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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Folders \ Facts and figures about Imam Hussain revolution 

Facts and figures about Imam Hussain revolution The folder will state events connected with the Holy Revolution of Imam Hussain AS chronologically, whether these events and figures happened in Medina, before the exodus of Imam Hussain AS, in Mecca, on the way to Holy Karbala, in Karbala, or in Kufa after the martyrdom of Imam Hussain AS, his sons, householders, and companions AS.

1. In the 15th of Rajab, 60H: Moaweiah has died in Damascus, and his son the lecher Yazid may Allah curse him inherited his father caliphate throne.

2. In the 28th of Rajab 60H: a letter from Yazid arrived to the governor of Medina, ordering him to take the pledges of allegiance from Imam Hussain AS.

3. In the 29th of Rajab, 60H: Alwaleed, the governor of Medina sent a man to Imam Hussain AS. The man invited Imam Hussain to come and give pledges.
In the same day, Imam Hussain AS went to visit the grave of Messenger of Allah SAWA to the last time and farewell him.
After that Imam Hussain AS left Medina with his family, and a number of his companions.

4. In the 3rd of Sha’ban, 60H: Imam Hussain has arrived Mecca, and met people.

5. In the 10th of Ramadan, 60H: a letter has arrived from people of Kufa, which was handed by two men from Kufa.

6. In the 15th of Ramadan, 60H: thousands of letters have arrived to Imam Hussain AS from people of Kufa, then he sent them Muslim b. ‘Aqeel AS to check the situation there.
7. In the 5th of Shawal, 60H: Muslim b. ‘Aqeel has arrived to Kufa, Kufans welcomed him and pledged their allegiance to him.

8. In the 1st of Thi Alqu’da, 60H: a letter from Muslim b. ‘Aqeel AS, has arrived to Imam Hussain AS inviting him to come to Kufa.

9. In the 8th of Thu Alhujja, 60H: the day of the revolution of Muslim b. ‘Aqeel leading 4000 man, then they were spread and left him alone. After that he was disappeared in the house of Taw’a.
In the same day, Imam Hussain in Mecca has switched hajj with Umra. Then he declaimed people, and left Mecca with 82 man of His family, and supporters, heading towards Kufa.
Also, in the same day in Kufa, Hane’a b. Urwa was arrested.
10. In the 9th of Thu Alhujja, 60H: Muslim b. ‘Aqeel fought against people of Kufa, then he was captured, killed, then was thrown from the roof of Castle of Emarah.
In the same day, outside Mecca, Imam Hussain met with Alfarazdaq (famous Shiite poet).

11. In the month of Thu Alhujja, 60h: Imam Hussain AS met AlHur and his army, in Manzel Shraf, or Altha’labia, or Alrohaimeia, depends on varied narrations.

12. In the month of Thu Alhujja, 60H: the news of killing Muslim b. ‘Aqeel and Qais b. Mosher has arrived Imam Hussain AS in Manzel ‘Othaib Alhajanat.

13. In the 2nd of Muharram, 61H: the arrival of Imam Hussain AS to Karbala, and erected the tents there.

14. In the 3rd of Muharram, 61H: the arrival of ‘Omar b, Sa’d to Karbala on the head of 400 man of the army of Kufa. Then he began parleys with Imam Hussain AS to force him to Surrender and pledges his allegiance.

15. In the 5th of of Muharram, 61H: the arrival of Shibth b. Reb’i to Karbala on the head of 4000 man.

16. In the 7th of Muharram, 61H: orders from Kufa have arrived to prevent water from arriving the encampment of Imam Hussain AS. Therefore he delegated 500 knight from the army of enemies, led by Amro b. Alhajjaj who controlled the water banks.

17. In the 9th of Muharram, 61H: the arrival of Shimr to Karbala on the head of 5000 man, accompanied with a letter from ‘Amr b. Sa’d ordering him to fight and kill Imam Hussain AS.
In that Night Sa’d came to the camp of the Imam AS, and Imam AS asked him to ceasefire that night to allow them to supplicate and pray.

18. In the 10th of Muharram, 61 H: the battle took place between the supporters of the Imam and the army of Yazid. Later, Imam Hussain AS and his companions were martyred, the camps were looted, the holy head of the imam AS was sent to Kufa with Kholi.

19. In the 19th of Muharram, 61H: the trajectory of the army of ‘Omar b. Sa’d with the captives of AhlulBayt AS, from Karbala to Kufa, after Omar, b. Sa’d has prayed on the dead of his army and buried them, then he putted AhlulBayt AS on camels.

 Figures about the revolution of Karbala 
The importance of figures is obvious when it comes to state clearer facts about topic or event. However because of variety of historic narrators and sources about Karbala, and the events which happened before and after, we cannot depend to accurate and unanimous figures. Sometimes significant variation can be found about what being narrated about it. Despite that, showing some of the figures makes the revolution of Karbala more embodiment and clearer. Therefore the folder will present some forms and figures.

1. The raising of Imam Hussain AS lasted for 175 days, from the day he refused to pledge allegiance until the day of Ashora:
- 12 days in Medina
- 4 months and 10 days in Mecca
- 23 days on the way from Mecca to Karbala
- 8 days in Karbala from the 2nd to the 10th of Muharram

2. The areas between Mecca and Kufa which he passed by until he arrived Karbala were 18 area.

3. The distances between one area to another one was 3 leagues, and sometimes it was 5 leagues.

4. The number of area from Kufa to Damascus which AhlulBayt AS passed by as captives of war was 14 areas.

5. The number of letter which arrived from Kufa to Imam Hussain AS in Mecca, which were inviting him to come was 12000 letter.

6. The number of people who pledged their allegiance to Muslim b. ‘Aqeel in Kufa was 18000 man, or 2500, some said 40000.

7. The number of the martyrs of Abu Taleb progeny, whose names were stated in Ziyarat Alnaheia, was 17 men. Also, the number of the martyrs of Abu Taleb progeny in Karbala whose were not stated in Ziyarat Alnaheia was 13 men. As there were 3 children of Bani Hashim (Imam’s clan), therefore the total number will be 32 person. They are as following:
A. Imam Hussain AS: 1
B. The sons of Imam Hussain: 2 person
C. The sons of Imam Ali AS: 9 persons
D. The sons of Imam Hassan AS: 4 persons
E. The sons of ‘Aqeel b. Abu Taelb: 12 persons
F. The sons of Ja’far b. Abu Taleb: 4 persons

8. The number of martyrs whose names were stated in Ziyarat Alnaheia Almoqadasa and other references-except Imam Hussain AS and the martyrs of Bani Hashim- was 82 person. The names of other 29 persons were narrated in the late references.

9. There were 14 slave among those martyrs.

10. The number of the heads which were divided between tribes and token from Karbala to Kufa, 78 heads divided as following:
A. Qais b. Alash’ath May Allah curse him, the leader of bani Kendah: 13 heads
B. Shimr b. Thi-Aljawshan, the leader of Hawazen: 12 heads
C. The Clan of Bani Tameem: 17 heads
D. The Clan of bani Asad: 17 heads
E. The Clan of Methhej: 6 heads
F. Persons from other clans: 13 heads

11. The age of Chief of Martyrs when he was martyred was 57 years.

12. The number of the wounds of Imam Hussain AS after his martyrdom: 33 stab of shafts, 34 stab of swords, and other wounds of arrows.

13. The number of participants who bruised Imam Hussains’ body with horses: 10 men

14. The number of the army of Yazid who went to fight Imam Hussain AS: 33000 man, the number was at start 22000 men as following:
A. ‘Omar b. Sa’d may Allah curse him, with 6000 fighter
B. Senan May Allah curse him, with 400 fighter
C. ‘Orwa b. Qais May Allah, curse him with 4000 fighter
D. Shimr bin Thi-Aljawshan May Allah curse him, with 4000 fighter
E. Shibth b. Reb’I May Allah curse hi, with 4000 fighter
F. then yazid b. Rekab May Allah curse him followed them, with 2000 fighter
G. Alhusaien b. Numair May Allah curse him, with 4000 fighter
H. Almazeni May Allah curse him, with 300 fighter
I. Nasr Almazeni May Allah curse him, with 2000 fighter

15. In the 10th of Muharram, the Chief of Martyrs mourned 10 of his companions, declaimed in their martyrdoms, supplicated to them, and cursed their enemies. Those martyrs were: Ali Al-Akbar, Al’Abbas, AlQasim, Abdullah b. AlHassan, Abdullah the infant, Muslim b. ‘Awsajah, Habib b. Mothaher, AlHur b. yazid Alreiahi, Zohair b. Alqain, and John. Also he supplicated for Allah’s mercy up on Muslim and Hani May Allah be pleased with them.

16. Imam Hussain AS went and set next to the bodies of 7 martyers, they were: Muslim b. ‘Awsaja, Alhur, watheh Alromi, John, Al’Abbas, Ali AlAkbar, and AlQasim AS.

17. On the 10th of Muharram 3 heads of the martyrs were thrown next to Ima Hussai9n AS, they were: Abdullah b. Omair Alkalbi, ‘Amro b. Jonadah, and ‘Abis b. Abu shabib Alshakeri.

18. The bodies of 3 martyrs has been shredded to pieces, they were: Ali AlAkbar, Al’Abbas, and Abdul-Rahman b. ‘Omair.

19. The mothers of 9 martyrs were present in Karbala, and witnessed their Sons martyrdom, they were: Abdullah b. AlHussain AS -his mother Rabab, ‘Awn b. Abdullah b. Abdullah b. Ja’far- his mother Zainab AS, AlQasim b. AlHassan AS-his mother Ramlah, Abdullah b. AlHassan AS-his mother the daughter of Shalil Aljaleleiah, Abdullah b. Muslim- His mother Roqaia the daughter of Imam Ali AS, Mohamed b. Abu Sa’eed b. ‘Aqeel, ‘Amro b. Jonadah, Abdullah b. Wahab Alkalbi-his mother Om Wahab, and ‘Ali Al Akbar- his mother Lila as narrated in some narrations.

20. In Karbala 5 boys were martyred who were not adults yet, they were: Abdullah the infant, Abdullah b. Alhassan, Mohamed b. Abu Sa’eed b. ‘Aqeel, AlQasim b. AlHassan, and ‘Amro b. Junadah Alansari.
21. There were 5 of the companions of Messenger of Allah were martyred in Karbala among the companions of Imam Hussain AS, they were: Anas b. Harth AlKaheli, Habib b. Mothaher, Muslim b. ‘Awsajah, Hane’ b. ‘Orwa, and Abdullah b. Baqtar (Yaqtor) Al’omairi.

22. The number of slaves (servants) who were martyred for the sake of Imam Hussain was 15, and they are: Nasr and Sa’d the slaves of Imam Ali AS, Monjeh the slave of Imam Hussain AS, Aslam and Qareb once of the slaves of Imam Hussain too, Alharth the slave of Hamza, John the slave of Abu-thar, Rafe’ the slave of Muslim AlAzdi, Sa’d the slave of ‘Omar Alsedawi, Salim the slave of Bani Almadenah, Salim the slave of Al’abdi, Shothab the slave of Shaker, Shaib the slave of Alharth Aljaberi, and Watheh the slave of Alharth Alsalmani. Those fourteen were martyred in Karbala, except Salman the slave of Imam Hussain AS, he was sent to Basra where he was martyred.

23. Two of the companions of Imam Hussain AS were captured then were killed-martyred- they were: Sewar b. Mon’em, and Mon’em b. Thomamah Alsedawi.

24. Four companions were martyred after the martyredom of Imam Hussain AS, they were: Sa’d b. Alharth, and his brother Abu alhotof, Sowaid b. Abu Motawe’ who was injured, and Mohamed b. Abu Sa’ed b. ‘Aqeel.

25. The fathers of seven men witnessed their martyrdoms, they were: Ali AlAkbar, Abdullah b. Alhussain the infant, ‘Amro b. Junadah, Abdullah b. Yazeed , Majma’ b. ‘Aeth, and abdul rahman b. Mas’od.

26. Five women went out the camps to fight enemies or to protest against them, they were: the bondmaid of Musli b. ‘Awsajah, the mother of Wahab -the wife of Abdullah Alkalbi, the mother of Abdullah Alkalbi, the mother of ‘Amro b. Junadah, and the greatest Zainab AS.

27. The women who was martyred in Karbala was, om Wahab- the mother of wahab, the wife of Abdullah Alkalbi.

28. The women who were in Karbala are, Zainab AS, Um-Kulthom AS, Fatima AS, safeiah AS, Roqaiah AS, Um-Hane’ AS; Those six were the daughter of the commander of the faithful Imam Ali AS. Also, Fatima and Sokaina; the daughters of Imam Hussain AS. Rabab, ‘Atah, the mother of Mohsen b. Alhassan, the daughter of Muslim b. ‘Aqeel, Feza Alnobeia, the bondmaid of Imam Hussain AS, and the mother of Wahab b. Abdullah.

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