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Peace be on Hussain, and on Ali son of Hussain, and on the children of Hussain, and on the friends of Hussain.
 Hussain AS in Poetry‎‎ \ Discourse Between Mother and Child 
By Jerrmein Abu Shahba


To my dear child who lived in my womb where you had your first seat
In each morning and night I waited for you through the cold and heat

Building dreams for you to become not like any child
Great aspirations that you make a difference in this world

They say that most people accepted the covenant in the world of atoms
Yet many have broken their promise though the truth lay in their bosoms

I hereby tell you that you may become my child IF you agree to this important condition
To fulfill that covenant and sacrifice your life for Husain as certainly that is our mission

The fact stands that there are many who reproduced and bore children
But if you are just another useless addition then I wish that I were barren

You know that Paradise lay under the feet of a mother
Thus attaining my pleasure pleases the Creator

Hence I say to you with all frankness even though some may think I am insane
My pleasure you will not attain without shedding your blood for Ummul Hassanain

My dear self, Oh you whom Allah has breathed the spirit and gave you a name
This day I tell must live the life of Ali and die the death of Husain!

You must tread the path of the holy chosen ones whose purpose we serve
To you I transfer the torch of Wilayah and Mawwada to the Infallible Twelve

So let your goal in this life be crystal clear
For my purpose is no different than that of Ummul Baneen

Hasten to serve Husain just like his beloved brother Abbas
Embrace the dust beneath his feet and his example do embrace

Pave that path to present yourself at the abode of the Imam
After disciplining yourself with good deeds and not just Kalam

Leave the rest to Allah who knows your dream and hears your speech
Even if that honor of martyrdom is above and beyond your reach

That blessing which is the best way to end one’s life and seal
A divine gift which only few are granted that superb deal

Though it pains my heart to see your blood spill
And it eats my soul to imagine your loss...but still

I prefer to witness in my lifetime the beauty of your martyrdom
While you taste what Hur experienced and enjoy that freedom

Sweet and bitter it is yet in that irony my tears of happiness flow
My darling I tell you this is the ultimate salvation if only you come to know


My dear Mother, your words bring peace and relief to my heart
For all that you expressed is buried in my soul without a doubt!

Since a young age you fueled me with the spirit to serve their cause and fight
A vision which grew inside me every minute in the day and night

I also present the same request which Ali Al Akbar asked his mother
To grant me permission to go and support my Leader

I learned from my master Qasem a lesson worth more than wealth and money
That death in the way of Allah in support of truth is way sweeter than honey!

Rest assured Oh Mother that the desire I have and the intention I made
I only feared lest your heart softens over my loss causing my happiness to fade

When you see me lying as a still body with no more worth
My blood running in streams mixed with the dust of earth

Hoping to irrigate the tree of Husain with yet another jug of water
Red fluid emanating after giving up myself for an honorable slaughter

If only I were with them on the day of Ashura
I would’ve offered everything to the Star of Karbala

I hereby promise you that your dream I shall fulfill and become your true one
For I vowed to myself that I must join my hero Abbas until I am done

To bring happiness to the eyes of the Master of all Mothers
After you prepared me to sacrifice for the sons of her father

To you Oh Zahra I present my blood-stained clothes without asking for pay
With a smile of joy drawn on my face for it is a simple gift on Mother’s Day

The day when all mothers renew their convenants with Al Batool
To raise devout children to become the slaves of the Best Lady of All


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