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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
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O Allah, hasten your custodian reappearance  His Noble father (AS)
The father of the expected Imam is the 11th of Imams of Guidance PBUT, Imam Alhasan Alaskari (AS) who is a source of thoughts and consciousness in the world of Islam and one of the pads, the pious and obedient to the Almighty Allah. Historians had a consensus that he was the greatest Islamic unique person on his age. Also he was the absolute leader of the front lines of opposition, the enemies of Abbasid government.

 The mother (AS) 
Her sacred name: she was called with number of names e.g. Sausan, Raihana and Narjes. Her roots go back to the greatest person among the Romans as stated by some narrators. She is the daughter of (Yasho'a: Joshua) whose roots goes back to Czar the king of Romans. Also her mother roots goes back to Shim'on who was one of the guardians of Jesus Christ and his disciples.(1)
The noble lady was one of the nobles of Muslim women for her chastity, purity and faith. And fear enough for her to feel proud and glorious because she was a container to the greatest reformer in history following his great grandfathers.
She was treated with hospitality and honoring for her high qualities and special characters. Also the lady, aunt of the Imam respected and esteemed her since Imam Alhasan informed her that the Expected Imam will be from her (2).

A group of tradition all of them were narrated from the Guidance Imams provides praise and commendation her. One of these narrations is stated by the commander of the faithful (AS) talking about Imam Almahdi (AJ): O son of the best woman tidings in a sooner victory by a merciful god. (3)
Abi Basir said: I asked Abi Abdellah: who is al-Qa’im (the Riser) among you the Householders? He replied: 'O Abu Basir! He is my fifth descendant from my son, Musa (a.s). He would be the son of the chief of the maidservants and the greatest of ladies. (4)

 The shining of the light 
In the case of Imam al-Mahdi’s birth, the lady who confirmed it was the honorable daughter of Imam al-Jawad, and the dear sister of Imam al-Hadi, the wise and pious aunt of Imam al-Askari, peace be upon them. She said: Abo Mohamed (Alaskari) AS sent after me on 255H, the middle of Sh'aban and said“ Auntie, be with us today for breaking the fast. Very soon the Almighty Allah would gladden you as a result of His Wali (custodian) and his Proof (AlHujah) on the people and my caliph (successor) after me.”"
Hakima said: I was so happy for the news and I toke my clothes and left fast until I arravied to Abi Mohamed AS, he was sitting in his courtyard and his slaves around him. Then I said: May I be your sacrifice my lord! Who's the mother of the birth? He said: from Sausan. Then I cast a glance at them but I didn’t see a slave with a sign except Sausan.
Hakima said: Once I finished Maghrib and Isha prayers I went to the food table and broke my fasting with her and stayed with her in the same place. Later I toke a nap and wake up. I was still thinking of the promise of Abo-Mohamed AS about the case of the Vicegerent of Allah AS. I rose up to pray before the time I used to every night to pray. Then I did the night prayer until I reached Alwetr.Then suddenly I saw Sausan stood up with fear, she performed the ritual ablution and stood to say her supererogatory night prayers. She was making the last genuflection of her prayers when I felt the dawn approaching. I looked at the horizon, night was nearly at an end and the dawn was about to rise, then I got suspicious about the Imam then the voice of Imam al-Askari rang out, saying, "Dear aunt! Do not let doubt enter your heart; you will see him in a moment." I was ashamed of myself and of the doubt I let enter my heart. I returned back to Sausan had finished her prayers and had begun then to suffer from great pains. I met her at the door when she wanted to leave the room, and asked her, "May I sacrifice my father and mother for you! Do you feel something?" She said, "Yes! Dear aunt I feel something strong" I said then, " If Allah wills, there is no fear for you". Then I fetched a cushion, made the lady sit on it in the center of the room, and with a skilful and compassionate aid—which is what ladies need at the time of labor—girded my loins to help her. She took my hand, squeezed it, and out of severe pain started crying and witnessed (I bear witness that there is no god but Allah…). Then I looked under her and I saw suddenly the Vicegerent of Allah AJ fall down, prostrated. I toke him from his shoulder and sit him down on my lap. He was clean and ready. Then Abo Mohamed AS, called after me: O, auntie hurry up and bring me my son. I handed him his son. He took him and sited him on his left palm. Then the Vicegerent of Allah sit down. He (Imam Abo Mohamed AS) wiped his head (the baby) and told him: O y son, talk by the power of Allah! He, the Vicegerent of Allah sake refuge from the evil (said al este'atha: I seek refuge with Allah from Satan the accursed) and started with (In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful. "And we desired to bestow a favor upon those who were deemed weak in the land, and make them the Imams, and to make them the heirs…, And to establish them in the land, and to show Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts the (very things) against which they were wary" and prayed to peace be up on the Messenger of Allah, the commander of the faithful and the Imams one by one until he reached his father. The Abo Mohamed AS handed him to me and said ' o auntie! Return him to his mother to calm her down and do not get sad also to knowledge her that the promise of Allah is real and Allah does not fail His promise, but most of mankind do not know. Then I returned him to his mother and the second dawn (the rightful fajr) started. So I prayed the obligatory and did ta'qibat (prayers and du'a after the obligatory prayer) until the sun rose. Then I fare welled Aba Mohamed AS and retuned back to my home.
After three days I missed the Vicegerent of Allah so I went to them and started with the room which Sausan was in, but I could not see any sign or heard any word so I hate to ask. Then I entered to Abi Mohamed AS and felt shy to ask him. So he started and said: My auntie he is in the confines, the protection and secrets of Allah until Allah Allow him. If I by Allah disappeared and died and you could see my shi'a were differed between them then tell the trusted once (about the newborn Imam) and keep it secret between you and them. Because Allah will occult the Vicegerent of Allah from his creation and make him invisible to his slaves so no one will see him until Gabriel AS bring him his horse so that Allah might decree a Command that was to be performed. (5)

 The bless of the night of 15th Sha'aban 
To the night of middle of Sha'aban has great credit until narrated from Imam Alsadiq AS he said: the night when the Riser AS will be born, any newborn in that night will be a faithful, even if he was in the land of polytheism Allah will convert him to the faith for the blessing of the Imam AS. (6)

 Public Feast 
After the birth of his blessed child, Imam Hasan Askari (a.s) ordered that a large quantity of meat and bread be purchased and distributed among the needy people of Samarrah. In this way seventy sheep were slaughtered for his Aqiqa Ceremony from which four were dispatched to his friend, Ibrahim along with the following letter: "In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. These sheep are due to (the birth of) my son, Muhammad Mahdi. Partake it yourself and whomsoever of our Shias you see, make them partake it too." (7)

 His noble name and his famous epithets 
The name of the Holy Imam was same as that of his respected great grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (s.a.w.a.). The Holy Prophet saved the people from deviation and his grandson and last of the twelve successors is also the savior of humanity. Historians and tradition reporters are unanimous that his holy great grandfather, the Messenger of Allah, selected this name for him.

 His famous titles are: 
1. Al Qaim: the one who rise up. Althomali said: I asked Al Baqer PBUH ' O son of Messenger of Allah, aren’t you all rising with truth? He said: yes. I said: then why the Riser called the Riser? He replied: when my grandfather Alhussain PBUH was killed, the angels dined with crying and wailing and said: O Our God and master! Are you ignoring those who killed your choice (the one you chose) and the son of the chosen one? And the best among your creatures? Then Allah the Almighty inspired them ' calm down my angels I swear by my dignity and pride to avenge them even though after sometime. Then Allah the Almighty revealed the Imams; the sons of Alhussain AS to the angels and they were happy with it. Suddeny of them was rising, praying then Allah the Almighty said: By that Riser I will avenge them. (8)

2. Al Mahdi: It is the most popular and well-known title of the Holy Imam (a.s). the reason behind this title cleared by Jabir in his narration from Abi jafar Al Baqer AS said: He was called Almahdi (the just Guide) because Allah will guide him towards secrets of universe. He takes out the Torah and the rest of Allah's books from a laurel in Antioch and then he judges between the people of the Torah with their Torah, between the people of the Bible with their Bible, between the people of Zabur (Psalms) with their Zabur, and between the people of Alforqan (Quran) with Alforqan. Then all the world money will be gathered to him weather under earth or above and he will invite people to appropriate wealth for which they used to shed blood, break the ties and resorting to prohibited things. He will be bestowed with a position not bestowed to anyone before.
Holy Prophet (s.a.w.a.) said that he is from me and bears my name. He will protect my religion and establish my traditions. He will fill the earth with Justice and equity as it will be filled with injustice and oppression. (9)

3. Almontathar: (The awaited one): the reason behind it is the tradition narrated from Imam Aljawad AS when he was asked: ' I told him: why was he named AlMontathar? He said: because he will get occultation, very long period and for lots of days. The faithful will be waiting him, skeptics will deny him, and disbelievers will mock him. Timers (those who put a time for his appearance) will be a lot. The urgent people will be perished and the postulate (believers) people will survive. (10)

Recommendations to visit Imam Hussain AS on the Middle of Shaban

Sheikh Altusi said: the night of midShaban: the best work in tha night is visiting Abi Abdellah Alhussain bin Ali AS. Alkhadash narrated 'Abi Abdellah Alsadiq AS said: he who visited the grave of Alhussain bin Ali AS 3 years consecutively with no gap between them in the mid-Shaban his sins will be forgiven at all.
Mohamed bin Mared Altememi said: Abo Jafar Albaqer AS said: he who visited the grave of Alhussain AS in the middle of Shaban his sins will be forgiven and no iniquity of him will be recorded until a year pass. And if he visited him in the second year his sins also will be forgiven.
Abo Baser narrated Abi Abdelah AS said: he who likes to shake hands with one hundred and 20 thousands prophet should visit the grave of Alhussain AS in mid-Shaban. Because the sould of the prophets Asking permission from Allah the Almighty to visit him and He authorize them.
Also, Haron bin Khareja narrated Abi Abdelah Alsadiq AS said: when the middle of Shaban a caller shouts from the upper sky: O visitors of Alhussain! Return back forgiven. Your rewards on your god, and on Mohammed your prophet. (11)

Recommendations of Imam AlMahdi AS to his Shi'aa and supporters

Imam Almahdi (a.t.f.s.) in a letter addressed to Shikh Almufeed RH states the following:
"Even though we are residing away from the settlements of oppressors - as Allah has destined this in the best interest of the Shias - yet our knowledge encompasses all your information. Nothing is hidden from us. We are conscious of the problems and the degradation which all of you are enduring right now. The reason for all this is that you are indulging in all those (prohibited) things from which your elders used to abstain and you have abandoned the promise and the pledge that was taken from you as if you have never ever known this promise.

We are not negligent of your affairs and neither do we forget your remembrance. If it would have been so, then calamities and difficulties would have encircled you and the enemies would have annihilated you." (12)


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