which others can't imagine.
Imam Alsadiq AS said to Hamad Albasri:
“The father of ‘Abdullah was killed as a stranger, away from home; he is mourned be whoever visits his gravesite, and whoever does not visit it grieves for him; whoever does not see him is very depressed on account of being deprived of doing so, therefore he grieves; whoever sees the grave of his son at his feet in a desolate land, far away from his kin, invokes Allah's mercy for him because of the fact that he was not supported when he called upon people to uphold righteousness, and because the renegades assisted one another against him till they killed him and did not have any respect for him, so much so that they exposed his corpse to the wild beasts and prohibited him from drinking of the water of the Euphrates of which the dogs drink.
Allah boasts to the angels of those who visit it. As far as what such pilgrim receives from us, we invoke Allah's mercy for him every morning and every evening. It has come to my knowledge that some Kufians as well as others in Kufa's outskirts pay it a visit in the eve of the middle of Sha’ban. They recite the Holy Qur’an; they narrate his story; they mourn him, and women eulogize him while others compose their own eulogies.” Hammad said to the Imam (‘a), “I have personally witnessed some of what you have just described.” The Imam (‘a), then said, “Praise to Allah Who has made some people come to us, praise us, and mourn us, and praised is He for making our enemy shame them for doing so, threaten them, and describe what they do as ugly.”

 Visiting Ali AlAkbar sermon: 
Peace be upon you, O son of the Messenger of Allah.
Peace be upon you, O son of the Prophet of Allah.
Peace be upon you, O son of the Commander of the Faithful.
Peace be upon you, O son of al-Hussain the martyred one.
Peace be upon you, O the martyred one and the son of the martyred one.
Peace be upon you, O the oppressed one and son of the oppressed one.
May the mercy of Allah be removed from those people who killed you; and may the mercy of Allah be removed from those people who wronged you; and may the mercy of Allah be removed from those people who gave their tacit (silent approval) after hearing about what happened to you.(8)

(1) Aneis Alshi'aa by Alhuja Alsayed Mohaed Abd-ul-Hussain bin Mohamed Abd-ul-ghani bin Mohamed bin Abd-ul-Hadi Alja'afri Altaiaree Alhendi Alkarblaee. Written it on the name of Alsulatan Ali-Shah 1241H. Ahuja Sheikh Agha Bazrk in Althare'aa, V2, Page 458 said: I have seen the book in Najaf with Sayed Agha Altostari and it was Persian.
(2) Kamel Alzeiara by Ibn Qulaweih Page 240.
(3) Almanaqeb: V2, Page 112, Iran
(4) Alkhesal: V1, page 39
(5) Mostadrak Alhakem: V3, Page 211
(6) Allahof by sayed Ibn tawos: Page 63, Sidon.
(7) Lawa'ej AlAhzan by Sayed Mohsen AlAmin Page 98.
(8) Mazar Albehar: Page 124 narrated from Kamel Alzeiara.

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